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Here is a question, where does your online name come from and is it always the same? 'Amisja' is a combination of my children's names. I use it everywhere...what about yours?

Amisja 8 Dec 28

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A suggestion from my drill instructor, who said there were no "Pinkys" in the Marine Corp.


I like pralines . Pralina ice cream makes me happy ?


My name is extracted form my favorite young childhood book: Alexander and the Magic Mouse. Although a lovely sappy story where the hero (after sacrificing his health to save the people who lived in a town that was about to be devastated by a rapid flood) is saved with a magic cookie, In real life, I long ago realized there is no magic cookie for those that place the good of others above their own survival.


Unfortunately I’m not creative.. it’s self explanatory.


Mine means 'white person' in Swahili, which is what I'm called by most people when I'm in Kenya. I guess it stuck with me. I use it on fb as well.

We na kubali Swahili, memsahib? Mimi anakoa salewa kwa Kenya.

@Petter Wapi Kenya?

@Amzungu2 hapana. Sasa hivi mimi ni kwa London, lakini nyumba yangu ni kwa Mojacar, Spain.
Wena enda Kenya mara mimgi?

@Amzungu2 I'm 3rd generation Kenyan. My grandmother had a farm at Karen, my mother farmed in Limuru.
My grandmother purchased Karen Blixen's farm, removed the coffee and installed cattle on the land.

@Petter Nimefanya safari 5 Kenya. Mimi kukaa Kayole na kufanya kazi na kliniki ya matibabu

@Petter such beautiful land there. My host family grows tea in Nyeri. Gorgeous country.

@Amzungu2 Anything to do with the Uganda developed app to test for malaria?

@Petter No, but I'm aware of it. I was so very naive about the prevalence of malaria there.

@Amzungu2 I had friends in Kericho who grew tea. I also lived in Uganda (Kampala) between 1975 and 1980.
Whenever we went to the coast we would take Paludrine, on the grounds that if you still caught malaria the docs would have their treatment options open.
Malaria is a terrible affliction.
I started my working life as a government chemist.

@Petter Yes, it most certainly is. You've certainly led an interesting life, sir!

@Amzungu2 Is there any other way to live?
You also seem to be an interesting person, with the right sort of philosophy. Pity we'll probably never meet eye to eye.


I got the name in Kenya in 2004. Decided to use it online years later. It is a shortening of my first and last names and is African shig talk. Kind of a hip way of using your name without saying all of it. Sometimes "Penn" is used instead. On another sight I use my middle name and do this and it might appear that I am Sean Penn's brother. This is not true as I do not know the family.

I got my name in Kenya - in 1941.

Love it


I am a tree. Tilia cordata. It was the tree studied by my husband as an undergraduate, and I liked the name.

Tilia Level 7 Dec 28, 2018

Linden or lime?

@Petter Same tree actually. Both are the common names for it.

@Tilia I know. I was querying your preference.

Beautiful xx

@Petter Aaahhh. Ok, lime - as it's what I have known it as long before I heard linden used.

@Tilia Snap! Lime blossom, as used for tea, is called 'tila' in Spanish. Very close to the utterly unrelated lime tree!

@Petter so true! Great fun explaining to clients that their 'lime' tree is not of the citrus variety.


ANONamous BENEfactor


I always read your name as, I missed ya

Most people do..its actually AM for Amelia, IS for Isaac and JA for Jacob.


My daddy and mummy gave it to me. ?


My grandkids call me Gammy and I'm a redhead, so redheadedgammy was born!!!


Mine is the stupidest I could think of

That's not stupid, it's infinitely more intelligent than Trump!

I love it


Not wishing to be boastful in any way, and liking the old movie " Day of the Triphids" I combined my having 3 PhDs and the movie title for my screen name ' Triphid.' should boast

@DakotaNorth The movie title was The Day of the Triphids, so I did spell it correctly.
Plus, I DO have my own copy of the movie on DVD in my collection.


Mine's from the Cthulhu Cycle


My initials; first name, second name, confirmation name and surname.

I moved from the dark side many years ago though 🙂


Lucyfer is a nickname at work and I have been using various spellings of it for a few years.

I've a different online user name that I have been using since the early 90's for most other things.


My family name is Flett.


I thought it was clever.


I didn't try to be clever or cryptic. Is an explanation really necessary?

JimG Level 8 Dec 28, 2018

We need more clarification, whatever your name is.


I like spoonerisms. Duke Nukem was a popular video game back in the day. I named one of my online gaming characters Nukdookum back when the internet was young. I use it for all of my online presence. My real name is never used online except for professional context. Employers will find my LinkedIn profile, my current address and telephone number. Everything else pertains to my personal life and is none of their business.

