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So the evangelicals want to have a day of prayer and fasting for that orange guy in the White House. []
When the date is set I think we need to have parties with amazing goodies. Cuz all their praying and fasting isn't going to change what happens to the moron, but it is interesting to see that they think he needs to be saved from impeachment.

HippieChick58 9 Jan 26

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I have a lot of pagan and atheist friends planning to go to an all-you-can-eat place instead of fasting.


Shit I wish they would fast until dead...morons


The Evangelicals can pray til hell freezes over. Trump is in big trouble with Mueller, his time is coming and all the prayer in the world won't save him.

and IF I prayed that would be my prayer.


The evangelicals are the worst. They want to cram their BS down everyone's throat, yet when it comes to the moron, anything goes!


Yup, damn the evidence and every aspect of his horrible character, he's Gods chosen prez. These loonies can continue to embarrass themselves, it'll only be more entertaining when shit hits the fan. Hell I remember when they tried to form a prayer shield around Trump to protect him from those nasty witches that wanted to hex him.

This is the reality we live in....grown ass adults playing make believe sigh


Pence is far worse than TrumpOLINI regarding theocracy. ...I suspect prEying against impeachment might enhance bringing TrumpOLINI to trial in US SENATE with Roberts as "judge" presiding but there are zero high crimes nor misdemeanors Congress has pending against TrumpOLINI


Let them starve and talk to themselves. Nothing will be any different for it.


LOL! Thoughts and prayers, as usual. Let them have their day, weeks, months or years, as long as they don't foist that nonsense on the rest of us with respect to the Separation of Church and State.


on the bright side a one day fest on occasion has some health benefits.


Hell... Dobson should be praying FOR IMPEACHMENT!!!.... Dumb asses!


That's on "Raw Story." Not a reliable source of information, in my opinion. So, as I am with most things, I'm skeptical.

They're not the most reliable , but if they claim something , it is are worth checking out . There are worse sources . . .


This is the most ridiculous thing I've heard today.


I am a cynic when it comes to the actions of both evangelical leaders and Republican politicians. I think all they are trying to do is to draw support from gullible and/or not very bright religious true believers.

Clinton attended all 8 prEyer breakfasts as did FDR ALL 12 TIMES criminal theocracy was escalated by Jimmy Carter not Ronald Wilson ReaGUN 666 as is assumed by duopoly deniers and zionists

@GreenAtheist Your Point?

@wordywalt the problem is theocracy not Rethuglicans ..... Billary AND TrumpOLINI are both gangsters for zionism Goldman Sachs Heidi Cruz Mezvinski Crime Families

@GreenAtheist Much of your stuff is crap. You still have not really responded to the fact that Trump, evangelical leaders, and many of the Republican party are actively colluding to gain power for themselves and cram religious ideology down our throat. Nothing you have said challenges that fact.

@GreenAtheist Dude, you're losing me. Not that you give a damn lil' ol' me, but I surely cannot be the only one considering tuning you out.

@wordywalt Congress rarely musters 60 votes against the faith based initiatives so called by Clinton then expanded by boy Bush. ..I have 40 years experience lobbying Congress to dispute your hints for BillaryBOTS. ...your crap leaving out zionism and the wars for Muslim oil fields dating back to Eisenhower in 1953 will not save Atheists or my Quaker comrades from the facades of theocracy which provokes IslamoFascist terrorism globally
.....welcome to the battlefield and learn who your friends are KNOW YOUR ENEMIES better


Someone should convince them to fast for three weeks. Maybe just a week if their fast includes abstaining from water too.


This cult ritual was illegally enabled by FDR YEARS before Pearl Harbor and institutionalized 138 C Street conspiracies of criminal theocrats KNOWN AS THE FAMILY and it is already set for 1st Thursday in May like the last 80+ years


Prayers have never and will never do squat. The god squad continue to embarrass right thinking citizens. I truly thought as an 8 -10 yr old kid. Surely the insanity regarding magic and a creator of everything would be exposed . By the time I’m adult. Faith . Faith you have far to much credit.

at least we don't have to worry about results


All their prayer and fasting could possibly inspire some self-fulfilling prophesy in which the faithful whip up motivation to actively try to scuttle the rightful legal and political investigations. We already see Republicans doing all they can to try to discredit the investigation.

Sane people need to call out these hypocritical morons. James Dobson--Of Focus on the Family infamy--is supporting a President who is intentionally tearing loving families apart with his immigration policies, is publicly humiliating his trophy wife with his adulterous behavior, and is the biggliest Commandment breaker of them all with his rampant pathological lying.

