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is it time to put a cap on the number of posts someone makes everyday. some of us have other lives and can't spend all day downloading youtube just for the sake of it

magicwatch 7 Feb 9

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I only click on and read about a quarter of what is posted. Of those posts, I am likely to follow the link only half the time depending on what else is said in the comment and comments of others.

No one is forced to read every post nor click on every link but since the site levels are based on interaction with others, it seems unwise to limit how much people can actually interact.


My rule is that I generally don't post on anything that is just a link, without any sort of description. If someone thinks they are posting something valuable,I would like them to take the time to write a line or two about what it is that they are posting. Then I can decide whether it is going to be worth my time to follow the link. Otherwise it just feels like "homework" to me, and I am too old for that.


Let everyone post as much as they want. Freedom is messy not neat. Regimentation is neat. Religions have regimentation not freedom.


I agree.
Here's the word for it.


No. Don’t look at anything more than you want to look at.

@HomeAloneSunday then I guess you have to manage your viewing based on your available time.

@HomeAloneSunday feel free to ignore all of mine. That should save you a minute or two.

@HomeAloneSunday wasn’t making it about me...just trying to save you some time. Your perception is not based on my intent, nor my words.

@HomeAloneSunday spam email must drive you mad!


I pass over the music most of the time. I know what groups they reside in. I catch them later.


Maybe not per day but in a set time. It's like some mambers come to the site, post a dozen posts back to back that they never, ever reply to the comments, then disappear until the next day.

But, having recognized them, I just skip past them.

there are categories. one can always be selective.



Exactly. When I make a post it's to have some sort of interaction or conversation.

I don't need constant click bait links, right or left, to things that are already in the news. I know that we can hide groups. Are we able to hide categories?


No caps on posts please...keep scrolling, block, or click off. I think we're regulated by enough crap in our lives. I'm here to express myself freely. Capless + godless = happiness (Ok, I know that's just

Yes Yes and Yes. I wanted to state similar view and couldn't find the right words. (was still half asleep). ☮️




When I see multiple links in a row by the same person, I just scroll on by.

I suggest you do the same.


I'd suggest blocking if they've reached that level of annoying. It works pretty well. And gets their content off your feed for the most part.


i disagree totally. why should someone not express him/herself because you don't feel like clicking? don't click! problem solved!



This is maybe an issue of using a computer vs a smart phone. I use a desktop computer with a (for today's world) medium size monitor. I have no problem getting around through all the posts. I can see that someone with a smart phone it might be a bigger job. I say let people post all they want. When I spot certain names I will not check what they have posted no matter what. Other names I always check. I do read the titles as well. If it does not interest me I do not read it. If I miss a few good posts, oh well, overall there have been many things I have missed, yet I still seem to have had a full life of experiences.


No. Keep scrolling.


Well then don't! ? Let people post to their hearts content. It doesn't mean you have to read them.


So don't download it.


I agree. Often I will scan the multi posts and not open them. It does make it harder for those who only do one or two as it pushes us out of the first page that much quicker.


Why would you feel that you have to do anything here that you have no desire to do?

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