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Guilty while being black in America (again) ?


By Science-guy8
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He had a trash picking tool in his hand in his own yard - police showed up to confront him.

Then they showed up in force. The tape does not show him being belligerent - it shows the roommate being incredulous. Which is precisely what my neighbors or roommate would be if that happened to me in my own yard.

If I were picking up trash in my own yard and a cop showed up to holler at me and question if it were my own yard? Sure I'd probably drop the tool and hand over ID - but of course I don't carry proper ID in my own damn yard? So I would have been screwed on that count.

Why would you need to carry ID on your own property. Which is supposed to be pretty damn sancrosanct!

And I don't have an abundance of testosterone so my back wouldn't go up as fast - hollering at any Dude on his own property about what he's doing there? My goodness.
Someone deserves to a talking to - or a few thousand hours of community service in a park picking up trash. Preferably a park where he's the odd color out.

Sensitivity training too.

RavenCT Level 9 Mar 8, 2019

I really liked your suggestion of " Preferably a park where he's the odd color out."

It's the only way these idiots ever gain a sense of humanity, it seems.


This is infuriating. Free country my ass.


i suggest it's because a majority of white folks attack hate instead of ideas of white supremacy..this is why cops get away with murder.. The "black" is always cast as a criminal and most whites are silent about this system Here are three example from the 1700's and very little has changed.

Black "justice"

November 1756

Kit, a Negro man slave, belonging to Landon Carter Esqr. being accused of felouiously stealing a mare,
the property of Henry Wilson of the said County and being arraigned in open Court for the said fact
pleaded not guilty.
Whereupon the several Witnesses, being examined and consideration of the same had, the Court is of the
Opinion that the said Kit is Not Guilty of the fact so as to suffer death but it is ordered that he be set in
the pillory for the space of five minutes and that one of his ears be nailed thereto, and from thence be cut
loose & that he also receive thirty nine Lashes on his bare back well laid on.
The business of the Court being over the same is dissolved.
Prince William County Minute/Order Book 1758 Not found.

White justice

April 1763

And finally the white man.. no ear nailing and the Court judged on his "heart"..

Alexander Rigby.
Present Allan Macrae, Lewis Reno, John Baylis, Lynaugh Helm} Gent Justices
Alexander Rigby, being committed to the gaol of this County by Precept from under the hand of Lynaugh
Helm, Gen. one of his Majesties Justices of the peace for this County, on suspicion of Stealing a Negro and
a horse, the property of Robert Ravenscroft, the Evidences as well on behalf of Our sovereign Lord the
King as the said Rigby, being examined and heart, the Court are of the Opinion that he is not guilty of the
felony wherewith he stands charged, and is hence Discharged.
The business of this Court being over, the same is dissolved.

Do you think the crime fits the punishment? Remember they were enslaved and had no means of support..

January 1763

Tom Boling, a negro slave belonging to John Tayloe Esqr., being arraigned of Felony for feloniously and
burglarily breaking open and entering the Meat & dairy house of James Nesbett, Gent of the County
aforesaid upon the 20th of July in 1762 in the Night time of the said Day and taking and carrying away from
thence, a silver spoon of the value of 20 shillings, the property of the said James Nesbett.
And the said Prisoner pleaded upon his said arraignment not Guilty. Thereupon the several witnesses
against him were sworn & examined.
On Consideration whereof, the Court are of the opinion that the said Negro Tom Boling is Guilty of the
charge of Felony and burglary, alleged against him, and that he be hanged by the Neck until he is dead.
And this Court are of the Opinion that the said Tom Boling is of the value of 1100 Current money.
The Business of the Court being over, the same is dissolved_
AprilS. 1763 Court page 434.
At a Court called and held at Prince Wtlliam Courthouse the 5th of

April 1763

Touched Level 4 Mar 8, 2019

I saw this on a major TV network and it's terrible. Why would cops draw guns on a black man who appears to be picking up trash? I assume someone called to report this man and that most likely means they are living in the area. This incident and many others like it are a symptom of living in Trumpworld. Power has now been given to white nationalists. We have a world where racism raises it's ugly head again and the number one leader says it is OK. "Divide and conquer" is the name of the game none of this is a step forward.


