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School cancels play about Darwin and evolution after Christian parents complain - []

This wasn't even a religious school, just a normal secular British primary school. I can imagine this sort of thing happens often in certain parts of the US, but it's a worrying sign here in the UK where atheism and agnosticism are far more common and accepted.

Jnei 8 Feb 8

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...their comfort zone; for the institution
and the clients. Doesn't bode well for
the general social understanding of the facts
and science.


Thorne Academy, a school for 11 - 16 year olds in the UK teaches creationism and does not mention evolution ... they have problems because the kids read the internet


You mean this happens in the U.K. also?


They should have been out voted for promoting falsehoods.


I think it is the feat of parental hositility. Schools are so dependent on keeping the right side of parents these days, both for extra fund-raising and for fear of legal contretemps that they have become ridiculously timid.


Fuck christians...

Believe me, it's a lousy fuck.

@EllenDale oh no doubt..?


I want to know more about this. Certainly at my kid's junior school all the Christmas plays were non-religious. Their school is a CofE primary (like the majority of junior schools) but recognised there are non-religious and other religions represented in the school. This is worrying.


Very concerning. =[

Hi there, where have you been?

@Amisja I've been around. I don't write a lot of posts, but I lurk a lot, LOL, and comment occasionally. =]

@IAMGROOT Good, I like your posts

@Amisja Aw shucks! =] Thank you.


Worrying indeed

One hopes atheist parents will now start pressuring schools not to put on nativity plays at Christmas.

@Jnei I hear what you're saying but that just starts to polarise things. Live and let live, the UK has always seemed more tolerant on these matters. Shame on the school for giving in but it may be that they have a religious benefactor?

@ipdg77 I agree with you.

@Jnei That is when the hypocrites start rearing their ugly heads.

I wasn't being entirely serious - I'd like to think atheist parents are above that!

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