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How cold is COLD to you? It seems when people talk about it being so cold, it's not really cold to me. Of course, it's what you are used to. One does acclimatize to one's environment.

And what temperature do you set your thermostat to in wintertime (if you do have winter, obviously)?

To me COLD is probably anything -20C or below (-4F). My thermostat is set at 15C (59F) during the day and 14C (57F) overnight. I sleep in a room without heating even in the coldest day in winter (down to -40's C, which I think is the same in F). I would just turn on my mattress heater and fan heater for about an hour before bed to take the chill out, and turn them off when I go to bed. I had tried sleeping in a heated room and that just about killed me. Most of my critters are well-furred, and my reptiles and tarantulas have their own heating systems.

By graceylou8
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My bloods turns to jelly when it drops below 70F. During the winter, my heat turns on if it drops below 72F in the house. During the summer, the AC turns on if it gets to be 82F in the house. 72-82 is my sweet spot smile001.gif


Ma'am, a piece of my soul just died reading that. I am a tropical blooded human. Anything under 60 and I'm shivering. My heat is set on 72F and I still run a space heater at night.

Minta79 Level 7 Dec 7, 2018

Everyone makes fun of me being an embarrassment to Canadians. I am always cold. It’s 68F(20C) in Houston. It’s very humid here so you always have the heat or AC on. It’s difficult to just open your windows. Today I’ve got the heat set at 73 and I’m under blankets.


Below 70 F is cold for me.


I would die in your house. Cold + spiders = my worst nightmare ?

tinebean Level 7 Dec 7, 2018

I harbor spiders ? as pets.
A black widow lives in my house, but do have plans for harboring tarantula

@Morganfreeman Spiders and most insects don't survive long in my house, I have a few very environmentally friendly bug eradicators called House Geckoes who keep their numbers down to zero, free of charge.
The geckoes moved in with every load of firewood I've collected from the bush each winter, I'd guess there'd be at least 100+ living in and around the house by now, they've been breeding like rabbits over the years.

4 thermostat is set at 68F and I have my small space heater on as well in the room I am watching my laptop!!!

I do sleep with a mattress heater as well...I turn it on about an hour and then turn it to half when I go to, I sleep with socks, a hat, and pjs in the winter...

It is 34F and I think it is miserable!

You sleep with a hat? That's so freakin' cute!

If I sleep alone I wear a t shirt with my panties. If I’m with someone I sleep naked as it gets hot too fast with another person in bed. I can’t stand socks and pants or long nightgowns in bed.

@graceylou brrrrrr...I am going to get my little heater is not is only 72F in my room...brrrrr ha ha ha

I sleep naked when I am with my love as well...


I like to be warm under the covers and have the window open

btroje Level 9 Dec 7, 2018

Oh well don't we all?? Good one my friend !!!


This sums up my version of cold smile001.gif

ipdg77 Level 8 Dec 7, 2018

I'd love my home to be a bit lower temp but my housemates get cold easily. So I'm in shorts and a tank top and they're bundled up with blankets. It's in the 40sF right now in the PNW. Everyone's in winter gear and I maybe throw on a hoodie.

I lived in Northern Minnesota for fifteen years, though, and I have an internal thermostat that always runs hot, but the winters in Duluth were too much even for me. When it gets cold enough to be lethal (people passing out in the snow only made the news if they survived ) that's just not a place to live, IMO. During the polar vortex it was warmer on Mars. I said fuck that noise and now I'm here.


Although till now I lived in Ohio, Iowa and Ontario Canada here in Texas I am now cold with anything under 65. Not sure why that is but that’s how it is in my lil world.

Gypsy494 Level 7 Dec 17, 2018

Cold is when I literally can't feel my face. Until then its ok, though I prefer sleeping in the cold, its so much more relaxing plus being able to curl up under a blanket is the best feeling ever.

Cold is when you inhale and the hairs in your nose freeze.

@Dragon64 Thats usually when you gag if you breathe through your nose. That shit the worst


Absolute zero.


Cold is anything below 70 to me, but it depends on time of day. During the day I like it to be warm. At night I drop the thermostat to 65 F, sometimes less. I like it cold at night. If we are talking about outdoor weather, I get cold when it drops below 50F, but obviously I logically know it's not very cold unless it hits the negative F. That's just me.


I used to live in Stanley, Idaho in the 90s. First winter I lived there it was -20F for 2 1/2 weeks straight. That's pretty cold.

jpabst67 Level 4 Dec 9, 2018

I'm a California girl born and raised and my idea of cold is very different than that of many others! Right now it's 41F out at 1:21 a.m. and me that's freezing! It's 74F in the house and my hands are like ice cubes and let's not even start on how cold my feet are - with socks! I lost a ton of weight in the past couple of years and have little body fat anymore, so I'm colder than most people, too. But still - as much as I love Winter storms, etc. I'd love to be able to have it with nice, warm, Spring temps! smile001.gif


Anything above 32F feels like tropical weather to me. Below that, my level of tolerance goes to "What a hell am I doing here" down to teens. Single digits, mild cursing begins....below zero, better not talk to me at all.....


I'm anemic so anything under 30°F is way too cold for me.

The cold hurts.

My house is set at 68°F.

Right? Cold = Pain. Pain = Bad.

@Minta79 Yes!


It depends on the humidity. Humid and cold is much worse than dry and cold. It is the same with the heat. 100 degrees F in central Texas is miserable. 100 degrees in the desert is not that bad.

Sticks48 Level 9 Dec 7, 2018

I live in Victoria and have shed all that hardy interior and prairie vigor. I now think it's cold at 5degrees! Sigh.....


The older I get, the less I'm tolerant of the cold. To top it off, I have recently been diagnosed with Raynoud's Disease.

kiramea Level 7 Dec 7, 2018

I set mine at 75 at night and 78 during the day.
In the low 60s, I'm freezing smile003.gif

Hastur Level 7 Dec 7, 2018

It was sunny and in 20s. I was wearing light jacket
Yesterday in lo 30s with overcast and snow was much colder.
My bird lives in the kitchen with area heater and I don’t use much heat for the rest of house.
I like to breathe cold air so for me winter is good sleep times when I sleep like baby under 2 blankets


All bodies seem to have their own individual thermostats and comfort level .

To me, "cold" is anything below 70 degrees ! (I'm part reptile)

evergreen Level 8 Mar 23, 2019

Great question. Also depends on humidity and wind speed. For me If there is no wind, -20F is when it starts to get a little cold. If there is a strong wind, -4F will be on the cold side. If it is a cold winter, come spring many in these parts will not bother with coats and will break out their T-shirts when the temperature hits the 30s F

I usually keep the house around 60F then drop it to 50's F at night. Electric blanket to warm up the sheets then kill the blanket heater once inside. Lots of feather comforters. In younger years, my room - mate and I (Minot ND) never closed the dorm window in the winter. Room temperatures were usually around 20F (cool not cold) the only problem we had was when we opened the door into the common shower area, if someone had showered, it would snow in the room. Also, the smoke detector would go off.


My profile photo it is 18 F and I am in short sleeves. But had to put on longs sleeves and a vest right after this because I was above the tree line and wind really takes away heat fast.

Rick_1 Level 5 Dec 20, 2018
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