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Charles Manson’s top follower is now a ‘friendly’ upstate neighbor

As for that new life, some things don’t change. The house she shares with Valdner is decorated with skulls. Fromme’s hair is long and red again. And her boyfriend keeps a baseball bat, which, as he made clear to two Post reporters who approached him, he’s not afraid to use.

AmmaRE007 7 Jan 21

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Nothing worse than stoned hypnotized females hoarded by felons from the joint


She is brain damaged

Orbit Level 7 Jan 21, 2019

Oh FFS!!!


Wow, did not expect to see that name again. I think she is a few bricks shy of a full load.


There is actually no evidence what so ever that they house is decorated in any kind of fashion, and as far as those two post reporters they have themselves to blame. Who knows what they said to him, the press is not exactly know for being polite either. She did some horrible things but she has paid for it, that is what jail is for.


Marcy is close to Utica but somewhat remote.


When I was much younger my mom had dealings with a lady named Sally Kanarek she was the wife of Irving Kanarek the third attorney in the Charles Manson trials I had spent time with Irving he was a very smart fellow I spent hours in his garage looking at old case files including some from the Manson case. Irving would drive us to places he would fall asleep at traffic lights often we had to say Irving wake up the light is green. Irving was driving one day he had gotten turned around and was going the wrong way on a one-way street. A police officer had pulled him over. The policeman asked Irving didn't you see the arrows Irving's reply was I did not even see the indians he got a contempt of court charge for that.

Honestly, having emerged myself in this subject since age 15, and a life long Sharon Tate fan, I am of the view that Mr. Kanarek's so-called antics during that show trial were not legal tom foolery, but rather his way of saying, through his actions, what he couldn't say out loud, that it was a legal farce, the longest prosecution only legal case in US history, with little or no relationship to the truth, the facts, and the real story. The guilt of Manson and his cult is without doubt. The question is, why did it happen? Helter Skelter? Not even Bugliosi's no 2 prosecutor believed it.

@David1955 I can reveal this every year at the parole hearing there is a gathering of the victim's families a luncheon of sorts to celebrate the good job Irving had done on this case. It has been many years since I have seen Irving last I heard he lives in a hotel in Orange County and pretty much has lost his faculties to function on a competent mental level.

@azzow2 I am sorry to hear that about Mr Kanarek, but I am most curious about your reference to the victims' families and their support for his work on the trial. The cover story to the cover story is what a wonderful job the families believe Bugliosi did on the case, even Debra Tate and Roman Polanski saying this to this day. I don't believe it. I can only speculate, but I believe the families were smothered by officialdom, for reasons I could go into but won't here. I do not believe they, the authorities, would get away now what they got away with then. Back then, people believed their governments and their tv stations. I remember. We've wised up since then.

@David1955 The good job came into play that Manson was defended in the most cunning way a possible so as he did not get a an appeal on a technicality.


What is the big deal with the skulls? Have you guys seen our Halloween group? Plenty of skulls decorate our homes, too....


That girl is as pathetic a person you could ever see. The core half wit girls at the centre of the Manson Cult were classic cult followers, as brainless as they were complicit, even after the fact, in crimes they never were charged with. The terrible truth is the authorities never pressed them about what they knew because they didn't want to know, happy as they were to have a few core culprits and a show trial. And these aging cult leftovers linger on to today. Like Sergeant Schultz, of course, they know "nothing.....noooothing..."

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