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Senator Elizabeth Warren has been proven to be a liar! She claimed to be Native American to take advantage of Affirmative Action laws.
It turns out shes is less than 1% Native American. Technically a person should be at least 50% to make that claim. She should be held accountable!
I believe she should vacate her office immediately!

gater 7 Oct 16

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When I hear stuff like this criticizing Warren, I think, "Man, they must really be afraid of her!" Rightfully so because she is not afraid of bullies like Trump.

She brought this on herself by lying about her ethnic background.

@gater : She disclosed the truth. Make of it what you will. What about Trump disclosing his tax returns? What is he hiding? This "issue" about Warren is just more spin and slander.


The Cherokee nation thinks she is a fraud and wants an apology according to the Cherokee nation Secretary of State.


whats your source of evidence? And how are you able to validate she used her Native American status to get a job? Or is that just a petty ASSumption on your end?


According to most tribes you don't need to be as much as 50% to get tribal benefits and be considered a member.


Troll post!

RiverDick,Trolls don't have 25320 points 87 posts and and 872 comments

@Emanuele Still a troll post douche!


There is no indication he is a troll .Only an indication that you call people trolls that you do not agree with

@juli15 Look... I don't like Elizabeth Warren either. The CFPB she helped to create is a bunch of BS. And I did not call the original poster a troll... I called this a troll post. Please see the difference.

Native Americans can, depending on tribe, make claims of being Native American with as little as 1/16th Native heritage... Some require as much as 25%, depending on the tribe.

I'd like to see Ms. Warren gone also... But calling for her to step down over this is imbecilic.

@RiverRick Thanks for your clarification


Some people just can't help advertising their idiocy.


Hold on here! Since you get 50% of your DNA from mother and 50% from your father and since you have no control which 50% you get, she can be native by a parent and still not have much or any native DNA. My wife whose grandfather definitely was part Canadian native, and who always thought she had native in her, her DNA showed no native because she did not get any native through her mother, only her mother's other DNA. it's confusing but Warren could be native without the DNA showing up.

Don't try to confuse Trumpsters with logic and facts. They much prefer their repeated delusions instead.

My grandfather was a card carrying member of the Cheewah tribe. As close to 100% as you would find in the late 1900's because of so much intermixing in the late 1800's and early 1900's (at least on our tribe). My dad looks straight off the rez (because he is), my sister looks straight off the rez (she's not, we were born and raised in the city) and I am the color of skim milk. Genetics are tricky. I've never had a DNA test, but I would venture a guess that I would show more British Isles and my sister would show more north Eastern USA native. But, according to the tribe we are both 1/4 Cheewah. I think 1/16 is when they stop issuing cards.


Now we know that because it's from CNN you'll disregard this (just FauxNews & InfoWars for you!), but here you go...
&, if this is enough for her to leave office, tRump should have to leave & give me back my nearly 2 years of disgust of him! The lies, & not just exaggerations as you claim below, have piled so high they surpass the height of his gaudy apartment in tRump Tower!


For years, based on family tradition and lore, I mistakenly thought my background was Dutch and German. Turns out that after some digging in to my ancestry, the German part isn't true at all.

I too, have been living a lie.

Did you claim to be a German to take advantage of the Affirmative Action laws?

@gater Had they been available, I may have tried.


She said she had some native American ancestry. Now proven true. Even Fox News admits she never took advantage of it. So your second and third sentences are lies. Your fourth is irrelevant since she never made that claim. Your claims she should be held accountable for something she didn't do is, well ludicrous. And honestly, anyone who still supports Trump obviously has no problem with lying politicians.

Wrong - she claimed to be Native American - and she used that lie to advance her career.

@gater Yes, she certainly did exaggerate her native American heritage at some points. Nonetheless, Trump can't open his mouth without lying, so why do you care if other politicains lie? What's good for the goose is good for the gander.

@Druvius People that claim Trump lies don't acknowledge the accepted definition of "lie" - Trump does exaggerate and isn't always accurate - he does not lie!

@gater He lies almost every time he opens his mouth...



...& I could go on & on, just like tRump does with his lies!

@gater She is not necessary lying, see my post above.

@starwatcher-al She had herself listed as Native American in some situations at Harvard, though she didn't apparently benefit from it. Certainly stretched the truth, she's not Native American in any meaningful sense of the word.

@starwatcher-al, @gater Lie, as in to state something that is flat out untrue. I've listened to several Trump speeches and debates, he tells lies, plain and simple. If you can't see that, you're as deluded as people who think Obama gave a shit about the American people.

@Druvius Wrong - there has to be intent to deceive. If you ask me what time it is and I say 1:15, but its really 1:10 - is that a lie? no - it would be an inaccuracy.

@gater You have no clue about anything... No clue.

@gater So when he repeatedly promised health care for all Americans, to raise taxes on the rich, drain the swamp, negotiate medicare drug prices saving Americans $300 billion a year, and rebuild America's infrastructure ... he was just making a mistake reading the teleprompter, not actually lying? Lol, I have a bridge you might want to buy. Sucker.


As usual you are one of the few sensible ones on this website and I agree with you 100%.

Thanks Trajan 🙂


And Trump should be held accountable for lying about $1M in charity -Liar in Chief soon to be impeached!

That’s wishful thinking on your part. Trump’s going to be here for 2 full terms so you might as well get used to him.

Trump said he would give 1 million to her favorite charity - IF - she could prove that she was Native American. She proved that she isn't!


What is your ugly hateful bigoted post accomplish? She never said she was full-blooded. Listen to the news again-your ears must be blocked .

yes she did - she claimed she was a Native American - she isn't.

That's funny coming from you - you post more hate filled comments than anyone on this site.


she never said she was full-blooded native america. all she said was that her parents told her she had some native american ancestry. it has already been proven that she did not take advantage of affirmative actions laws. she also doesn't just go around saying "i'm an indian, hey look at me, i'm an indian." it's trump who goes around saying "pocohantas, pocohantas." he should vacate his office immediately.


Elizabeth Warren is a left wing liberal idiot who’s policies would be disastrous for this country. Trump on the other hand is shaping up to be the best president in quite some time.

@Trajan61 1. notice how you change the subject when you are proven to be wrong. 2. you're wrong again, as well as fact-free. ah well, you can't win them all. or in your case, you can't win any of them. and it's whose, not who's.


She claimed to be Native American - she used Affirmative Action to advance her career - Shes clearly a liar!

@gater no she didn't, and no she didn't. you are clearly mistaken.


@genessa Maybe you should research the subject before you make up your own version of the story.

@gater maybe you shouldn't assume ignorance on the part of your respondent. i've been following this for some time. but hey, if it makes you feel better, stay delusional.


@genessa I didnt assume ignorance - you clearly are ignorant.

@gater what is clear to you is just a reflection of your own ignorance. but i can end that. bye!


@genessa Ya can't argue with ignorance.

@gater You remind me of a blind preacher. You think if you repeat a lie often enough it will somehow become true? Just like your hero Trumpster. Note repetition of falsehoods and delusions does not make them true. Try again


Well, she had some native American ancestry, 6-10 generations back. So, when is Trump going to pony up the 1 million dollars he bet that she had none?

Less than 1% hardly counts for anything. I think she owes him 1 million dollars.

@Trajan61 and you are in a position to say what "counts" how?


No - he never said she had none - he said she wasn't Native American - she isn't.

@Trajan61 You cannot reason with these liberal fanatics

@granny Wow, American politics had taken a dive when thinking the president should actually do the things he says he would makes you a 'liberal fanatic'.

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