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"God is in control" was said to me this week-end. I let it slide by without comment, because the person who said it is hypersensitive about her Christian religion. But the more I thought about it, the more stupid and insulting to my intelligence it seemed. It implies that everything that happens, favorable or unfavorable to me personally, is dictated and controlled by God. The tornado that destroyed my house, my breast cancer, my heart disease all occurred because God is in control. God can wave a magic wand and suspend the laws of physics. It's just so stupid. Why won't people use their brains? Thanks for letting me rant a little.

33Virginia 3 Mar 18

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I understand. You want to make some comments back. But the reality is they don’t and can’t understand. For the most part it would be a waste of time. I just smile, think how happy I am to know better, and move on

@mzbehavin now that’s funny


No worries, I have had the same feeling happen all too often myself. What is just as insulting is when they refuse to think you are as good as they are because they have this faith in fairy tales and lies and you're a heathen.
Ranting in the correct space (here) helps.


I usually come back with "if you say so".

This is one of my all time favorite responses. It says so much with so little.

I prefer the more patronizing "Yes dear"
PS Just in case you don't know what patronizing means.......


Be glad you are smarter than that.


This is a meme I sent my friend after a inane text.


Hm ... I'd be sorely tempted to point out that if it's true that [1] god is in control then [2] he must have sent a tornado to destroy your house and [3] a cancer to destroy your breast and [4] heart disease to damage your heart, therefore [5] god is a sadistic bastard. But ... if they're on their game at all, they'd just pivot to "god is just testing / disciplining you / calling you to himself" or "god moves in mysterious ways" and that would make you even angrier, so ...

I guess what it boils down to is, you just don't entertain the funhouse hall of mirrors that is fundamentalist "thinking".


People won't "use their brains" for the same reason they won't "grow up" or stop "drinking the kool aid"....they're random pot-shots at them that have little meaning other that to show you (the person who says it...not you specifically) just want to belittle them.

Instead of prepared for great comback questions...or replies to "God is in control" "I'm glad you feel god is in control. May I ask you for an example where you know that god's control made a difference?". You compliment them for their attempt at empathy...but then you throw it back in their laps....instead of just talking to us (we call it preaching to the choir).

Hit back the #Religulous.

Don't just absorb it then rant to us.

Challlenge them.

Make them "use their brain" - don't be afraid to talk back to them.

Look them in the eye, say thanks for the intention of your compliment...but "I'm riding a medical science approach to life train right now"....

it's not rude....and your speaking up - politely - will make them think twice about offering such drivel.


I am sorry that you have had so many difficult and painful things in your life. I agree I find it offensive to say those kind of god statements to people who are suffering. I also find it astonishing when people go on video with ‘god saved me...I must be super special’ kind of statements after mass tragedies in which others were left permanently damaged or dead. I always want someone to point out that their statement implies that god must have had it in for the others who were not so fortunate.

LB67 Level 7 Mar 18, 2019

Oh, but remember the caveat for the ones who died. “They are with god now”. So that makes them extra special. There’s a loophole for everything. Just like the gap theory.

@Psmintexas sad but true.


Which is it? Is God in control or did he give us free will? Lol

Then when you say that God is an asshole if he's in control because he's doing all this bad shit to people, they come back with the free will argument (for non nature issues), or they say it's all part of his plan. What plan? To reek havoc on people's lives?


As Voltaire said, it is difficult to free fools from the chains they revere. I just had a similar communication with someone. I made a comment about the state of the world and the collective mentality that is creating the problems. His response? “I have faith that god will fix it”. According to his beliefs, god is the one who created this shit storm in the first place! Unbelievable.

I like to tell people that I slept like god during the holocaust, it makes them think for a second before they tell me, "but that was different"


"God is in control"
That's reassuring.
About time.
My work here is done.

Jacar Level 8 Mar 18, 2019

I had a previous best friend who has sunk deep into his faith. I cut down on my interactions with him just because of the insipid platitudes he would spout. If a person is bold enough to espouse their belief in a figment of their imagination, feel free to respond that you don't want to hear that BS. I got tired of disagreeing with this guy. You can't argue with crazy.


It’s not really stupid. God just does not like you very much. Posting messages here doesn’t help either.


"Well, he's doing a pretty lousy job" is my response to that.


I agree, it's like a meteorologist saying it's going to be partly cloudy with a chance of precipitation. Given that definition of weather they can't be wrong. I think the atheist equivalent of that is simply fuck it.


“Question with boldness even the existence of a God; because, if there be one, he must more approve of the homage of reason, then that of blindfolded fear.”

  • Thomas Jefferson, letter to Peter Carr (1787)

Not sorry to hear your rant, we all need one now and again and they are better if heard by people who understand where you are coming from. None existent god gave my wife, who was a far better person than me, and early and horrible death, but has so far spared me. End of story, enough said.


The most alarming notion resulting from her comment is that it suggests that she doesn't believe in the supposed "word of God" which clearly tells those believers that God gave man free will thereby putting man in charge. If she even understood the crock that she has bought into all these years, then sh would know that God has promised not to interfere. Point that out to her.


I agree with you. Your small rant is yet another one of the reasons that I could never be a believer again.


Absolutly the right place to vent....for the well being of my own fustrations, I have given others the right to be long as there is no harm to me or mine....I allow complete stupidity with a smile....somehow makes things alittle easier for me to put up with some of stupid shit I do.


Many atheists and agnostics, including Sam Harris, believe in determinism. He might be correct, but it does annoy me somewhat.

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