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Oh dear... the Life-Flight just went over again.This is why I dislike living near the hospital....

I always know when someone is having an emergency. Helicopters flying over, ambulances driving by, lights and sirens... I just have to hope everyone will be alright. At least they don't wake me up any more.

Paul4747 8 Dec 28

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Time to move

It's a nice neighborhood and the rent is good... other than the traffic it's a nice place to be.


Know the feeling. You can always tell an accident is bad when someone comes over the newsroom radio requesting that AirEvac. Used to work right next door to the pad too.


I used to have a job where I facilitated transfers of patients from one hospital (usually smaller and fewer services) to a larger hospital (major med centers.) One night I had a burn patient in Schenectady, NY and from Omaha contacted the dispatch to send the helicopter to take that patient to Westchester Medical Center. It was less than an hour from the first call coming in til that patient was at the medical center. That still amazes me to this day.


The hospital with a life watch helicopter is 4 blocks to the east. The ambulance bay is north of here so they use the south bound street on the east side of the block and turn left at the corner.

To add to their noise, the combined city police, county sheriff, and the main fire department is 3 blocks south on the west end of my block.

In the 5 years I've lived in this building, a siren woke me up just once. I lived over in the other apartment on the east side of the building. Usually the sirens get closer and then get farther away and that doesn't wake me up. The time it woke me up, it got loud and then shut off. I never did find out who needed the ambulance.


I have both! The hospital is right there- I can see the roof! The life flights rattle my windows daily! (glad it's not me! Hope they make it!) And the Osceola County Sheriff's helicopter can be heard circling occasionally with spot light pointed down! Sometimes I'll go in and lock the doors! You don't know who they're chasin' or where he is now!


Where I am the circling helicopters mean that somebody is being chased!

@ProudMary Can't they go buy their own?

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