Reminds me of when I worked as deputy sheriff in small Town Texas where it was illegal to be black in public

The Sheriff and the District Judge wanted me to go along with their plan to kill a man. When I didnt, lets just say, it was about like hell.

And, my Federal case went no where because I couldn't get help. So, maybe me being "white" opposing the Masonic lodge secret religion racist devil worshippers is just not enough credibility to get anything done.

Antifred Level 7 Mar 8, 2019

Situations like this happens more than you think and it can escalate with deadly consequences.

This is so true today. Trumpworld and the Koch brothers are bringing this on like crazy. It's shameful and sad. How about the case in Texas where a female cop shot a man for being in her apartment and she was not even on her floor. Her weak defense was that she was "giving him commands" and he was not responding to them. That case is totally insane!

@DenoPenno Yep, he was in his own apartment and she was the trespasser. Her excuse was she worked a long shift and thought she was in her apartment!!! Black man dead again thanks to stupid fucking white people.


It couldn't be more clearly a case of racial profiling and abuse of power! Fucking pisses me off! ???

Kudos to the reporter, love the sarcastic wit.

BeeHappy Level 9 Mar 7, 2019

I can’t help but “believe” that a white person in a similar yard cleaning scenario would receive a wave from the passing patrol officer as he drove on by.

@Science-guy Exactly!

try murder.


Absolute total paranoid bullshit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


This boils my blood! Trump's America!???


Am I the only one angry at the guy who kept calling municipal police the feds?


Well in all things considered I think there isn't a news story here.
You have a police officer stopping a man who became uncompliant as a response he got more back up, kept their distance and presented numbers to de-escalate the situation but keep it under control.

I'd rather see 100 cops standing around a single yelling black man than see 1 cop standing over a dead black man.

There was no call to pull a gun. The idea that the first thing a cop does is pull a gun is anti-American. Our country is founded on innocent unless proven guilty, that civil servants are here to serve us, we are not here to serve the police. Police need to understand that they very well might die serving their country. The cop who pulls a gun any time he feels uncomfortable does not serve our country well.

No! Stop apologizing for bad policemen. There never should have been an "incident" to begin with. If the "man" had been white, we would not be talking about this.

@godef you're right had he been white we wouldn't. It would have still happened the same way but we wouldn't talk about it. You know how I know, by the number of whites shot by police.
Every year the police in the US arrest 14 million people but kill 1,000. That means 00.007% chance during an arrest you might be shot. Since there isn't a record of how many police calls without arrests; I used the arrest number which is less. Of the 1,000~, 25% are black, 15% are Latino, 40% white.

@Biosteelman I disagree, this would not have gone down the way it did if he is white. You are naive.

@godef 40% of cop shootings are white people 35% of all shootings are unarmed, +/- 5 % due to small sample sizes and variations every year.
You are willfully ignorant and buying into a media agenda. Police show up in numbers, the less compliant the more numbers. It is literally part of the de-esclation training started by the Obama administration, create distance, maintain a barrier, create as much time as needed.
You're old enough to have watched "Cops" on live tv. The majority of the suspects were white on the show. The cops always pulled their guns out.

Here's a fun fact to consider that no one ever takes into consideration, larger people are met with more aggressive behaviour by cops. Hence women don't get shot at nearly the rate of men,but in guess I'm too naive, or maybe its because I actually understand statistics and spread distribution and look into what may cause disparity in numbers.


The man told the officer he lived and worked in the building, and gave the officer his school identification card, [1]

School ID card? The police were right to be suspicious given that most school ID cards don't have address information and even if they did, aren't a form of valid ID.

BTW, was it established that he did live there after all? The reports aren't too clear on that and all we know is that the person that posted the video claims he lives with him.

