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Beware of unintended consequences.

HippieChick58 9 Nov 20

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Even in the 21st Century, Popes are making edicts that have adverse effects on humanity. Pope Francis, who is supposed to be a reforming Pope, is still condemning birth control and calling homosexuality deviant behaviour. These pontifications have serious detrimental consequences on millions of people worldwide. In the case of homosexuality it gives permission for States and individuals to continue the persecution and “gay bashing”, sometimes ending in either murder or suicide.


I love cats. I have had them all my life. People say they are cold and not affectionate. Those people have never had cats!


More karma going on right now: approx 20 years ago, China took steps to control their awful population growth. Only one child per family, by law.. Everybody wanted a boy, millions of female babies were killed. Now, there are about 10x as many men as marriageable women....i guess the population will be taking a Big nosedive now. Side note: boys were wanted to take care of old-age parents, but ladies, we all know who would have actually been doing the work!


The bubonic plague hit Europe in 1348 and it even spread in parts of the world where cats where well respected. By the way rats are rarely killed by our domestic cats (rats are too big)

Cats can find & kill baby rats, plus any size mouse...and in those days, they killed or Friskies in the Dark or Middle Ages!


So the Black Death was God's way of punishing man for disrespecting her pussy?

I think we have a winner...


Cats will surpass us and take over the world, We know this. We should accept it. It is the way.


IF you screw around with the delicate balance of nature then you do so at your own risk.
Humans have a wonderful 'talent' for doing exactly that.


And the sad thing is, other species are going extinct, due to human activity. What consequences will we see from that? Remember the problem with the elk in Yellowstone when all the wolves were killed off?


The butterfly effect.


But did they learn?

I read about priests going into the rain forest and telling the natives that being nude was wrong. They started to wear clothes, but being the rain forest, were always wet. Then they came down with pneumonia and either got really sick or died. Guess that was gods way of fast tracking them into the pearly gates...

@jondspen Yes, I have read plenty of things, & how white xians spread diseases, including std's to native peoples in other lands as well.

@Lilac-Jade Oh yes, those were part of the Xtian methods for 'stealing' new lands from the native peoples, the other main ones were loosely know as the 5 Bs of Colonization, i.e Baubles, Blankets, Bibles, Booze and IF the first 4 didn't quite get the job done, in came number 4 - the Bullets..

@Triphid Yes, such a proud legacy, & still going on.

@Lilac-Jade In my opinion, it is neither a 'legacy' nor something to have pride in.
But I would offer up that the root source of it all could easily be the bible passage where god bequeaths dominion over ALL things living to mankind.
Ever since then it has gone downhill.

@Triphid I was being sarcastic.

@Lilac-Jade I did realize that. I just added my own thoughts as well.


Sounds like typical christian meddling. To bad it didn't wipe out 100% of the Vatican.


Amazing what superstition can accomplish.


Vox in Rama.

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