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I've actually had relatives unfriend me on Facebook because I didn't pretend to be a christian and I'd say things which were critical of religion and Christians in particular. I'm going through a divorce at the moment and have joined a few groups to see what's out there for a single person. Two of the bigger turnoffs in women I view are "conservative", no offense to conservatives and "religious/christian". I've seen women's profiles on some sites will put a christian phrase instead of their pic. Can you imagine, Lol.

ronnie40356 7 Feb 16

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People who unfriend you just for a viewpoint are not worthy of your friendship anyways.


Well them unfriening you is not a "Christian" thing to do! Lol! Shame on them. If someone doesn't respect my non-beliefs then that's their problem. I have found its best to agree to disagree but they should not so judgemental. Another reason I hate religious fucks.


Why worry about offending conservatives? Fuck 'em. Let them be offended. If they choose to fill their lives with bullshit, that's their choice. They don't respect you. Don't bother with them. For me, I'm glad most of my conservative FB friends and relatives unfriended me. It keeps me from having to do it myself. You are under no obligation to cater to idiocy.


It is stunning to me that I actually know women in my family and friends that voted for Trump. A giant misogynist and all around piece of crap.He literally is the antihesis of equality and caring about people around him.

Thousands of white women in Alabama voted for Roy Moore. A pedophile that had said women shouldn't have the right to vote. It is mind boggling.


I try ( underlying word "try" ) Not to comment on my friends religious posts because I feel we all have a say and it's our right. But when they post stuff like prayer in school, and prayer on government buildings, I have to say the constitution says separation between church and state. We all don't believe in the same thing, be tolerant!

Oh I'm very tolerant, I'm an agnostic 🙂 The religious-intoxicated could take lessons in tolerance.


Speak your mind, you may be encouraging a younger member of the family that's wondering if all this religion stuff is real.


LOL...Take it as a compliment.

The only believer in my family is my younger cousin -a Roman Catholic priest. I had the pleasure of being unfriended by him after I posted everything you can think of against religion during a year..



Those are two of my biggest turnoffs as well.

People usually defriend/unfollow me on FB, because I post my Centrist and nontheist beliefs. Idc.


I let a lot of stuff slide on Facebook unless it really pisses me off. Sometimes family members will go off on my responses, but I just try to respond with data as opposed to emotion. So far they haven't unfriended me, but if they do I figure it's no big deal. Nobody I'm really close to would, and the others aren't that important.


On the bright side, it helps you weed out the unacceptable candidates.


I've got a guy who I still regard as a friend on Facebook where we constantly bicker about whether, or not, either Obama or Trump have been good choices as President - and don't get him started on the Clintons!

But we remain friends because we accept that we know we are not going to agree, and because we both chose to remain respectful of each others' differences.

IMO - you're better off free of their BS and constraints.


I remember during the election I was awfully tempted to just unfriend one of my cousins after seeing she was a Trump supporter and Tomi Lharen fan. I noticed her liking and sharing a lot of pro Trump news and propaganda, and the same with that dumb bimbo Tomi. I was utterly disgusted and disappointed in her because I thought she was more intelligent that that. I mean, there wasn't even a hint of begrudgingly voting for Trump because Hillary was also shit. No, this was straight up pro Trump crap. I almost feel like it was her husband that may have brought her to the dark side or something, or she was just that politically retarded anyways.

I am always liking atheist memes on facebook and what not, a lot of very offensive and anti-religious stuff. Funny enough most people just ignore it I guess, but I also don't share. I know if I got into any discussion with friends or family over religion and me being an atheist I would crush them and not give a damn if they cut ties with me over something so trivial.

ooooh just seeing the name Tomi made me have to take a deep breath

@btroje Yup, the second I saw a Tomi video un-ironically pop up on my feed my eyebrow raised and kept on going through the ceiling. Liking her and supporting her rhetoric triggers a lot of dumbass alarms in my head. I held my tongue though, facebook arguments are not worth my time.

@Cynical-lion I don't argue anything on Fb

it's not so much that I dislike them for what they believe, rather I lose respect for them.


My uncle who practically raised me, unfriended me on FB. He said "my nephew who I raised hates Christians no". I tried to tell him I hate the religion not the person. He didn't want to hear it. Oh well shit happens and I moved on.


I have a relative I want to disown, son of my cousin. Good old boy, sexist, NRA, Republif**k. He occasionally makes comments on my posts and "engages in dialog" with friends who have commented on my posts. If he did it more often I would probably block him.

I have one of those. He's uncle to my step-nieces. If they have to put up with him? I guess I can. But if he ever goes past the point of terrible to "Horrific" I'll ban his butt.


Oh, I can imagine.
I've seen it myself.
I've got family who are Bible Humpers (I'm trying to make that a thing) and I've had several unfriend me on Facebook because of the shit I say.

I'm on OKC (not so much any more) and I've seen that countless times.
What really makes me laugh (and promptly exit their profile) is when they list "God" as being one of the things they could not live without.
Some people... It's sad.
But in a funny way.


I didn't wait to be unfriended.
I first warned, then defriended all Facebook friends posting hate memes..only my white evangelical friends did this, then made a number of Facebook announcements telling people who support Trump to please defriend me now and save me the trouble.


Sorry your relatives are being that way.

And yes i can well imagine. Oh boy!


This invites the question... Which is worse, Evangelical Christianity or Facebook?

Nothing is worse than Evangelical Christianity. A lot of things are just as bad however. In My Humble Opinion

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