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Are you able to contain your emotions about religion when discussing/debating belief with a christian? I ask because emotions get in the way of discourse and often shut down conversation and possible learning of perspective.

My honest true inclination is "Fuck 'em if they can't get it" but I also know I could be doing someone a huge favor in life if I can get them to take the blinders off for a bit.


(BTW... find it ironic that an agnostic website wants be to capitalize the word christian.

Seeker3CO 8 Mar 31

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I don't find it useful to proselytize my atheism.


Why wouldn't Christian be capitalized? It's a proper noun. It can also be a person's name. It's correct grammar.

@Seeker3CO I find it amusing that you would include it in your post if you were just going to bitch about the response.

Here's my answer to your other question that I am being "forced" to answer. Yes, I can contain my emotions when discussing religion with a Christian, unless they get disrespectful, like some other dip shits do.


I avoid repetitive/circular discussions. Had a close friend that I generally avoid now because he went full cult status. I find myself getting annoyed, so I just avoid him and that subject. My barber is dense as concrete and I engaged him one time and that was it. Honestly, I will say something now if someone makes it racial/ethnic with a comment. It really is a complete waste of time, IMO. You are right on shedding light, but I think the real point is not that they believe but they NEED to believe in those fantasies. Self medicate with god stories. They just cannot accept reality. If they were sitting in front of Morpheus, they will take the blue pill all day, everyday.


I feel fairly skilled at hiding my disappointment..

Varn Level 8 Apr 1, 2019

I see a lot of what you are saying. I still capitalize the C word out of habit. It's hard for me to tolerate most believers, however I had a 3 hour phone conversation with a lady friend in Jersey last night and I love her to death. She is a believer and we can discuss it. If I had more money I would marry her but I find that her evidence for something religious is mostly faith based. People should be able to work around that. I can't refuse to have a relationship of any kind with you simply because you believe in the invisible man. The poisonous belief is when they have to let you go because of their fear of you "burning in hell" and you don't take it seriously.


Mainly frustration, which is why I don't debate anymore...unless I feel the need to drop some bomb in an especially ignorant FB discussion. I'm amused at the way they scramble to rebut.
I've trained my phone to not capitalize god or christian or any other dirty word related to those two concepts....


I have no problem keeping emotions in check on the rare occasion I’m talking about religion. What is there to get worked up about?

BTW, It’s your phone/computer that is trying to capitalize Christian, not the website or app.


I do not duscuss religeon with Christians, I am not the jackass whisperer.


I think that is the most annoying thing, I do not use initial capitals as a way of showing my disrespect. That is the problem most people can not help but bring their emotions into the fray. If I have fact to the contrary I will speak up. I point out my opinion and leave it there. I do not try to argue. If someone wants to get in my face I just walk away.
Name calling is the worst thing one can do and I see it all the time - not on this site but out and around.


I too do not engage, it's an impossible uphill battle.Most of them don't believe the crap the are taught anyway.

JCII Level 5 Mar 31, 2019

@mzbehavin They're working 🙂


It's not likely the website that wants you to capitalize the word Christian but your browser. That aside, the solution to your problem is simple - don't discuss religion with religious people. Works for me - I never find myself in those kinds of debates.


I will not get into discussing/debating belief with a christian or any other religious sect. End of story.


I am not going to deliberately engage the idiots.

There is no point.

They have a brainwashed rationalization of everything.

If someone presses the attempt at pushing their proselytizing?

Yes. The shout down will start.

Get away from my face with your shit.


Yes, I can have a conversation since my stance is that it's not my job to tell them what to believe (or not to believe for that matter)


The real secret is not allow your emotions control you but rater use them influence the person you are talking . A god can never be proven not exist, so I usually stick pragmatic arguments or raw emotional arguments. Show them that being atheist is superior because it makes you feel happier be from fear, and the expanded perspective on life allows you do things you thought you couldn't.


Wether I agree with the person or not I feel that they deserve respect.

@mzbehavin I see your point and I can also decide if I want this person in my life

@mzbehavin Yeah, I would have liked all of these!

It's not their ignorance that deserves respect; it's their humanity. Everybody's ignorant about something.

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