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More than once I have had a few unexplained things happen to me. I did not think it a religious experience, but still can't explain what it was. The night my sister died in So Cal, I was sleeping in my cabin in the woods in Alaska and was oddly jolted from my bed with the feeling someone was standing there. I thought I saw a shadow or something resembling that. I had no idea my sister had passed, I am a rational person so no spirit came to visit etc. But I could not explain what I felt.
I have had one other experience that was not of this world. This one more out of this world than spiritual.
Have you ever experienced something unexplained like this?
I would love to hear some stories.

By Akfishlady8
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It surprises me that US people consider such events unusual. I suppose it's from the rational mind only stuff taught in schools.

Of course, we are made of energy, and energy can neither be created nor destroyed, so we have always existed in some form and will always exist.
Many people, including me, and my sister even remember multiple past lives. (I googled details of a couple of incidents from the past and what I'd remembered was accurate).

Anyway, I was born with psychic powers, but so were my mom and sister, and my kids, later on, so it just seemed normal.
When I was in college, my favorite aunt visited me in my dorm room after she died, and I cried for days.

In 2008, I was on a business trip with my then-husband when I had a vision of my mom having a heart attack and dying.
I could see/feel she was experiencing..her last thoughts were of profound sadness and regret from disappointing me (I'd been persuading her to delay her death from heart disease for years, telling her that she didn't want to die now and make my dad sad before Christmas, etc. ).
I was so traumatized I began sobbing and telling my husband we needed to go home right NOW, that my mom had just died.

He protested that we'd driven all day and had a business appointment the next morning.
But the next morning, I got a call that my mom had a heart attack and died in the night.

I had the same type of vision when my dad died. He appeared to me while I was talking to my husband, except my dad looked about 14 years old, was cute and shy, and we chatted awhile about our lives, stuff we remembered. I could feel his overwhelming love and pride, something he'd had trouble showing when he was alive. I told my husband to look at the clock..that my dad had just died.
Sure enough, within a few hours we got the call.

This also happened the night my sister-in-law died..I was hit with a horrific feeling of someone I loved suffocating to death and I thought I was having a panic attack. But I knew someone in our family had died. Sure enough, her cancer had returned after a remission, and her lungs flooded in the night.

I thought I only would have those types visions with close family, but it happened with King Bhumibol Adulyadej at his death on Oct. 13, 2016.
I moved to Thailand in 2010, partly because of my admiration for the Thai king, who was an inventor, innovator, musician, builder, who transformed Thailand from backward state dependent on growing opium, to a prosperous rice economy.

I was at the big EGV movie complex at the Songkhla Tesco-Lotus mall, in Songkhla, Thailand, on Oct. 13, and just before the movie started I looked over and "saw" clearly the Thai king standing in his palace talking with several monks in saffron robes, and realized he'd just died.

I was horrified and called out to him in my mind, asking if his death was what he wanted, and he paused to look at me and convey, that yes, it was. I felt horrible bereavement and began to sob as he and monks then walked off and out of sight.

To stop crying, I told myself it was all my imagination, but I knew better. When I got home, I saw the news of his death on the TV. I cried every time I thought of him for several months, until I told my Thai friends what had happened. They understood, and respected my sorrow, and just telling them that eased the sadness and I stopped crying.


A line in one of Christopher Moore's books that I have always loved is "Science we don't know just looks like magic." I have had experiences that I would describe as transcendent, if not supernatural, and I tend to think it's just some of the science we don't know yet.

This is exactly my take on it!


I knew my mom passed away. I was in 9th grade, and I felt something I could only describe as dread or being very afraid. Of course we knew she was terminally ill, well the adults did, I am not sure if it was ever spelled out to my sisters and me. It was mid morning, and then I got distracted by school work. When we got home the adults let us know.


I have awoken suddenly probably a thousand times, and I'm sure you have several times too. You immediately forget about it all those times when there was nothing substantial happening on the same night. It just so happens that one of those times, something huge happened and you tied the two things together. I've thought about this a lot, because when I was religious, I was amazed at some of the miraculous coincidences that happened, but later when I looked back on them. It was actually just me making it into something I wanted it to be.
This may not go along with some people's beliefs, but I'm convinced that we do most of these things with our mind.


