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I inadvertently started a bit of a "brew-ha-ha" earlier. I guess I live either a sheltered life, or I'm oblivious to these things. Apparently, being an Agnostic or "non-believer" is in some areas of our country, including mine, the equivalent of being in league with Satan, or something similar. Therefore, people fear including a real picture of themselves in their profile. Something about this is disturbing for me. Is our society this repressive? Or, is this a contrived fear?

bigpawbullets 9 Feb 17

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The USA is nowhere near as "free" as you guys pretend it to be.

Says a guy who doesn't live here. πŸ˜‰


America is a very mixed bag. Some places, it does not matter. Some it really, really does. You need to know the local feeling,and pay attention to it.

Or, just not make a big deal of your beliefs.
Example: I turned down the Agnostic T-Shirt. I'd never wear a target on my fat body. πŸ˜‰


There is no picture of me to photo shop or share anywhere on the internet. I have had trouble with men due to something. Stalker. Seeking me outside of Agnostic on FB. No picture there either. I now understand when years ago the Native American women on the Navajo Reservation eshewed photos. I dislike the intrusion into the autonomy of my body & my being.


Move to Europe. I live in Spain, a land that was dominated by the Catholic church until the death of France in 1975. Nowadays, the people here least tolerant of atheists are NOT Spanish. UK is similarly tolerant. It's only in the lands where religious extremists abound that there is intolerance - think Arabia and America.

I find Spain that way too. And it's so odd because any of the Spanish people who want to live their religion have lots of services to take part in, including the frequent processions through the streets. I love the colour of it all.

@brentan The secret, of course, is tolerance.

@Petter Gosh, yes - live and let live.


In some areas it can cost you a job and garner harassment.

My vehicle was repeatedly vandalized in the parking lot of my employer and I suffered a bit of harassment from some members of management.

There would also be a lot of social ostracism. I have lost friends over it, have been viewed with suspicion, suspected of being the liar in any dispute etc


The only way this will change is if we do come out, let people know who we are and they can realize they liked and respected us before and they still like us now. If they don't you don't really want to waste any more of your time with them anyway.

@ProudMerrie I guess you're right. I kept it under wraps for many years. I came out when I noticed some of my neighbors said that they were secular and I was semi-retired (small business owner). Also, Oregon may be a different environment than where you live. I wish you the best.

@ProudMerrie Oops, I just noticed you're from W.V. Difficult state to practice rational and critical thinking. Where are you moving to?


I have been asked if I worshiped satan. It was hilarious and disturbing.


Yes. America is still about 5 decades away from accepting Atheists don't eat babies, aren't sending our wicked ways through osmosis to unsuspecting indoctrinated minds, aren't rallying down on the corner making plans to obtain World domination, and aren't gang stalking our religious neighbors.


Christians fear gays and atheists and are certain they don’t know any of β€œthose people.”


In rural areas you could lose your job. It's a real thing.

Orbit Level 7 Feb 17, 2019

I think it's a fair response, bigpaw. I can put my photo up because I have nothing to lose. If my ex was on this site and she did it, she would have paid a helluva price.


I refuse to judge others. That's my real photo, for what it is worth. That said, others could have a number of reasons to not show their face. I support other people making their own choices. I came for the conversation, and meeting others was secondary. I did meet someone happily, so it goes.


I do understand the stated reasons for reluctance to reveal themselves, but in my opinion, if they don’t want people to know, or they are afraid, they shouldn't be here.

I'm surprised to hear something like this coming from you. Then again, you're older and risk almost nothing by being here.

Where should the closeted unbelievers go then?

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