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3:00 AM Trump Tweet Complains Bombs are Interferring With Rethuglicans in Voting Fervor-WTF!!!!!~~~~

sassygirl3869 9 Oct 26

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His thugs should know better.


I have been going to alt. Right websites. They are now saying that the deep state conspired with Dems to come concoct the letter bomb story. They are saying if it was real, how come no one died..

I think the issue with our society is that while we are moving ahead million miles a second due to break throughs in science and technology, we unfortunately have only 32% of the populated with college education and still a lot of people believe science is Bogus and are regressing as they are unable to cope with the changes and do not have the enough basic understanding to truly take advantage of technological advancements.

To me a liberal person believes in science and a conversative person is the one who believes in tradition.


He wants the media filled with voting issues and not bomb threats. It would not matter. He would find something wrong anyway and turn the issue to himself. He always does.


I think some crazy thoughts when I wake up at 3am too, but I keep them to myself and go back to sleep. Trump should do the same.

BD66 Level 7 Oct 26, 2018

Okay, the man is is sisids sidfupsdifpgsdf;klf sFUCK!!!! I have no words ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!


He is rather dense at times, like all the time.

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