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I’m curious about how many women believe they have a one track mind. I watched a show on the Science channel that says women multitask better than men. I also know women that claim to be OCD but I wonder if they’re reacting to being single minded. Any feedback will be greatly appreciated.

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"[...Science channel that says women multitask better than men."

There are two types of multitasking, concurrent multitasking, in which you do two or more activities at the same time (e.g., talking on the phone while driving) and serial multitasking, in which you switch rapidly between tasks (preparing your next meeting and answering an email, being interrupted by someone, checking social media, etc).

"We found no differences between men and women in terms of serial multitasking abilities."


I can be preoccupied with one subject or interest (one-track-mind) when the mood strikes me, but that's not all the time, for sure. I think the mental disorder, OCD, gets misused often.



I don't believe I've ever seen the words women and one track mind in the same sentence before.


What do you mean with one track mind. Yes women do multi task better than men. Not only do we have to look after the house, the kids, the pets but often the man too, he is a lot of times the biggest baby we have.


@ToolGuy Perhaps, but it seems to be a lot of that serial tasking to me.

@ToolGuy - There is indeed multi-tasking! It would, of course, depend upon the task and mental involvement, but some of us can simultaneously do more than one thing... A poor example, perhaps, but right now I am typing with one hand, and eating my dinner with the other. I am thinking of both things, and doing them at the same time... I doubt that I would want to try performing surgery whilst also texting on the phone, but there are a lot of things that I can do at the same time. Again, I am ambidextrous (both right- and left-brained), and perhaps that helps. Perhaps it is just how in control one is of their mind and body...


Multitasking is a term that was first used and coined in relation to a computer operations system. Its definition means to do one or more tasks simultaneously. While computers have this capacity, humans not so much. But we do have great capacity to switch focus with amazing speed, and many mistake this for having the ability to multi-task.

Multitasking, or the ability to multi-task, is greatly used today as a means to establish superiority over others. But what it really means is you're trying to do too much at once, and something (or two, maybe three) will certainly be thrown by the wayside, or come in at a resounding fourth, fifth...tenth place.

Stop trying to be the "super human." The next time someone brags about being a phenomenal multi-tasker, just respond with, "That's great! However, I enjoy the increase in quality, and the decrease in anxiety I get when I give myself over to focusing on one thing at a time. I also know how to prioritize and do what is important to me."

I think you're missing the purpose of the original question,

@CrankyAntie I answered to the only subject in the question that I could speak to. I didn't watch the science show, so I have no idea what information was in it. I don't know of any information or research connecting a one-track mind and OCD. However, I have read some research on multi-tasking, so I answered as such.

But, hey, thanks for pointing out my error and making me feel stupid. I see your purpose is to correct the behavior of others. You do it well.


OCD does not give you a one track mind. It gives you a racetrack of illogical fears on top of the racetrack of day to day life. My "themes" or manifestations are fear of disorder/failure and my loves being hurt (by me or my actions/inactions). So, often this becomes either list making and busyness and go, go, go or complete inaction and shutdown because the anxiety is overwhelming and there is no way out and no way to succeed (at the impossibleness by brain is talking about, not reality). OCD does not come with the gift of focus (which is, I assume, the trait behind what we describe as a "one track mind" if it did, I would be 8,000% more productive).

I also think people like to use OCD to mean "really neat or clean" and honestly, that's just one manifestation, and even most people with that particular theme aren't always immaculate or even tidy. It's just that their brain won't stop thinking about germs or order. Tidy people, are just tidy people. They don't have a disorder... People who claim to be OCD are usually "humble bragging" because they have no idea what OCD actually looks or feels like.

This is exactly what I was trying to say but you explained it better. I get a little annoyed by people who constantly use OCD to describe tidiness. Its demeaning.

It's almost like if someone who runs 5 miles a day would tell people all the time that they are physically handicapped because they don't run enough.


multi-tasking?? that is how most women breathe 🙂 I agree with the other ladies, kids, pets, school, work, house, food... and then maybe even a man. I dated a guy some years ago who asked me to pick up his dry cleaning. LOL I said "so when I finish school, then work and make sure dinner is covered for my 4 kids, I might have time but perhaps after you play at the gym and work your ONE job you can do it your damn self."

Yeah... we multi-task very well for those things we choose to do. 😀


I can multi-task rather well! Of course, some jobs or projects require greater attention, but there are a LOT of things that can be done simultaneously. It might help that I am ambidextrous, so can actually physically do more than one thing at a time....


The pot is cooking on the hob, kids are running round, the washing is on the line,


I do not think they are mutually exclusive.....


I seem to have a one track mind. (wink, wink...nod, nod)



I think the OCD thing is just a trendy way of self apologising and humble bragging about being clean and getting alot done at the same time. I rarely hear it used by people who actually have clinical OCD.

Women have traditionally had many more things to do and be responsible for than men. Multitasking is just part of female culture.

I hear the one track mind thing more about men than women.

Really I think they are all just things people say and mostly come from stereotypes. It depends on the person and situation.

MsAl Level 7 Mar 12, 2019

Female culture? Interesting way or putting it. I do agree that stress induced by society is a major factor in how all humans evolve today. But I’m curious how this varies between different cultures where women have less rights than they do in America, as well as those nations where women have more cultural freedom than that of america. “Multitasking” doesn’t truly exist, but most men I know are too stubborn to make “to-do” lists and write itineraries.