Good answer


The Dark Tower, and yes, I use it everywhere it's available.


I’m not creative so mine is just my name and year of birth. Sometimes if I want to be more anonymous I’ll use crocheter

You need to change it to miracle and crochetting is very creative. Here is a recent creation of mine

@Amisja that’s beautiful!! I can’t imagine how many ends you had to weave in though! That’s the only thing I detest about crocheting! I’m working on my 2nd Pride blanket.

@Amisja totally remembering miracle_crochet for the next time I need a username! Best part will be explaining where the miracle part is from!

@Marcie1974 oh I love it!

@Amisja Very nice crochet work.

@Marcie1974 Very attractive knitting work.

@sweetcharlotte crochet crochet crochet

@sweetcharlotte Thank you x

@Marcie1974 sorry what?? did I spell it wrong lol? or both are crocheted?
You know me, dyslexic, I always make allot of mistakes. I apologize.
I crocheted a bikini swim suit once. I'll find a pic of me in it and show you both.

@sweetcharlotte the comment I see says very attractive knitting work. Us hookers are sensitive to our craft being overlooked lol

@Marcie1974 Both blankets are beautiful. I gave you the adjective "attractive" and I gave the doctor the adjective "nice". I thought yours was knitted and hers was crocheted. I suppose I misunderstood something. Just trying to compliment you hookers. Because you said you didn't like that part of crocheting where you have to pull the ends, I figured your blanket was knitted. We are good now, right? 🙂🙂🙂 LOL

@sweetcharlotte we’re just fine!! I totally understand how you thought I was a knitter now


I used, long ago, to play 'Advanced Dungeons and Dragons'. 'Toak Reon' what my second favourite playing character - a 'magic user' (sorcerer) who rode a donkey, and had a pet eagle he called 'Sparrow'.

When I was looking for a 'non real name' to use online, old 'Toakie' sprang to mind.

I would have felt wrong using my FAVOURITE playing character, Ellemir Nehar - 'cause she was a girl... ?

We wouldn't have judged you

@Amisja I'm sure you wouldn't - but it would seem a shame to associate an '17 Charisma', non-existent young lady with a 54-year-old codger like me!

@ToakReon I play online games, I have for donkey's. My experience is there are a lot of adult men who like to play female characters, its fantasy so why not? I met some men playing female avatars who were otherwise weirdly transphobic. I would have judged them.


Oh I don't know. Just some random letters. (-;



Mine has no meaningful thought at all...other than I like patchouli. It was the best I could come up with at the time. ?


Gee put my secrets out for every hacker to see. Hmm, nooo, I will pass on this question. Geez.

I hooe this is satire.

@maturin1919 I am not satire. This is a very stupid post. Putting out confirmed information about how you create you on line handles gives hackers too much information and makes their job easier. In the last month there have been a number of hackers/spammers kicked off this site. It is a real danger. Anyone who answered this post with information has made a real mistake. The person who thought this post question up made a very poor choice. If they defend what they had done, they are very foolish. If you think I am over reacting, then you are very foolish as well.

@creative51 Any hacker could simply Google my handle and see what it's related to. Not terribly difficult to do for people who are already stealing identities, is it?

Was there some secret database you pulled 'Creative51' from?

@maturin1919 My last comment on this, so do not reply to me. People are saying things like oh, I use this handle on all or most of my accounts; oh this is my name and birth year. Listen, yes hackers can find this stuff out else where, but why make their job easier? Why give conformation to details which they may not know to be true? I have spoken my piece, do what you wish.

@creative51 That's a separate issue than saying where you came up with your screen name though, isn't it?

I'll reply when I want to, thanks. You do the same.

@creative51 And I'm just following the info you've given here, but you're a musician (creative) and are 67 years old (born in '51... you used your birth year???)

How'd I do?

@maturin1919 Good, but you do not know my real name (which some people use), nor do you know if I use this handle on other accounts (which I do not). So the only thing for sure a hacker knows is my birth year. They will have to work to get other info on me. They will skip me, and go to those who supply more info, making their job easier. Look if people wish to make things easier for hackers, well ok. I have given my thoughts, do what you want.

You miss the point. Online names were invented to protect your anonimity. I wasn't asking for any personal details and you don't have to be so rude!

@Amisja I am not rude. I am expressing my opinion which is very valid. You are rude for calling me rude.

@creative51 Mr Creative, I am an open book...but what have you learned about me from this post?

@creative51 Oh come now...that is just silly.

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