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Trump wants $5.8 billion , for his wall , and the government can't agree to giving him that money . This funding was intentionally attached to the government's budget . Without a decision either way , Federal employees aren't getting paid . Do you think this will affect his chances at getting re-elected ?

Cast1es 9 Jan 13

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It feels like the country is already completely divided by Trump. And the people who still support him don’t seem to be put off no matter what he does. So, I don’t think it will make a difference one way or the other.


I would hope it greatly influences peoples voting decisions against his favor. A new poll showed more than 40 percent were now in favor of the wall though. Although we all know the accuracy of polls! I think a wall is a waste of money regardless of who wants it but if I was more spiteful I would say just give it to him already and then people can see afterwards how worthless it was


Are you kidding? He has proven beyond a doubt he is incapable of even a modicum of rational thinking or behavior. Why would the American public vote for such a fool?????


The Pentagon got 700 Billion last year, and will get 716 billion this year for defense. The US gives away over 20 billion a year in foreign aid. And we can't get 5 billion for border security?
Its crazy - especially since those that say no voted for border security in the past.

gater Level 7 Jan 13, 2019

@Elganned No - he is open to whatever is appropriate for the area - fencing is fine in some areas.


If he continues this long enough it might even affect his chances of continuing to live. I'm not sure if he has thought about that.


It will affect his chances of getting "elected", (he was not elected the first time), only if the voters remain complacent as his base will not be affected one bit. He is the leader of a cult and his members worship him.


As an outsider I am inclined to think that almost anything is possible there considering that DT was elected to office with scant regard for the bad publicity that preceded his election. I am sure that most Americans could think of better ways to spend $5.8 billion and the same probably holds true for money used to increase your ' Defence Budget '. Some people have a tendency to become power-drunk and consequently lose touch with reality and that eventually leads to their downfall.

"An analysis by USA Today published in June 2016 found that over the previous three decades, United States president Donald Trump and his businesses have been involved in 3,500 legal cases in U.S. federal courts and state court, an unprecedented number for a U.S. presidential candidate".

trump was a nasty piece of work with only tenuous ties to reality back when he was a nobody. wait... he's still a nobody. unfortunately he's a nobody who's in charge. by the way, he wasn't elected. he lost the popular vote pretty badly.


@genessa I recall chatting with someone on here last year and he strongly defended DT saying that he hosted a Reality TV Show, thought that was an odd yardstick.

@genessa He was NOT elected. He was chosen, or appointed, by the electoral college.

@jlynn37 Point taken..

@jlynn37 i think i said that....


@ASTRALMAX a funny yatdstick indeed. i'd use that stick to separate myself from anyone with THAT qualification!


@ASTRALMAX That show has now become "Reality America" and it all plays out just like the TV show. Media treats it all accordingly and I'm one who is not amused or entertained.


let's see how enthusiastic his base is when they lose their WIC, AFDC, and food stamp benefits.


i think impeaching/indicting his ass will definitely affect his chances for reelection.


I can't wait for that day either.


I hope so!

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