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So. What kind of WTF with the pituitary gland is going on with me.
I was, as I thought, pretty much full grown in my late teens, at 6" foot even, but a little while while longer I grew an inch making me 6" 1'.

And just the other day I was measured again at 6" 2'.
so I've grown an inch in my early 50's.
No real meaning other that I'm rather dumbfounded that I am still (at my age), I'm still growing. well, scratching my head,....

TristanNuvo 8 Mar 12

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If you were measured in the morning you can gain an inch . It also depends on how accurately they've got their tape secured.
I gained an inch too not long ago, being that my appt was in the a.m didn't believe them but they were adamant.


Surely you are mistaken. It's the rest of the Universe that is shrinking. We may have to shoot you into space before you overwhelm the planet.


I had this happen at age 45.

The nurse who had been measuring me was too short. She was losing part of my height in the tilt of the leveling stick.

I went from 5ft 6 to 5ft 8 - I made my GP confirm it too.

Do ask you Dr about it.
An increase in height is abnormal. But there could be a reasonable cause.

Like a taller nurse. ?


So do you now have to purchase a new wardrobe? Are your pant legs too short for your legs?


I don't think this is normal and I would have myself checked out.

If anything you should shrink an inch or so at your age. I used to be 6'0", am now 5'11". Gravity takes its toll.


When I was 13 years old in like 3 months I had grown 5 inches I was in agony. I can't even comprehend 1 inch in $
Such of a short time. Did the doctor change your meds?


Go and get some bloods done.


Wow Tristan, Perhaps you have gotten "High" too much ! maybe this mean you will get to live an extra long time.


I don't like you very much right now.

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