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Sorrow has reared its head in my life. Our dog passed over the rainbow bridge today, and our hearts are broken. The sorrow will eventually dissipate, replaced by smiles whenever we remember a silly, cute, or loving thing that he did, but that is yet to come. I choked up and cried when we returned from the veterinarian and I saw his tennis ball by my chair. Time is our greatest ally in this. Thanks for listening. Peace.

By tioteo7
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Go and visit the humane shelters for Dogs,get a new one,not as a replacement,but another life you've saved they are so appreciative of your love.

Mike1947 Level 7 Dec 6, 2018

That's in the future, probably spring. We definitely believe in adopting.


Ahh, that sucks. I'm so sorry. If it helps, we'd love to hear any stories you want to share, but no pressure.

PolyWolf Level 7 Dec 6, 2018

One of my favorite stories involves Stubby sitting on the floor in front of me, looking at me for a while, whimpering a bit, waiting a bit longer, and then picking the ball up that was next to him and then throwing it on my foot! After I stopped laughing, we played ball.


Our animals are more than pets! I can remember every one that I have loved over the years! And, I can sometimes still feel sad and miss them, years later!

Family, that's what they are. We love them, but they give it right back.


Oh, so sorry...the Only thing wrong with dogs is their short lifespan

12 years I guess,for most Dogs,the Saint Bernards and the Great Danes,maybe 7 years,but my late wife's Aunt in Washington State had a small Dog for 22 years,unheard of, but it was deaf and blind when it passed away.

@Mike1947 true, that the smaller ones have longer lifespans

@AnneWimsey my dachshund cut me short. He was only 13 when I had to make the call. They will live longer for you... suffering but they will. (If possible) it is our responsibility to let go.

@Zoohome I have in a box,all the Dog collars of the Dogs my late wife and I had together, and information about them,taking them out once in a while,memories of when they were young and full of energy,not thinking of their later years,too sad to go there....

@Mike1947 that is nice! I want to do something with their tags. The two boys went thru so much with me - many chapters in life.

@Zoohome Maybe a shadow memory box,pictures,Dog collars,and their tags?

@Mike1947 nice idea! ?

Thank you. A number of good ideas generated here.


I’m sorry to hear about your boy. I hope that when you have memories in the time to come that you will share them here. Peace to you.

Thank you. All the memories are good, and they are starting to make me smile rather than blubber.


Sorry for your loss. ?

BeeHappy Level 9 Dec 6, 2018

Thanks, Bonnie. I know you understand.


I feel for you, we all love our best buddies. Just remember the joy they gave you, wait the proper time for respect, then go find some new joy.

godef Level 7 Dec 6, 2018

We will probably look to adopt again in spring. Thank you.


The loss of a beloved pet can be heartbreaking ? ?

tinebean Level 7 Dec 6, 2018

Yes, it can. Thanks for your thoughts.


Take some comfort in knowing you gave your dog a loving home, and, hopefully, a full lifespan. So many will never get that.

ofbhbofg Level 1 Dec 6, 2018

Thank you for the kindness. We loved him for well over 15 years, but he gave it all back.


There is no upside to losing a beloved family pet! NONE!

True. Time will help. Thanks.


Been there. Hugz

Thanks for the thought. We miss him, but time is our helper.


I still miss my 2 cats that died within 6 months of each other 5 years ago. They were so special. Sorry for your loss.

Condolences to you as well. Thanks.


As others have said, your dog was a family member, so (as @RavenCT said) this is real grief. Give yourselves time and permission to grieve. Every time a pet of mine died, it left a hole in my heart. As you said, it will dissipate eventually and it will be filled with memories. However, in the meantime, there will be many things that remind you of him and it will be painful. Lots of hugs and peace coming your way.

Thank you. Time will be our best balm for the hurt.


I have an older dog and her health is on my mind. We're best buddies now so I enjoy that. I'm sorry that your pet has passed, and I'm sure your memories of him are alive in your heart.

Those memories are very much alive. Thanks for your words.


Dozer Dog sends you all a Big Hug!

Dozer, I'm sure you are a fine canine! Thanks.


Yes my Vets office is terribly compassionate and I never escape wihout someone bursting into tears.

I hope you find some rest tonight. It's always rough in the days leading up to this. And it takes time to ease the sorrow.

Remember that's a member of your family gone. It's real grief. (((tioteo))))

RavenCT Level 9 Dec 6, 2018

Thank you. As a critter lover you definitely understand.


I am very sorry for your loss. Dont rush to put the belongings away. I put my 16yo dachshund to sleep a few months ago, and we are slowly putting his stuff away. It is hard.
They are wonderful life partners!!!

Zoohome Level 7 Dec 7, 2018

Thanks for your kind words. I'm slowly getting better, more accepting, but mist still enters my eyes sometimes. His bed and toys are still out. We don't have the desire to put them away yet.

@tioteo exactly. That's part of grieving.


So sorry for your loss.... our fur babies are the world to us, aren't they? what was his name?

His name was Stubby, because he has a very short stub tail. He was half Pembroke Welch Corgi and half miniature Australian shepherd. We'll get past the immediacy of the heartache, but it will take time. Thanks.


As an animal lover with a German Shepherd 10 years old I cry with you. Sassy's time is coming. My daughter is taking her and I will be 3 hours away. RIP.

Good wishes for you. We love our furbabies!


I'm so sorry Tio. Been there too many times.

Thank you. We've been here before also. It's tough, but we'll get through it.


Condolences sent. I've lost many dog friends over the years.

Thank you. You know what it's like.

@tioteo Yes?

@tioteo I have a little chihuahua right now that's nearing his time. He's 14 with heart problems, diabetes, cataracts and takes medicine for seizures. I'm hoping he lasts till after the new year.?

@ronnie40356 I hope so, too.


many of us have been there and share your feelings. It is so difficult and then a couple years later another dog enters our life and we love the new as much as the past.
One saying I love is that loosing a pet is as powerful as loosing a family member only this one you really love.
I am on my third dog and she is just as cute as the others but with a love that is so worth the investment of me into the relationship. They only live a decade or a little over and that is the gift we must realize is the special one.
Best to you and soon another set of wet sloppy lips will cross your own with a smile.

EMC2 Level 8 Dec 6, 2018

We'll probably adopt again in spring. Thanks.


Sorry for your loss. My pooch passed away last February & it's still tough. I still haven't been able to put all her things away.

His things will be out a long time, even though we trip over them sometimes Reminders of love.


I am so soory for your loss. My dog of 16 years passed on May 10th this year. It gets easier & then again it doesn't. This years of first suck. I will be going along fine & grief will jump out & reduce me to tears. May 10, 2019 is on a Friday & I will be turning my application to volunteer at my local shelter on that day. (I'm not ready yet.)

We'll adopt again, probably in spring.


Aw that is so sad. My boy is older with health problems, I dread his death.

You know the kind of love that we had for our boy. Your boy is lucky, and so are you.

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