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Anyone can be had (sexually) given the right time and circumstance. True or not true??

freeofgod 8 Apr 17

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Sure, if they are overpowered and raped, or coerced under threat. Otherwise, asexual and demisexual people can't be seduced; just the thought of sex nauseates them.


Hadn't seen so far but I romance a woman and what happens is her choice mutual feeling


I don't know anyone who wants to be "had." I certainly don't.

Deb57 Level 8 May 2, 2019

Not true for me. I'm not a slut.

With 3/4 of American men overweight or obese, I am not attracted to adipose tissue.

Today I had extraordinary, fabulous sex with an ultra fit, medical doctor I met in 2017. Ten years younger, Bill loves my body, humor, goodness and intelligence, he said.

"A giver (him) and a sensualist (me) make a good pair," Bill said. Agreed. We had a wonderful time together.

Bill is a competitive bicycle rider who rides over 100 miles/week; 200 miles when training for a race. He a lean, amazing athlete.


I'd say not true. I have met some people who have exceptional integrity and restraint.




Even asexuals? doubt it. So my answer is false. Plus others with standards they set who are unwilling to settle.


At one time I could also be had at the wrong time and circumstance. I guess I've matured...finally.


Not true. There are plenty of people I'd never willingly have sex with, under any circumstances.

But I'm talking about the ones you would.

@freeofgod Oh I'm sure there are plenty who feel the same about me. I'm willing, but they would never. Maybe I don't try hard enough?


Not me!


You mean like on a desert island?

@mooredo, more like at a party with friends. Drinking, smoking, whatever. You just found your S.O. wrapped around someone else. Someone you've had the hots for makes a move on you. Like that. All willingly.

@freeofgod I was sort of kidding. I think everyone is accessible at some point in time, as you say under the right circumstances.


Not true.. some are just out of my league..

@hippy, sweetie, no one is out of your league 😉

@freeofgod Maybe no one's out of his league, but I've had it proven in spades too many times on Match that many women are out of MY league. But Gwendolyn has confirmed that I have a lot of company in that among both sexes, so it hurts a little less.....


Mostly true.


I believe this statement to be true...given the right circumstances. A bit of liquor loosens a persons modesty...quite a smoke...oh...sure...GIVEN THE RIGHT CIRCUMSTANCES WITH THE RIGHT PERSON. If I don't like somebody...I won't drink with them...won't smoke with them...WON'T really be all that friendly...sure, I'll talk to them...THAT is as far as I'll go with them though. GIVEN the right circumstances...yes...I believe your statement to be totally true.

@BBob,You put it very succinctly.

@freeofgod THANK YOU!


Do you mean by a specific person or by somebody? A specific person, not true. Unless they put a knife to your throat. Is that what you mean?

I mean you, willingly, can have sex with someone other than your S.O. given the right circumstances. Probably someone you have thought about before but you/they were/are attached.

@freeofgod I was married for 24 years and with him 2 years before that. I never had sex with anyone else during all that time.


Anyone can be raped with date rape drugs like Bill Cosby or raped by priests behind the altar....if you believe virgins birth alleged baby gawds you'll believe xian boys grab your pussy or give fellatio like Monica.....anyone who says no means it when they twist off testicles from a scrotum with sharp fingernails.....I am not a willing victim to liars like clergy or predatory religious females like the Governor of Iowa

I'm not talking rape. I'm talking about willingly.


When I was young I didn't think it was true. As I aged I found it's very true. I think circumstance is the key.


I’ve found that any and all statements tend to be false.
I can think of some scenarios where very unlikely they could ever consent.

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