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Who are two of your favorite musicians, singer/songwriters who you feel should have more of an audience? The first one being a musician who deserves wider recognition and the second one who is probably not known by the general public. For the first, I would say Van Morrison and for the second, I pick Emitt Rhodes. I would be interested in who your favorites are.

jimdaughters 5 Dec 16

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Julian Lennon, first son of John Lennon, Neil Diamond would be my next best favourite.

I've got CD's from the "Sons Of"...Julian Lennon, James McCartney, Ben Taylor and Jakob Dylan. Talent abounds in these families.

@jimdaughters I have an autographed copy, signed and given to me personally by Julian Lennon, of his album " Help Yourself."

@Triphid That is terrific!

@jimdaughters Yeah he's really a great bloke, terrific muso and has a fantastic sense of humour as well.


Tuck & Patti. Also Esperanza Spalding. All awesome.

  1. Keb Moe. 2. Delbert McClinton

I should really purchase a couple of CD's of McClinton.


Tom Paxton - for the first.

But folk musicians don't do it for the fame.

Sister Rosetta Tharpe and nearly every musician knows her name.

Simply amazing.

@maturin1919 She put some WOW in woman.


Beethoven and Mozart.

I really think that they are quite well known already, but take your point that they should have a bigger audience. A lot of people never listen to the classical composers and yet they hear them all the time without knowing it, by the way that modern musicians have been influenced by the great masters of the past.

I've got to save up some money and buy me some Beethoven. But, where to start?

@jimdaughters just go online and start listening to pieces. YouTube is the best thing ever for listening to and discovering new music....just make a note of what you like and make a playlist. You can google too for more information on the composers and their work. After that you can invest in the pieces of music you really like best.

@Marionville Thanks for the tip. I use YouTube all the time and now I've got some musicians to check out.

@jimdaughters May I make a suggestion...why don’t you join the Classical Music group here on Agnostics. I make a post every day, and others post regularly too. If you join and listen, and read the descriptions which I usually add, this will increase your exposure to and knowledge of the classical pieces. I would be happy to add any information you need.

@Marionville Thank you!


The 1st one would be Roy Harper. He sang the vocals on "Have a cigar" for Floyd and had loads of great musicians on his albums. Jimmy page, Kate bush, Ian Anderson even Paul and Linda McCartney. Perhaps because he has never "sold out" his recognition has been limited.

The next is one I have posted often on here. Pete Atkin. The lyrics are written by Clive James. A well known broadcaster and writer but his songs are left to a small cliche of supporters which include Stephen Fry to promote. [] []

I didn't realize McCartney played with Roy

@jimdaughters Yes he and Linda did backing vocals on "one of those days in England". Not sure if it was the short or long version though but Ronnie Lane was on bass


There is amazing talent in music all around the world. Many deserved indeed better recognition but it's the way life goes.


John Hiatt and Mark Broussard

I almost chose John Hiatt but went with Morrison.


I think Holder & Lea don't get the recognition they deserve as two of finest writers of pop/rock music the UK has ever had. Most people probably don't even know who they are although they're more likely to of heard of the group they're in, Slade.
A 1999 BBC documentary estimated their worldwide record sales in excess of 50 million records, not too shabby and they were fantastic live 🙂


First Dylan....Second Gillian Welch.


van morrison doesn't have wide recognition? sure, the more the merrier, but he is really, really famous, and has been for half a century! i was listening to him in 1970 and i was a latecomer.

i am not sure how famous esperanza spalding is, but i think she could use more recognition.

who ever heard of love tractor? i'm not sure they're still a band but if they were, still no one would know them. they're contemporaries of r.e.m. and from the same university town. but if you want someone current.... more people should know about kitka.



I think Van Morrison already does get a lot of recognition, he is a local hero here in Northern Ireland, but maybe you’re right he could get more. Emitt Rhodes, I have never heard of, but will go and look him up when I finish this post. My choice would obviously have to be Norwegian Band a-ha as I have been waging a one woman campaign here on Agnostics to raise their profile since joining last June. They have now sold over 100 million albums and yet are still regarded in the USA as one hit wonders. They’ve got 2 Guinness world records (largest paying audience for a rock concert 198,000 at Rock in Rio 1991) and longest held note at 20.2 seconds for Morten Harket on Summer Moved On, and he can still do it live and hold it today for the same length, even at age 59. I firmly believe if they were an English or American Band they would be up there with all the other big names in the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame. The one I would nominate as the one not known by the general public, but again only in the English speaking world, is Laura Pausini who is an Italian singer who is a megastar everywhere else. This just demonstrates that there is a wealth of talent in other parts of the world that is unknown and underrated.


There is an Irish band called The Saw Doctors that I like a lot. They are very popular in Ireland and the UK, but aren't as well known in the US. They put on a great show with a low ticket price, and I never miss them when they come around.

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