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I'm roasting a chicken. What are you doing?

Orbit 7 Jan 31

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Cooking ramen . . .


Hand-basting my friend Kameon's shirt ties, after cutting them two inches shorter. The shirt is made of slippery, stretchy velour in a dark rose color.

I don't know where my mind is tonight. I saw hand-basting, was thinking chicken, and just couldn't figure out why you would do today to a shirt.

This is why I don't use pot. I simply don't need to....


Basting is hand-sewing two pieces of fabric together after pinning. Pins can fall out, shift or break the sewing machine needle.

Basting is best before machine- sewing with:

  1. Curves, such as a neckline.
  2. Slippery fabrics like silk, nylon or velour.
  3. Stretchy fabrics.

With my friend's shirt, I was sewing slippery, stretchy and curvy velour ties at the waist.

@LiterateHiker Lol. I know. But it's spelled exactly the same when you baste a chicken. With chicken on my mind, I was confused for a second.


I'm drinking cans of Guinness.




I made chili goulash.-- beef, onion, garlic, jalapenos, green chili, celery, black beans, rice, some red enchilada sauce, turmeric, black pepper, oregano, cardamom.

tastes so good-- I added a dollop of sourcream, yum!

Fucking Perfect- P!nk

So What - Pink


Sittng outside by the pool, eating my vegemite toast and drinking cup of tea, waiting for the 102 degree heat that is forecast for today.


Just ate some steak and homemade broccoli-cheddar soup. 🙂


Not roasting a chicken


Coughing up green slime, unsuccessfully trying not to pee my pants, because I have coughed too much over the last five weeks...all day. I’m hungry, but I don’t feel like eating.

aw, i hope you get better

@Orbit thanks

I could pass on a sick-care sneek-around... are you cranky still?


@Skeezwazzle very.

I was trying to figure out how you inhaled slime . . .

@Meili my body is manufacturing it.

@MissKathleen It took me a while but I did eventually come to that realization. Maybe you could package it for resale....


I am on my way to your house ? to help you eat that chicken, hope you have not started on it yet

Me too.??


I just ate some chicken I got from the Chicken Coop, a local regional chain. It was good.


Just grilled and ate some Italian sausages.

Zster Level 8 Jan 31, 2019

They don't come roasted from the store?


Funny that, I'm doing exactly the same, only mine is being slow roasted.


Strangling one 😉

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