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So I have been thinking about traveling at the beginning of next year... I still don't have an exact destination in mind but I would like to hear some of your suggestions. I am leaning more abroad but I have not counted out domestic travel just yet. I enjoy both the country side and the city. Also, some place with a good night life is a plus!

JBD1017 6 Nov 6

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Go to Amsterdam. Unwind, relax, visit the museums, sit at the edge of the ocean. Then buy a train ticket and see Europe.

Yes, Amsterdam is definitely a places I have put some thought into, the museums specially are one of the reasons why. I love Van Gogh's work and it seems like a very welcoming place for a heathen like me! Thank you for your imput.


I would say travel in the USA first. It's cheaper, it's not the culture shock, and you can experience most cultures of the world here in the USA. Also, you can become accustomed to their spoken language before being totally immersed. Finally, you may find a culture in the USA that really interests you, and then can make oversea plans from that.

That's a good way of looking at it... I do still have many cool places to see here in the States! Thanks!


Cabo san lucas great nite life

So, I heard haha.. Thanks!


If by travel you mean spending at least several months visiting other cultures then I recommend you take a low and slow approach so you can immerse yourself in the culture and really get a sense of the history and the people wherever you decide to go.
If on the other hand you want a whirlwind vacation of a week or two, ie. 14 countries in 10 days then you should try Western Europe as it is reasonably safe, affordable and has good night life and scenery/history. For something a little more exotic you might want to try a layover of a few days in Iceland as it has stunning scenery and an active nightlife, plus some of the most beautiful women in the world according to many surveys on the topic.

Yes, thank you.. I am thinking of traveling a full month's worth, so it's not really long but also not very short either. Westen Europe seems like a very convinient place to visit since it's very easy to get around and visit multiple countries but Scandinavia is more of a preference, so Iceland would be great!


Mine is not as exotic I suppose.... I like anywhere in the Caribbean. Being on the beach with a cigar in one hand and a drink in the other while listening to steel drums... That's relaxation there...

That's sounds pretty great actually... Jamaica might be a nice destination for that sort of relaxation!

@JBD1017 I've been to Jamaica 3 times.... Including a trip to Hedonism II back in the 90's... Now THAT was fun!


Good luck in your travel quest.....the world is your oyster, however visiting the diverse parts of your own country is probably the best way to start,

Yes, thanks a bunch! I haven't traveled in many years so I would like to explore all my options!


I've been to every US state except Alaska and Hawaii, been to NE Canada (Quebec, Nova Scotia). 8 weeks in Ireland, toured Europe with a symphony orchestra in the 1970s. In '99 I went to Cairo, to perform in a World Music Festival at the Great Pyramids. I played Celtic and Klezmer music! It was a lot of fun. Toured the city and surrounding desert after. Brought home an Ud I bought there. Went to South Korea for the first time in '00 to adopt a baby. Went back in '04 on my way to Beijing via Korean Air (the best damn airline imho), and again in '05 and '07. Traveled all over China, lived in Shenyang for about 7 months. Briefly visited England, Japan, Austria, Italy, Switzerland...

Places I'd like to go: Holland, Sweden, Scotland, Hawaii, Vietnam, India.

There's still time.

When my youngest is 17, we will travel around the country (he's 9). At least that's his plan now, but you know how they change.

I think you shoud travel and do it often.

Wow! That is some Travel resume’. Good should be an imperative, especially for the young....finances permitting of course. If more people saw and experienced the lives of people and cultures in other countries, I believe there would be less xenophobia and fear of others.

That is an impressive resume! You are very lucky to be able to have those experinces! I will try to travel as often as possible. Thank you for the imput!


SE Asia. Especially Thailand. Very affordable, friendly people who speak at least passable english, lots of things to see and do and the best nightlife scene on the planet.

Have great memories of holidays and business trips to Thailand....especially loved Koh Samui.

Heard great things about Thailand and it's paradise beaches! I hope it is still affordable though. I have heard of a lot of tourism there over the years! Thank you.


tintagel (village, castle, cliff above)


Beautiful Cornwall!


Brazil during Mardi Gras

Havent been there but my son and daughter in law went on their honeymoon when Mardi Gras was on....they still talk about it!

Sounds pretty wild and fun! hah


portmeirion wales.


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