@Seajay88 In Modern past in USA at least men went to work and women ran the homes. As caregivers women have had to plan out and make households work and make sure everything is running smoothly. I have an extremely stressful job but It is easier than being at home trying to figure all that out without a boss or a rulebook. I hear women say that work is a break from home. I haven't heard as many men say that. Women have always just been expected to have everything done and clean and organized.

@MsAl maybe in a traditional-married-with-children-babyboomer-era of Americans. That’s a very specific (and dying) culture. Many single people mid 20s-mid 30s (my generation) probably have a vastly different experience. As do many women around the globe. I still don’t believe that there is an inherently superior ability to multitask from one gender to another. Although practice certainly makes near-perfect. I’m curious who was used as the control in this “science channel” experiment


I don't know how to compare those w a man . I lived w one for 12 yrs and I think he was pretty good at multitasking , or no better or worse than me . I am not sure if multitasking or OCD can be awarded based to gender ?
Anxious folks or folks who have a lot to do , they have to multitask . They gonna have to or things are not going to get done ? I have seen this ability in both males and females . And I have seen the lock of on both too .
Personally , I have no choice than multitasking . The ability came w experience and also as I realized that planning diminishes stress .
I walked at ED tonight and here were 56 people in waiting room and 37 in rooms waiting to be seen or ready for dispo up stairs . In two hrs , I gave orders , took orders , spoke w patients while doing so , typed in charts while talking on phone and patients , poped candy in my mouth , answered my personal phone and smiled to patients across the rooms while signaling to security guys this or that . I have no choice . If I had a choice , I will do one thing at the time !
I face time w my sister while driving ( no time for a leisure call !), and I can clean a two story house while my hair color is drying or taking an online class and waiting for teacher to respond ! Not by choice ! Just not enough x in 24 hrs ?


I do not believe that I have a ‘one track,’ mind. I seem to keep more different things in my mind, than my peers and family and friends. But, I am curious about most everything, and a ‘master of none!’ I am not interested in doing the same thing over and over! I can focus on one matter at a time and give it my undivided attention, but I don’t remember doing more than one thing at a time, with that kind of focus. Books, movies and even music that I collected, seemed more to be treasured for the one time (maybe even a few times), pleasure or knowledge that they gave me. I never made list for shopping, I am not as sharpe on that now! Lol Now, if I am in a depressed state, I still can retain stuff, but I will have to work harder at it.


I am a multitasker and I have OCD.


I have also heard the statement about multi-tasking. Lately, though all the latest reports I hear is that no one can truly multi-task. I am always trying to do that and it only makes me a space cadet!


Uhhhhh, it doesn’t quite work that way. The sets of questions are a bit illogical and one doesn’t equate the other.

No one multi tasks well regardless of what they say. Women may multi task better but that still doesn’t mean they do it well.
No the women you happen to know that happen to have OCD are not likely ‘single minded.’
I’m sorry but none of this makes any logical sense at all.

@Mortal I only counted 2xs ?

@Mortal []

@Mortal yes you are correct Three shalt be the number thou shalt count, and the number of the counting shall be three.


I believe studies have shown claims of multitasking really lead to a number of jobs inadequately performed.
I agree with the proposal that it is serial tasking often on a fast rotation.

OCD, generally not me. Except when it comes to crabgrass in my lawn. Currently looking for some left over Agent Orange (jk) [probably]


I am a mom, too, so multitasking is my thing. I can't have a one track mind. Got too much to do.


People can claim to have any type of disorder. For those of us who actually have a diagnosis of said disorder, it’s an insult. It’s a hellush nightmare. As far as I know there’s not really true multitasking either. It’s only your brains ability to retrace your steps to remember what you were doing, while attempting to do more than one task at a time. Which usually means you are doing most poorly. That’s the latest I’ve heard. And I don’t do that well at all. LOL not sure if this helped but it’s mostly just opinion. I don’t recall where I heard the multitasking part.

Right? People are like "I'm so OCD about how my fridge is arranged" and I'm like "my children will all die if I don't do these weirdly specific things that realistically have very little to do with their actual safety at very specific times/events, but put the shit in the fridge however you want... Oh, we must have different kinds of OCD..."


for my part, I've always considered myself the "queen of multi-tasking," though depression and anxiety have dramatically affected my abilities over the last couple of years. BTW, I don't call it OCD... it's called self-discipline. Put the scissors, keys, and dust pan back where they belong and they will always be there when you need them.
But even with my current condition feeling diminished, I still multi-task all the household and care-giver needs, among other things. I think this is what moms do naturally, no matter what else is happening in life.


My daughter has OCD. she is working on it, but the condition is far more than a one track mind, although I suspect many claim they have it who actually don’t.

For example, before she married she lived in a flat with a handy coat cupboard by the front door. There were hangers in the cupboard for coats, of course, but they were colour coded, one colour for her coats, one for her boyfriends and a third for guests; if you put your coat on the wrong colour hanger she became upset and had to correct it. Sadly it was the boyfriend’s behaviour that triggered her OCD we think. Happily she is now married to a different man who treats her properly.

But the OCD is still there are she takes beta blockers to help with it.


I have an ongoing, multi-track raceway ! Can I concentrate on one thing if need be ? Of course !

Am I OCD ? Sometimes - but only sometimes.


I think your on to something


I am both a multi-tasker and a bit OCD

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