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It's traditional for a woman to change her family name to her husbands when she marries. Why shouldn't she keep her name. Is this a hold over of religion to subjugate woman? Women, if you were married did you change your name?

rogueflyer 8 Apr 14

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I’d like to marry a woman with the same last name as mine and then we can hyphenate our names. I also met a woman whose first name is my last name. As soon as I met her I told her we should get married and she should take my last name. First she said no but when I told her my last name she said she’d have to discuss this with her boyfriend.

A guy who worked for me several years ago married a woman with the same last name and same (2) initials.

@Andy4608 I can appreciate that.


I've been married three times.

The first time I changed my last name. When he loaded, chambered, and pointed a 12g shotgun five inches in front of my face I moved out and filed for divorce. Getting my last name back was a horror show which I vowed never to do again.

The second and third time I kept my last name.

Fun fact..... I knew a couple in Richmond, Virginia where the man took the woman's last name.


I was married once but didn't change my name. I like my maiden name and wanted to keep it. Besides, changing my name just seemed like a silly thing. I guess I'm not very traditional.


kept mine as I felt it implied possession

I agree. I think it beckoned to the time women were a husbands property.


I hyphenated my last name.


I was married in 1972 and I kept my surname, most people could not understand it.

that happened to me too. My dentist insisted on changing my name in the record even though I hadnt


My ex had a cool last name. She kept it. The kids got my last name as a second middle name. No hyphen.

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