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I don't use online dating sites but for those who do...

GreatNani 8 Oct 11

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I've been on Match a year and only met 4 women in person. It's not that I'm that overly picky. It's that I'm childless and not family-oriented along with being average-looking, a non-drinker, hates country music (in Iowa that's a big thing), not into college sports,not into redneck stuff like Nascar or motorcycles, not into outdoorsy stuff like camping, and politically liberal. That last one is not the problem with most women, but it seems like even the liberal, hipster intellectual women won't give me a chance even when they don't have kids. Guess I just don't have the looks and money to compete with other men for that small, highly-desired group of childless women who are average-looking or better on Match because in one year not a single one of them have replied to my e-mails expressing an interest in them.

One other thing that gets really old is all the profiles that say nothing about what the person is seeking as far as looks and appearance when we all have at least some minimum standards of looks in who we will accept or reject in deciding to meet or learn more about the person thru e-mails. So the photos are very important at least in getting someone to want to trade more e-mails and later meet in person. But only a minority of women on Match will admit in their profiles that they believe "attraction", "chemistry" or some other euphanism for potential sexual attraction later on is important in whose interest will be replied to or whose initial e-mails will be returned.


YOU wouldn't need to. 🙂

Sweet talker!🙂


I have given up on online dating. My experience has been people trying to con you, tons of people who are looking for god fearing partner.....makes me want to throw up! The others are people with some serious issues that I want no part of. I don't want to give up on finding a nice woman, but I am beginning to feel like it just probably isn't going to happen. I would love to have a partner to share life's journey, however I would rather be alone than be with the wrong person!


I've been on and off on Match, and currently wondering if I should try it again... Maybe I'm just bored.


I have tried them all, for the most part. I spent a day filling out questionaires for eHarmony... Only to find out that 90% of women never fill theirs out for a potential match.

Most are filled with scams...

Just crash your cart into someone interesting at the grocery store! I am dating someone now so I am off all of them. (I don't consider this a dating site.)

You can always meet someone nice at church!
(Quickly ducks behind counter to avoid thrown objects!)


I got hacked within 24 hours of joining Match. I've seen more actual local men on Zoosk though. I haven't seen anybody I'm willing to pay to meet though.

I got hacked at E harmony and Zoosk by the same guy..Had to quit those sites. I've used about every one listed,some free others are memberships, after a while they blur together. Many Women are on multiple sites,same picture different names.


Match is a major sham. And a time and money waster.


Type in atheist dating sites in your search engine a different selection comes up.


Back when I used online dating websites, I noticed that I was wasting my time if I had to pay, and they sent me matches.
Men choose women themselves, mostly from visual cues, so trying to match them with women using some website algorithm is useless.



Thanks, Nani, but I don't use them much. In fact, I've never dated a person from one of them. Most of the good ones that were free have drastically been changed. I used to be on Date Hookup and also MeetMe. I found a person I could talk with on each of these sights and even some people I knew and we talked some. Then somebody bought these sights and changed the format. Now there is no way of even finding anyone who might be close to your area.


I do and have tried them all. This place is still the best due to open forums. THANKS!

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