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Can a woman enjoy her life fully without a man?

Greenheart 7 Feb 10

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As a woman who currently is, the answer is: HELL YES!!!!!!


There are just one or two lesbians who’d say - sure: no problem

That's not how I interpreted the question.

I can live very well without men OR women. Though men can be fine and women even finer.
I’d rather be alone though, than be miserable in a relationship.


of course she can. many do, and i mean many straight women as well as lesbians. can every woman do so? i don't know. maybe, maybe not. it depends on how she was raised and what she wants from her life. i spent most of my life without a man and got a lot done, and enjoyed a lot. now i have a man and i am getting less done, not because of the man but because we're old and not well. romantic love is a good thing. it is not the only thing.



Sure, why not. Same for the reverse. Maybe the question would read better with can one human enjoy their life, alone, without another human near to them.

Well said. Although as a poor helpless woman I certainly need a man in my life to open jars for me and explain how stuff works. eyeroll


I can't see why the hell not.


I do not understand the question.


I imagine some women can lead very fulfilling lives without a man. I don't believe I could however.


Well, I must admit..,that not fully on my part! I made the best of what was before me and being interested in just about everything has given me an edge on being satisfied. But, out of the blue, my world was turned upside down...and I see the loss that I have kept under wraps! There is no man, no companion, no helpmate, no loving touches that can only come from someone who really is with you. Friends, are important and fill lots of needs, but no...there is more, when it is a love interest!


I imagine you can. My ex used to say women treat men like overgrown annoying puppies. I get that.


Of course


Of course they can. In fact, I've been happier now that I've decided to live by myself and have no man.


If it weren't possible, I'd have added a man loooooong ago.


Sure. That's why nuns are so fucking happy.

But, they have partnered with the biggest man of all!

@Freedompath , LMAO!


Such questions depend on what you regard as "enjoying one's life fully".

In my experience, men and women both tend to think that being with a partner is better on balance than not, and there's a tendency for hope to overcome experience, repeatedly.

I've lived parts of my adult life with three different partners, and of course in between with no partners, and I guess I've effectively voted in favor or marriage because I keep doing it. Although on my worst days, I honestly couldn't tell you why.

I have to say, though, that it's far from a no-brainer and I detected no difference in my general happiness / contentment / satisfaction level during these various periods of my life. I have always said that marriage just gives you more of what you already have. If you're anxious, you'll be more anxious. If you're angry you'll be angrier. If you're hopeful, you'll be more hopeful. In general anyway.


With or without a man in my life, there's nothing I might fully pursue that would require a man.


No...but they will not enjoy her life with a man either is she is the kind who asks such questions. It is not up to another person to "fulfil" you or make you happy.


Yes, if that is what the woman wants. We are all different. Why should anyone else care?




Oh, sweetie, far, far more enjoyable!! ROFLMAO!


Again, depends on the woman and the man.


Don't you remember the saying from the 60's: a woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle ?



Have you even heard of lesbians???? Not to mention, straight women can as well.

Wow, really can't believe this question was even asked.



Marz Level 7 Feb 11, 2019
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