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Tim Hortons to include mandatory tip in price of hot beverages | The Manatee

Mandatory tip? Fuck that. It's a good thing I only go to Starbucks.

Dyl1983 7 Jan 26

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As a frequent visitor to the USA I find the tipping system bizarre. Why not pay staff a living wage. I have given a 10% tip in a diner and if looks from the waitress could kill, i would be dead, They expect a $5 dollar tip on a meal that costs $10 dollars ffs. My American friends say "but you should pay for good service". So you have to bribe the waitress not to spill the soup in your lap ?

I guess so.


I don't go to Timmy's anyhow. The local Timmy's don't have non-dairy milk/creamer options. If I want plain coffee I just make my own. If I want a latte I go to Starbucks.


Which will cost you 2-3 times what TH charges......


Mandatory tip? Just raise employee pay.


Here's an idea! How about they just pay their workers a living wage?

You want them to get a living wage, but you don't want to tip them extra? hmmmmmm


If workers recieve a living wage from their employer, then they don't have to rely on tips.

It should not be the customers job to make up for the employers lack of interest in providing proper compensation to their employees for their hard work.


If the employer raises the price, the customer still pays it.

Also, if the employee has other, higher job offers, they should take those. It is not an employers job to overpay an employee because they do not have adequate skills.

The employer has obviously made the employee their most lucrative offer, or the employee would not be working there.

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