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Today marks 28 years that I became a US citizen. I remember like it was at least the day before yesterday ... huge ceremony in Miami, FL.
At that time, Germany didn't allow dual citizenship, so I had to give it up at that time.
I was no longer an alien ....

germangirl90439 8 Oct 9

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Wow! The way things change.

How was your English when you became a citizen? I believe I could have become a dual citizen if I had remained in Germany until 2008. My German is pretty awful and I wasn't aware of any language barriers they might filter with. They seemed to be happy and accepting that I was American. I wonder if that's still true.

Are you still glad you're a US citizen?

@germangirl90439 Fulda, and where are you from?

@germangirl90439 an exciting town! I was trying to figure out where your clothes in photo were from.

@germangirl90439 It looks very German (in the photo), north of Bavaria.


Happy anniversary ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️


My middle daughter was born in Germany 30 years ago. She does not have dual citizenship, she has a certificate of live birth abroad. Signing her up for anything that required a birth certificate always required a long conversation as to if it was "real".

Connie I think the US has benefitted from having you, and I know this group has as well. Happy Citizenship Anniversary and many many more!


so glad you're here Connie!


Any regrets?

Thinking about the current administration, I ws also wondering the seam thing...

@germangirl90439 Welcome.
I wish you well in your life's journey and success in finding what you are searching for here and in your life.

@germangirl90439 I hope you guys stay safe in the near-miss.


Happy Anniversary, Connie. Fabulous picture.

Cheers. ?


Congratulations! I’m the child of refugees, and the very first native-born American in my family. Ironically, I am now in the process of establishing the Polish citizenship I am entitled to in order to get European citizenship. Just in case ...

I wish I was legible for a dual/multiple citizenship.


How long did it take you to get this? It took my late partner years to get hers. I actually got an Aufenthalterlaubnis (not a citizenship but extended visa) from Germany. It was fairly easy, get a background check, doctors report, drivers license (not easy) closed bank account (in case I was to be deported) and, most importantly, sign a form saying I would not take a job away from a German. Still, it took several days.

@germangirl90439 My aunt was married to a German and living in Germany. They found out there was an easy, expedited way for Americans government workers to have their spouses get their citizenship. He got his practically overnight.


Happy 28th anniversary being an American.


Congratulations! I know the feeling. Just one comment: it is not Germany that does not allow dual citizinship It is our new country, the USA. If we had applied for Canadian citizenship, we could have kept our German passport.

My brother was born in Germany and had automatic dual citizenship. However, he had to choose before his 23rd birthday and go into the German military for two years if he had chosen Germany as his country. After that, he could not retain his citizenship. He chose the USA. Has this changed since 1958? It was not the USA that was forcing this was Germany. Japan also does not allow dual citizenship. Canada allows dual citizenship but I still think you have to obtain permission in advance from Germany to retain your citizenship. Please provide any links showing otherwise...I just like to know the facts if I am incorrect in my own personal knowledge. brother was considered a naturalized citizen...neither of my parents were German...he was just born there...that could be the difference, maybe? Thanks for sharing...

@germangirl90439 no brother has no plans to be other than a US citizen...I was just curious because I was thinking of my own possibility to reclaim my right as a Japanese citizen if I needed it...there is no chance of that anymore as I relinquished it when I swore allegiance to the USA. But thanks for clarifying and providing the link. you know you have a cat hat? ha ha ha love the new picture!


Congrats! I also remember my naturalization ceremony like it was yesterday...standing in a room full of people with hope and joy...I was only 13, but I knew it was an important day for everyone. I was already an American since my dad was, so it was just a voluntary ceremony for I wanted.

I am proud to be an American but not so proud of America right now...better times will come once again as they always do when people like myself remember why we are here.


Shame !

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