[1]: []

According to this official website a school ID card is legal for identification purposes in Colorado.


The question in my mind is WHY ANYONE would be suspicious of some guy picking up trash.

It reminds me of the time a Yale professor who happens to be Black got arrested in his own house. Somebody saw him through the front window and assumed he was a burgler. Ask yourself why such an assumption would be made.

Yeah, but, that is from the department of public health. I'm not sure they are valid to establish residency, are they? And if so, it has to be current. Do we know if his school ID was current for it if wasn't, that could be cause for suspicion.

Thing is that we are drawing conclusions from a very limited video and while the police might have been abusing their power, so too could the person been justifiably suspicious and then escalated the event by his behaiviour.

"The question in my mind is WHY ANYONE would be suspicious of some guy picking up trash."
We don't see how the encounter started, only when the video starts. There could be no reason... or there could have been good reason.

"It reminds me of the time a Yale professor who happens to be Black got arrested in his own house. Somebody saw him through the front window and assumed he was a burgler. Ask yourself why such an assumption would be made."
As I recall the story, he was forcing his door open and someone called the police on him for suspicion of burglary.

@TheMiddleWay Well, I don’t know. There could be more to the story than we are told, but my gut reaction very negative. These things seem to happen a lot. But you are right.

BTW, I am ashamed and appalled that you were maltreated in my home state. Sorry.

The maltreatment was from very few, but very vocal, individuals. I'm not worried at all as I do not stereotype all Alabamians as racist... only those that were racist if that makes sense. smile001.gif

@TheMiddleWay It does make sense and I am relieved. Thanks.


What a disgusting story!

Such a thing would not likely happen where I live because there is a large percentage of Blacks. We are accustomed to seeing each other, and for the most part we know and like each other.

And there are a lot of Black police officers, as there should be.

Uncompliance with an officer always leads to problems though.


Yeah I’m not co signing anything about this until I see something that details the initial contact between the officer and the citizen.

As a former law enforcement officer I want to hear from the officer ( Sir do you live here? ) and from there I will see as to who actually escalated this incident.

Just saying that if he didn’t attempt to confirm whether or not the individual was a legal resident and immediately went to treat him like a suspect then he’s wrong

And I’d bet that if he was some clean cut Caucasian he either wouldn’t have thought about stopping or better yet that individual would be able to tell him to get off of his property and Joe book em would’ve.

But like I said I want to see more evidence.

And WHY would the officer assume anything other that the man either lived there or was working there? It’s a case of blatant racist profiling and that kind of thing needs to be stopped!!

My “assumption” is that some law abiding citizen called the police to report a suspicious person. At least that’s my read of it. As you indicated, this may never have happened if “white”.

I do agree that the initial context of most of these videos is not shown due to whatever reason. I do like the body cams as they have exonerated both police and civilians even in cases such as this one.

And WHY would the officer assume anything other that the man either lived there or was working there? I

For one, because when asked for ID he produces a school ID card instead of valid ID or asking to go inside to get valid ID. It's enough to be suspicious IMO.

For two, we don't know the nature of the neighborhood or how common crime is there.

Hence why the full version is required.
We can all assume whatever we want about this but until we see just how this set up we won’t have nothing our assumptions and biases to go off.

So if the officer received a complaint from a neighbor who didn’t recognize the individual and assumed that the individual was possibly doing something illegal.
Especially if there’s been criminal activity in the area such as break ins or other theft.

The officer is going to ask him who he is, does he live there and if not just what is he doing there?
If the officer did his job properly for which we cannot see then the individual might’ve escalated it.

If he approached the individual with his hand on his weapon and making demands then he was wrong and the video will show that.
So more evidence is what’s necessary before we can make a full judgment.

Jussie Smollett as an example


Why not put the bucket & stick down and speak with the police instead of being an ass and escalating the situation?

WTF? This is what you see?

I can not speak as a person of colour, but I do know that if I were subjected to consistent racism I would likely develop an attitude too. We sit here immersed in our white privilege and have no experience in what good people of colour go through on an almost daily basis.

