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Praise the Lord!!!! 😟


margarida 5 Apr 15

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Looks to me like they might be killing an innocent man. Often they go on with this sort of thing because they have him in custody and he is black and the family needs "closure." Once he is dead more families will need "closure."

I agree with you.
Racism is one of the evidences that there are no gods. How could he allow that?


I think it boils down to the old adage in America of "Hey he's black so he has to be guilty."


I want to cry. Actually I did cry.


Happens in Texas all the time. They executed a man they new was innocent because he had exhausted his allotted appeals.

How can that be??? We live in the XXI century. Lots of mass and religio and lots of injustice too

That's right! Texas loves killing people... innocence rarely matters.


The image is just a long, very, very narrow strip that looks like an extremely stretched bar code. I am unable to view it.

click the link


The case appears to be a classic example of the institutional racism found in much of the American legal system.

That is so, so, so sad. Poor people! stupid humankind!!

Yeah, except for they kill innocent people of every race. It's more a classic example of overzealous prosecutors who only care about their conviction rates.

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