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FDA approves ketamine-derived depression drug
Esketamine, which will be marketed as Spravato, will be the first fast-acting depression drug on the market

Ketamine- we knew this a long time ago. Big Pharma finally found a way to make billions and billions on a drug that used to get us arrested.


Spinliesel 8 Mar 6

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Yes, good information.


I'd have to exhaust other options before considering it, but might if the risk of suicide was high. As a vet, I was taught that ketamine is a dissociative paralytic. Tough to separate images of anesthetized animals from depression drug in my mind. I will be interested to see how this works once used in the field.

Zster Level 8 Mar 6, 2019

I was prescribed oral ketamine for depression about 6 months ago. Only took it once per week 3 times. It was too low a dose to do much good, but it was cheap. I hope I can try Esketamine or a higher dose of ketamine.

Were you part of a Control Group in a drug trial ? Maybe without knowing it?

@Spinliesel No. Actually I had to ask for it on three or four visits. It was an 'off label' prescription and each dose was individually prepared by a compounding pharmacy. I think they said they had around 8 customers take it over the previous 6 months.

@Markss76118 I did not know about ketamine until is showed up in the lyrics of some music i liked. Asked my grandson and was given all the information i needed. He is a big fan. I shudder when i read "compounding pharmacy" Wasn't there a very bad thing that happened some years ago?


It’s commonly used in surgery/ICU and has been for decades by the anesthesiologists. It was hijacked for a party drug, in the same that others have been.
The doses of the nasal spray are minute compared to what we use in surgery. This is also for treatment resistant depression, which means it won’t be a first or second line drug for the newly diagnosed.
It’s a great thing for people in certain situations to have another options.

Yeah, because many with resistant depression end up dying. I am so hopeful this can help those people.


Yep. Saw this also this morning. Folks use the drug to feel better. Surprise BIG PHARMA. Ketamine is a drug used to sedate animals. Gee. It also sedates humans. What is positive in this scenario is insurance will now pay for it, suicide will diminish, & my stock will go up in value.


I'm no doctor but this makes me sick. Ketamine was used as a horse tranq. I've seen people take that stuff. I've seen what it does. FDA/Big Pharma:"Oh so now it's ok cause we see how much cash we can make! Nothing bad will happen! It's a monitored nasal spray, no problem! Like Oxycontin was such a great deal too, remember? I'm very suspicious about this. Interested to read comments!

Exactly what I was going to say. There are obviously extreme cases of depression that require drug treatment but milder cases are much better treated by counselling,proper diet, exercise and fresh air.

Don't read the comments, go read the research. It is a promising therapy for treatment of resistant depression. Ketamine infusions have been used off lable for a while, and were successful enough to encourage fast tracking this nasal spray. I for one hope it helps many people.


Great, now even more people are going to have holes in their brain.


This is new to me because I was never one to take "party drugs." It was MJ and limited pills in my day. Nothing that might really do you harm. Thanks for this info. As cannibis becomes legal look for many other things to come out, all in the name of making money. Will they help you? We will have to try them to see.


If it helps depression, I am thrilled it has been approved.

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