I've felt time discontinuity when a family member died. - perhaps it is quantum entanglement....

jeffy Level 7 Jan 29, 2018

I had a nightmare about someone waking me up in the night and putting a knife to my was one of those 'bigger than life' dreams and I got out of bed and went through the townhouse, checking all my windows as I sometimes left them open, because I thought I was safe on the second floor. Three days later, i awake to a figure lying next to my bed, and my first thought was, 'there is that dream again!' But, as I am half awake, 'it' moved and I realized 'this is no dream,' and i starting screaming and going after him, down the stairs and out a sliding glass door and he jumped off the deck to the ground! I looked around and nothing was gone and I thought no harm was done. But, moments later I fell apart and called 911 and learned they were already trying to find out where the screams were coming all came out find. A few weeks later the fellow was apprehended in another female's bedroom!

wow, scary stuff!


Twice i had dreams that described something yet to come that did happen. Once I was on a hike with my two sisters. We didnt discuss it until later but we all had the feeling we saw someone jump behind a boulder. None of us said anything at the time because we dismissed it as illusion but we were all walking around the boulder to check things out. We talked about having the same impression later. I have had a few others but that is enough. Unexplainable things happen

btroje Level 9 Jan 29, 2018

@Akfishlady we werent high


I find this best explained on another forum:


“Noticing something after it has been mentioned just means you actually noticed it - before the mention, it would have had no or little meaning to you and would have just been one of many uninteresting and, most likely, ignored things. Remember when that friend/relative of yours got that particular car? Suddenly the roads were filled with them and/or others of that color etc., no?“


Yes. I was in upstate NY at my aunt's house in my 20's taking a walk and I felt my dead uncle's presence. He was my favorite and always treated me way better than my father did.

I'm my late 30's, I was in London for work and found out my 18 y/o nephew had been murdered in Seattle. On my flight to Seattle, I felt his presence.

Both of these felt real at the time but easily could have been fabrications in my mind based on what I might have wanted. I didn't attribute it to anything religious.

I understand that you felt a presence but how did you determine it was your uncle or your nephew?

Could feeling a presence be somewhat a common experience of people going through some form of grief process? If you had a vision of the person or seeing and hearing them talk to you while you knew you were awake a less common experience?

@jlynn37 It was obvious who it was. It felt like they were talking to me even though it was all in my mind.

@Treasurehunter Yes, I am sure it is. Some of my therapy clients talked about similar experiences. A full blown hallucination is less common.


When I was young , I had a fever , & thought an angel was there , when I was 1/2 asleep . It didn't say anything , but I was under the impression that there was someone there , enough to ask it to go to my parents' bedroom & tell them that I was feeling worse . After doing so , my mom came out & asked me how I was doing . I told her that I sent someone , I didn't know who it was , & come get you . She was the one that said it was an angel , & my fever was up enough to where they thought about putting me in a tub of ice . I did everything she said to do , & it turned out okay . This just came to mind for some reason . I believed then because I was young & was persuaded .
I also had the worst feeling when my dad died , that I was going to have severe emotional issues about it . I lived 1,000 miles away when it happened , & I didn't get to go to his funeral . One of the worst times of my life came about , out of nowhere . I was smoking weed & drinking alcohol back then , so I attribute that to paranoia , turned coincident . . .

Dougy Level 7 Jan 29, 2018

Had the same experience the night my grandmother on my dad's side passed.

webbew1 Level 7 Jan 29, 2018

Yes I have coincidence dreams and I felt compelled to play TEACH YOUR CHILDREN Crosby Stills Nash Young weeks before my dad died at home in his sleep


I've had this experience or something like it twice. The night my great gram died I dreamed of her. She told me that she was going away but I would be fine and she would watch over me. What caused that I don't know, but the next morning, my mom called us to the family room where I announced that she was gone. My mother was furious and called me a liar. I was 10, confused but still felt good about my great gram.

When I was about 35, I had a dear pal who I kept seeing out of the corner of my eye for 3 days in my home. I could not reach him to tell him about it by phone, so I called his mother. She told me he had died 3 days prior by suicide.

I cannot explain either event. As a former science fan, I know matter is not wasted. Is there a part of us that moves and perhaps dissipates after we die? An energy of sorts? I don't know...

Knitfreak Level 7 Jan 29, 2018

After having several of these experiences myself, I don't have a problem entertaining the possibility that these are real visitations of the loved ones energy. Just because I don't know how it is occurring doesnt mean that it isnt.

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