@BeerAndWine Yes, I try to judge things without any bias. There’s always an assumption with news stories like this that racism is the cause. I’m sorry, but the mere fact that the person is black does not prove racism. That may be the case, but that is not what I observed. What can be observed is a person refusing to cooperate with police.

@Science-guy Bad behavior is not an excuse for more bad behavior. That may be my white privelage speaking, but it’s the only voice I have.

@indirect76 open your mind. It’s subtle at times but the racism surrounds us. It manifests itself on the words we speak, the tone of voice, the assumption of guilt

@indirect76 What proves racism in this case is that the officer had no reason in the world to assume anything other than that the man lived there or was working there.

And the man DID cooperate! He presented proof of his residency. IMO such officers need to be fired and replaced with Black police officers.

@WilliamFleming We don’t really know what circumstances lead to the officer being there and questioning this man. I’d say the officer wasn’t making any assumptions.

Yes, the man EVENTUALLY cooperated. IMO if such officers need to be fired they should be replaced with a qualified person without regard for their race.

@Science-guy If only I could be so woke. Maybe one day.

I can not speak as a person of colour, but I do know that if I were subjected to consistent racism I would likely develop an attitude too.

I'm a Hispanic immigrant. I was subjected to consistent racism when I lived in Alabama. I didn't develop an attitude. So it's not a forgone conclusion and in fact it becomes a "self fulfilling" prophecy where people responding to your attitude gets labeled racism.

He presented proof of his residency
School ID is not proof of residency... or of anything really considering we don't know if it was current or old or what school etc.

@TheMiddleWay I am sure he can be excused for not having valid ID while working around his home. ? it’s the third world countries, run by oppressive regimes, that insist that citizens carry identity papers at all times.

Yes and no. Yes he can be excused for not having it on his person. But no for if it were his home, then he would have it inside the house.

Yet he choose to present school ID, which is not valid ID in any circumstance, third world or otherwise, instead of asking to get valid ID from his home.

Under said circumstance, plus his escalation by telling the police how they should act, then yeah, the police were right to be suspicious even if he did legitimately live there... which by the way has not been established from these reports AFAIK

@Science-guy Being a person of color and having cops pull guns on me and having been detained multiple times for walking down the street. Compliance keeps you from getting shot or going to jail.

@indirect76 The police are here to serve us. Not the other way around. We go out of our way to at least try to make sure we do not put innocent people in jail The police need to understand this. We do immediately loose all right because a cop is offended. The police have no right to use a gun under this circumstance.


Yes, the police are here to serve us. Does that mean they should let all criminals go? I can see a bank robber running out of a bank. The cops say freeze, then the robber says “You’re here to serve us”. “Aw shit sarge”, the cops says “he’s got us there. I guess we have to let him go.” Do you see how inane that is to say?

From what I can tell, the guy never went to jail. It seems like the guy lived there. So there would be no reason to go to jail, other than the way he handled the situation. After all that they let him go, so why not skip the drama and comply?

Was the cop in his rights to unholster his pistol? The guy had a metal object and a bucket containing, who knows what. He was ordered to put it down and would not do so. The use of his weapon seems justified. The guy just needed to comply.

Yeah! Why not just kiss the officer's ass?

@indirect76 1) look up straw man.
2) The cop was in no danger.
3) The police are here to protect us, not themselves. They are here to be put in harms way and they need to understand the risk. A bucket and a metal object In a person 12 feet away is a small to zero risk to the police. And we hire the police to take this risk.


Could it be Jessie Smollett second cousin removed trying to pull another hoax?

The story is backed up with this link:


Actually, the root got their story from the daily camera. So it's not so much back up as perpetuation of the single story from two sources. Not saying it's another Smollett but also that there is not much independent reporting behind this story beyond the dailycamera and the posted video...

@WilliamFleming that's what Nancy Pelosi described as legitimizing your story by reporting a story that reported on what you said .lol

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