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45 is going to declare a National Emergency to get the Wall built.

I'd say pick any news source as it's going to have an article on it.



I'm wondering if we will all be notified by cell phone?

RavenCT 9 Feb 14

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From the Atlantic Monthly.


It will be a complete waste of time and money. Democrats in the House will sue for his breach of the emergency powers act, because he does not have the authority to divert funds to a project that Congress has chosen not to approve funding for. Citizens on the border will sue because the emergency powers act does not give him the authority to seize personal property via eminent domain or any other way.

He will lose in the courts and scream about the corrupt, obstructionist Democrats blocking him from achieving his signature promise.


Such a waste of time and effort to please his right winged cronies.


I want him to PROVE the ''emergency'' with FACTS! (Am I doomed to disappointment?)

@irascible Oh, dear! So, he has the power to spend all that money without the authorization from ANYONE in Congress? That's suspicious to me. Are there NO safeguards? I can't imagine the Democrats aren't frantically COMBING through the Constitution, looking for ways to veto him.


Because blue states don't really need disaster relief assistance!


The media here all follow the same story , many at the very same time & order. Over 3,000 people died by hurricane Maria & there are few stories in depth. Alternate stations such as Vice, Al Jazzera, BBC, C-Span, & some Spanish language stations get me out of this American media bubble.

@irascible Thank you. I'm killing dragons today and light on the googling after this news.

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