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I've been thinking today, as I quite often do, about applying for jobs teaching English in other countries, packing a suitcase and heading off to make a new life for myself.

If you could move to a different country, which would you choose?

By Jnei8
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I would like to travel for a year and then decide.

Hathacat Level 9 Dec 4, 2018


Japan intrigues me, and all of the British people I know who have been there loved it - they all say that despite the obvious differences in culture, the Japanese and the British are remarkably similar in many ways. Also, Japanese food FTW!

@Jnei Well, there is that thing about both being an island nation that came to build an empire.... smile001.gif

But seriously. Japanese culture is fascinating. And despite the heavy reactionary influence, there is a healthy and strong progressive movement there, is what I understand. One of my law partners lived there for sometime, and one of my favorite authors, Richard Morgan, taught English there. They apparently both enjoyed the experience.

And yes. Their food is awesome!


Apart from moving back to Australia, New Zealand or Canada would be my choices 'cause I'm too old and lazy to learn a new language. Specifically, the Pacific coast of Canada or Dunedin in the South Island. I'd like to live near mountains. Australia and the UK don't really have proper mountains.


I'd like to see Mexico, but I couldn't take the heat, so that's out. My advice, however, is to pick a country that has the same alphabet as we do. I spent a month teaching in Taiwan once upon a time, and it was stressful trying to get out and do anything, because I could not read a street sign or a shop name. I had to try to memorize landmarks and wasn't always successful at it. If you go to a country with our alphabet, you can look at a sign and check your little pocket or electronic dictionary for the meaning. If you are in China or Japan or someplace that uses the Russian alphabet, you're SOL.

I forget what it's called, but there is now an app that utilizes your camera to help with this: you hold up your phone, put the foreign letters in the viewfinder, and it translates for you in real time.

It's pretty amazing, honestly.

@maturin1919 That sounds amazingly helpful. Wish it had existed 20 years ago, when I was in Taiwan.




You're there. One of those picture postcard little villages in the UK, You know, the ones where there are sheep walking through the streets. and the houses have roofs that need to be mowed in the summer.


I want to go to Cuenca, Ecuador. It is close to the Equator, you experience all four seasons in one day. It is in a very beautiful area, and last time I checked was very friendly to immigrants (AKA expatriates). I have a FB friend from England who taught English in China for several years. He eventually married a Chinese woman. He is older than I am and has an adorable very young daughter, and they are all in the UK.

I lived in Ecuador for more than a year, 3 months of it in Cuenca and when they say the land of eternal spring they mean early spring, with a lot of rain even for a guy who lived for 4 years on Vancouver Island. Vilcabamba at the lower elevation of 4500 ASL was more comfortable but in any case I would suggest you learn at least basic Spanish before attempting Ecuador where not many people speak English. Beautiful country and you can have everything from beautiful beaches to soaring mountains to jungles as your home, all within a days drive.


My first choice would’ve been New Zealand if i could do it again

dede18 Level 7 Dec 4, 2018



I have done regrets at all.
Like Nike says...just do it !! ?


UK, if I could afford Devon or Cornwall. I could also easily live in Germany again, but it would have to be the south, once is enough for the North Sea coast.

Byrdsfan Level 8 Dec 4, 2018

I think it's a great idea. l'm not back long from a holiday in Spain where I met a young English couple teaching there. They enjoy their lifestyle very much.

brentan Level 8 Dec 4, 2018

My daughter and I are both TEFL teachers and it is a comforting thought that you can go anywhere in the world at the drop of a hat. The last time I was looking at jobs there was one on offer in the Galapagos Islands which appealed a lot. Iceland appeals, too, though I think they mostly already speak English there!

CeliaVL Level 7 Dec 5, 2018



If cost were no object, Bali or Hokkaido would be my preferences. If I want to do it on the cheap, I've heard from a good friend Oaxaca is wonderful.

I'd also like to visit Amsterdam because reasons.

I toyed with the idea of saying England (for the irony), but it's (wait for it) really not my cup of tea.

Deveno Level 7 Dec 4, 2018

I've considered how I might find employment and/or retirement outside the US frequently over the few years. Iceland, Portugual, The Netherlands, and Peru are the places I think about most.


I've been thinking about Portugal

HeraTera Level 7 Dec 4, 2018


Charlene Level 9 Dec 4, 2018

Maybe Iceland

Buddha Level 7 Dec 4, 2018

I had a friend who did that in China, and another in Vanatuu, the China gig lasted 5 years for him, the Vanatuu job lasted for 1 year for my other friend. Both really enjoyed it. I just had another friend leave for Spain last month, she is still trying to get her bearings, but i think she's going to enjoy it once she get her feet wet. If I were younger, I would entertain the idea.

glennlab Level 9 Dec 4, 2018

The Netherlands, or Sweden.

nvrnuff Level 8 Dec 4, 2018

There is teaching online. I might opt to do that.


maybe just boat around.

hankster Level 9 Dec 4, 2018

I've thought aboout doing the exact same thing: there are lots of opportunities in Japan and China (and I have never been to Asia). I would love to teach English in Portugal, Spain, or Greece, but it's hard for U.S. citizens to get hired in those countries. I'd also love to teach in Argentina, Chile, or Uruguay.



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