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wow.. totally ridiculous


"Atheists today are the most arrogant, ignorant and dangerous people on earth."

I didn't know we were so powerful !

AmmaRE007 7 Feb 11

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I saw that article last week and couldn't believe it. One thing brought up: Atheists are "loud, nasty, unapologetic and in-your-face": To cite a few recent examples: Last December, the group American Atheists launched its annual billboard campaign with the slogan: “Just Skip Church -- It’s All Fake News.” Some Christians openly lie, exaggerate, and say all kinds of made up terrible things they attribute to Atheists. That is apparently OK yet they see this campaign as "loud, nasty, unapologetic and in-your-face".

The attitude of superiority and "rightful domination" of Christians over the world is exactly the same as the attitude of white supremacists hold over all non-white people. How is that OK for Christians but not OK for white supremacists? I know that is nothing new but the very reasons Europeans came to North America was to escape exactly that attitude and the oppression in Europe.

OCJoe Level 6 Feb 11, 2019

Hannity is like the top delusional Fox talking head. I mean I clicked prepared to defend my position but this schmuck hasn’t got enough credibility to require a defense. He found a book that supports his warped view of the word, goody for him.


what i can't understand is not how the author of the book can be so ignorant; ignorance is rampant. nor do i doubt that fox news would run such an editorial; everything they do is disgusting. what i can't understand is why mavenroundtable is reprinting the fox editorial without comment, as if it reflected their own views.



Well this is just the spewing of random assertions that their viewership wants to hear. It has no relationship to actual reality.



They left out evil and wicked.


I skimmed the article, then scrolled down to the comments. The first five were atheists saying the article was baloney. So I read a few more, and a few more. More atheists saying the article is baloney.

So I think to myself, I'm going to keep reading until I find one that isn't an atheist. (So I'm reading, and reading, and reading...)

And finally, I read this first line, "I'm not an atheist nor a Christian or any other religion, but have also experienced discrimination from Christians for my beliefs."


Life is good sometimes.


Can't expect anything less from Fox.


But I know I am ????


What a fucking joke. All the scientists they claim were believers lived in an Era when being an open atheist or agnostic would have resulted in certain death for blasphemy.
Fuck, I would fake it too if I lived during the shithole Victorian Era in England!


My take on it is.. i hope they feel a little scared..
I wonder if we went to war . Who would win?
The atheists, agnostics, and centrists who have all the technology? Or the religious who have god on their side?

We are in a kind of cold war, and we are winning. In 1990, about 8% were "unaffiliated" with any religion. Now about 24% are unaffiliated.

Generation Z (after millenials), who were born around 1995 to around 2005, are 25% of the US population. 35% of them identify as "nones" for religion. Those numbers are astounding to me. (I can remember reading atheist books and essays in the mid or early '90s, before the internet took off, and thinking it would be a far, far distant future before religion would even begin to decline in this country. We could easily be at 50% "nones" in 20 years without breaking a sweat.)


There is nothing really surprising in the above article not even the fact that the oldest tactic in the book was used, that is, always accuse the others of doing what you have been doing for a long time.

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