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Can I ever be happy again ?

theresa011 3 Feb 27

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Of course you can. If you want to be. It's YOUR choice.
Choose to be happy. If you don't, you'll have no one to blame but yourself.

I concur


With a profile name that is a text#, it looks pretty scammy to me.....

jasen Level 8 Feb 27, 2018

Smart Thinking often doesn't work out for me, but I'm sticking with it anyway........


Writing your profile and answering the profile questions will help people here believe you are real person, not some money scam.

Heartless but truthful. This comment deserves a medal!

Exactly what I thought!


Happiness can be attainable again, but it takes work.

Gohan Level 7 Feb 27, 2018

You must want to be happy and then pursue it. Will that work? While not entirely up to you, you bear the greatest responsibility for it. Good fortune to you.


You not only can, you will.


You can get over almost anything, given enough time.


I think that depends on your definition of “happy”

My career is going nowhere (rather ironic for a train driver) I’m divorced, I’ve been single for 6 years, I only get to see my son one day a week... but in some ways I am happier than I was when I was married.

I own my own home. I get to do whatever I feel like doing. The time I do have with my son is the best, we do lots of fun stuff and have great holidays together. No one complains about me playing video games or buying expensive single malt scotch.

Of course it’s not perfect. Yes there is always room for improvement. But I am content because I don’t set goals that are unattainable or based on others. It’s about finding what really matters not what society tells you should make you happy.


Choose happy. What makes you happy, do that. Choose to look on the bright side. Nurture yourself. Count your advantages. If you make up your mind that you will be happy, then you will be happy. If you choose otherwise it will happen. You have to make the decision and then do it.

Don't look to others for happiness.
Find happiness in yourself first!

@HeyHiHullo fer sure, fer sure!


I know that feeling, it's awful. I have discovered that happiness is a choice but takes a little practise till one gets it to work.

Khmm Level 5 Feb 27, 2018

I'm happy being single and away from my ex.

Me too!

@Amy0825 That is good.


Happiness is a way of traveling, not a destination


Yes you can..


Why not.


With all those interests how can you not.. ?


If you find out please let me know cuz I'm not happy either.

My prescription: First, what is going right in your life, what are you grateful for? What do you do that makes you happy or peaceful. Do that. Get out in the sunshine (if you can, it is winter in some parts of the world) get some exercise, get endorphins flowing. Do something for YOU every day. And then choose to be happy. I have been in the my life sucks big time place, but I choose to be happy. It could have been much worse. It isn't easy, you have to keep practicing it every moment of everyday, but after a bit it becomes habit.


Yes and you know that.


Yes, u can


For the most part I think we create our own happiness or lack there of,. I will meditate about what kind of mood I'm gonna be in. I don't wait for my mood to find me. A good saying I like is think about what your thinking about. If something starts throwing shade on my happiness I notice pretty quick and step back and it usually just takes a minute for me to clear my head and reset. I hope that helps.


Yes u will if you find someone who is happy . If u r happy. Someone happy will
Come 2 u.


I think the fact that you're asking the question is a good sign. I think too often people are overcome with grief or anger (or whatever) and they tell themselves "I'll never be happy again," and then it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.

I don't think that happiness is simply a choice, because it's much more complicated. Being open to the possibility, I think, is a step in the right direction. Good luck to you.


Happiness is a state of mind (with the exception of some mental illness) and as such is a choice.

Our emotions are valid, but we can choose how we manage those emotions.

Start by asking yourself what makes you happy or sad. If you choose to dwell on the things that make you sad, then you will miss the things that make you happy.

Ignore the things you can't change and concentrate on the things you can. Negativity breeds negativity.

Think positive. It works. It takes time, but you can train yourself to manage your happiness (and other emotions). Talk to yourself - but only talk to yourself in the positive and look to the future not the past.

However, if you are clinically depressed, you need to seek professional help.

You will find happiness again.


Yes I have no doubts about it.


Sure you can. You are an attractive young woman. You need to focus on what it is that makes you happy and keep a positive attitude.

balou Level 8 Feb 28, 2018
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