Billary degraded and humiliated all the rape victims of William Jefferson Bleigh alias Clinton since Georgetown and the investigation has gathered the proof Billary purchased the Moscow fake dossier of TrumpOLINI urinating upon Obama's bed there Senator McCain leaked these matters before the election with his access to FISA warrants inside TrumpTOWER. ...MY TRUCK was destroyed by an illegal alien drunk driver and he should be deported kept behind a WALL 31 STATES elected TrumpOLINI for this laudable reason enabling the promise to expel invaders and Muslim terrorists

@GreenAtheist No clue what you said there, but I think it was a rant of some kind against many, except Bernie Sanders. (Sorry, I'm not very good at coming up with cutesy Trumpian derogatory names for people, so Bernie will have to do.)

GreenAtheist, you were hit by a drunk driver.
The fact of his or her residency status was coincidental. Drunk driving is a widespread problem. There is NO CORRELATION between illegal immigration and drunk driving. your point is? You don't like immigrants here illegally. I get it. We can fix that by making it legal for them to be here. YAY! Problem solved. 🙂

I for one am appreciative of the many hardworking undocumented immigrants you like to cal) illegals. When my city of New Orleans was half-destroyed by Hurricane Katrina, it was A huge huge undocumented labor force that helped rebuild it. I will always be appreciative of that.

I heard on NPR the other day that most Americans'immigrant ancestors actually arrived in the country prior to any immigration policies restricting numbers, so people professing that THEIR families came here legally are often unknowingly being hypocritical.


Ummmmm, NO.


Sadly, united energy and focus actually works, as shown in numerous studies. Nothing to do with "God"-just the way connected energy works.

I disagree. Completely. Thoughts alone don't influence action. If they did, then prayers would work. Honestly, I don't care what the "studies" say. Common sense says it's b.s. and there are billions of people who have prayed their lives away and gotten nothing in return. That's MY opinion and belief anyway.

I wish someone would unite and focus their energy on my car's transmission so I wouldn't have to buy a new one.@BlueWave

@BlueWave How about the Pygmalion Affect, where people were told a group of lab rats were specially bred to be smart, and the other group was ordinary. It wasn't true, yet the rats thought to be smarter, performed much better than the supposed dull rats. The same thing happened when teachers were told certain random kids had a high IQ..the supposed high IQ kids suddenly began performing much better in school, because the teachers were thinking positively about them []

@DelilahJones33 LOL!!!!!! That was hilarious! I also wish they'd unite and pray away my mortgage!

@birdingnut does not sound like a double blind study ....and teacher input to all students must be precisely controlled like non verbal cues facial expression vocal tone etc to confirm any invisible effects of thought while thought inputs could be measured with the most sensitive equipment attached equally to all students

@GreenAtheist There are many other studies, but just the placebo effect shows the affect of thought on health. So, are you saying there is no energy field around living things or that all energy isn't connected? Discovery Channel used to show videos of dogs alone at home, suddenly reacting when their owners, in different part of the cities, decided to come home. Or the videos of an African Grey parrot talking to itself, describing the cards its owner was seeing in another room. But I never used saddles or bridles with all my horses, using my mind to guide them, even when driving on a horse cart. I could even think to my horses to change gaits when we were driving with the horse cart..i.e. rack, trot, do a run walk, etc and they'd change gaits as I thought them. That even happened if I felt a need to make a "bathroom" stop along the Danial Boone Forest access road; as I thought it, the horse was already pulling over and stopping next to the meadow I had in mind. In Haiti, we missionary kids used ESP to talk to each other since we didn't have phones. My mom didn't have a phone when she lived downstairs in her old age, so used esp to call me when she needed help. Here in Thailand, Thai kids in villages where none of them know English, used to say the English words aloud that I was about to write on the board. These are just a few examples.

@birdingnut our Cherokee way makes no separation between knowing and spirit. ...the energy of earth is real ....none the less I am a scientist knowing the difference between replicable testing and anecdotal claims. ...I am missing the spirit of my 1994 Chevrolet Cheyenne 2500 Club Cab. truck with hundreds of horsepower and rubber tree vulcanized tires. horse murdered by an illegal alien drunk driver January 11th in front of my house parked 30 feet from my bedroom where he could have murdered me and my 2 SERVICE CATS

@birdingnut spirit is the difference between life and death ....anima in Latin

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