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If you could just pick up and move today where would you move to?

Shelton 8 Feb 20

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On a house boat in Amsterdam!


The Gulf Coast of Florida. Naples

Solid choice. My parents live in Venice. I love it there.


Sorrento, Italy.
New Zealand comes in a very close second.

I have been to several countries in Europe, but I have yet to visit Italy. I sure hope to make it some day. Actually, I hope to visit New Zealand as well! πŸ™‚


San Francisco, CA

I took a road trip last summer. Vegas to Reno then down the coast Monterey to Newport Beach. It was a beautiful trip. I avoided interstates, took state highways and backroads.


I wish I knew the answer to this! I am doing my homework and looking for a warmer climate. I will have to work for at least another 10 years, so finding a new job factors into that, as well.

Not that it will give you the answer, but have you seen the web site Pretty cool. My questionnaire results always put me in Arkansas. Hmmmmm.....

@BlueWave I'll check it out, thanks! Arkansas? Hmmm, is right! πŸ™‚

@BlueWave I guess it will remain a mystery. 😟


I would love to bike and kayak the fjord areas of Norway.

The memories I got of the Norway fjords are not only cold... are stormy also despite the Beauty.


If money and residency laws weren't issues, then I'd choose either London or Vancouver. πŸ™‚

If I had to choose somewhere in the US, I'd choose somewhere near forests and/or water in Oregon or Northern California.

I've lived in San Francisco and a tiny town in Oregon called Coos Bay, both are beautiful


I'd go live with my family in Florida for a while, then New Orleans.


los angeles or new york maybe, not sure


I'd move to a mountain town near Colorado Springs.

Me too! At least for a while. Colorado is sooooooo beautiful!


I can't live in a place I don't want to be, and would struggle (and have) living anywhere other than where i want to be. This has meant moving often enough as my desires change. I have no intention of moving from where I am at this stage. Love it.


Denmark. Just looking for a job to land with. πŸ™‚


New Zealand seems like a really nice place.

Ohub Level 7 Feb 22, 2018

Away from people

Candy Level 4 Feb 21, 2018



Denmark or one of those countries.


Definitely somewhere abroad, most likely Europe. I don’t understand why anyone would pick a place in the US but to each their own! Top countries would be Denmark, New Zealand, the UK, Spain, or Switzerland.


I'm just going to put money in this fantasy and say somewhere in Britian.


If I could, or if I "should?" I should move to Lexington, KY, as planned, but I only want to live here.

Sidney, if I had the income/means.
Belize, if I had a birding companion, for safety.

I've been looking into moving to Belize is it not safe?

@Anonbene Sure, if you stay with people, but I tend to head alone into remote wilderness areas to go birding, with heavy, expensive camera equipment, and S. American is notorious for bandits. I taught in Mexico for a semester in 2001, and one of our aquaintances, driving ten minutes behind us to Kino, were killed by bandits, after we'd passed the fake road blockade with our 4-wheel drive SUV.


I would be an ex-patriot in Bali or Thailand... but unfortunately until my parents pass on, I'm stuck here in the good'ol US of A-holes... I'm probably gonna find a way to live six months out of the year here in Asheville and the other six on the BIg Island of Hawaii where my daughter lives.

Try to enjoy your time here. Lots of adventures here.

Bali and Thailand are great choices; two of my favorite places. I’ve lived in and my family has a house in Costa Rica which is presently doing some great things re the environment, gender and social issues. I just saw a clip on FB of the New Zealand president (?) saying they are committing to quality of living, community, sustainability... they and Northern Europe are putting human/eco values over profits. Though at my age language might be an issue. I love the idea of starting again, now that my sons are (mostly) launched and I’m single.


If money was no object one of those giant underground silos in Kansas on tons of acreage πŸ˜€
Summer home being the Doolittle house. LOL

@Shelton LOL πŸ˜€


I would go to...I'm not sure


Hobart, Tasmania.

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