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Why Do White Women Vote Like Their Republcan Husbands? Fox and Friends Defends Vogue Article. What Do You Think?

sassygirl3869 9 Nov 10

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I think the divide is along economic lines - non poor white women vote the GOP because many of the issues the gop is pushing basically affect the poor, the elderly and the rural areas of the country.
They listen to their husbands, pastors, boss or co-workers. I have no clue how anyone can not see the hypocrisy rampant in the gop. Then there are the poor white women who voted gop because they are afraid of non-whites taking over. They may not have much but they are white.
Being white, keeping America white is really fucking important to some people.
It's just my opinion for what it's worth.


I think I saw somewhere a graph that showed 73% of white women voted for trump.

No fucking wonder white people walk up to me and say racist shit assuming I'm one of them. Apparently, they have reason to believe it

That stat probably came from Mr. DRump himself. Less college-educated white women voted for him compared to non-college educated white women. It was found that around 39% of women voted for Trump according to Time. Most voted for Hillary. Which is too much. What do you say back to the people that say racist things? Usually, it results in me shunning them. I live in a city where it is not acceptable to do that but have visited places in which people say racist things that make my jaw drop. I think the racists are now a little more sneaky about being racists.


@alanalorie How I respond depends largely on where I am and what they said. If I am at work, I usually say something along the lines of "that hasn't been my experience" or some other tame demurral.

If I am not at work and I hear the one about whites becoming a minority, I usually ask them why it scares them and follow up with " because you know minorities are mistreated?"

I've also told men that the reason they dislike gay men is because they fear gay men treating them like they treat women.


Many women of a certain age are not taught to think. And some are more interested in maintaining the status quo than in what is right.

Oh no, I am of that certain age 🙂


I think that people are likely to marry someone with the same politics. "I Am With Stupid>," seems to be the motto that some Republican women should wear when they hate Dems and vote for people that would/have hurt women. It does no good to point out that they are betrayers of the sisterhood of Women, most won't listen.


generalization, to start with. but i am only interested in what fox says insofar as it gets back to the orange one and stimulates his rotten behavior.



I don't see how Fox and Friends are defending the Vogue article. They argue against the Vogue article, calling it sexist.


A vote for the so-called Republican party is a vote for organized crime.

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