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What should men or women do to make themselves better human beings?

findmegenie 4 Mar 6

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Reinstate the guillotine, reverse witch trials for all clergy, only hate the prejudice people, band all media, bring back cars that can actually be repaired in your driveway, get rid of all that plushion gadgets on the gas pumps, reinstate Mr. Bill from Saturday Night live.

Nah,that's been tried

to hell in a hand basket for you !

By gosh, I think you got it


Drop the whole "men or women" stuff and just be human beings.

Jnei Level 8 Mar 6, 2018

I couldn't agree more. πŸ™‚

Its not possible with women's day about to bore everyone to tears again.The media is relentlessly bashing men and promoting women.Just try RN
.or fFEMCENTRAL as I think of it.

Why, that's positively not very John Wayne--Marilyn Monroe of you! How are men and women supposed to know which half of their humanity to obliterate? πŸ˜‰

brilliant lol

@MikeInBatonRouge The male part is disappearing slowly anyway.Robots and sex dolls will exacerbate the decline. Many forms of life have already minimilised the males use to mating.In some ants they are born without mouths.Aphids simply clone. She pops out up to 10 perfect clones a day.From her mouth.No males involved at all

Somebody is feeling persecuted. Sex toys and dolls are there for both sexes. Ever heard of masterbation? Last I heard, it was rather popular with males. As for procreatipn, that is a different topic from sexual gratification. And how did we suddenly start getting compared to insects? Insects are not remotely close to humans and certainly aren't a new development.


Listen and show empathy. You don't always have to agree or even, necessarily, understand. Just accept that others are different than you and care about them.


Adopt a secular humanist philosophy.


The golden rule still works....with a caveat: also listen to how others want to be treated.

what you mean whomever has the gold makes the rules ?


Love unconditionally

Always a little hard to do when some bastard sicko is flogging your back to the bare bones!


The only answer to this is, simply, to make an effort. Day to day we barely know the effect we are having around us, our focus is deliberately narrowed to account for the conscious intent of our actions. This is how an ego calculates, and that's the tool we have for locating ourselves, in an environment, as the "better" or "worse" human being.

So we project our intent and if we are open to the reality that it has a narrow focus, that it must need a limited focus in order to work at all, then we allow ourselves the grace to see ourselves as becoming better.
From there, its just effort.

@Girlfriend it reads as if you are trying to invoke Professor Cipolla's Third (Golden Law) of Human Stupidity - The Basic Laws of Human Stupidity []

@FrayedBear thank you, I found that thesis extraordinary and I'm glad to have read it. Yes, it is, quite agreeable to draw a comparison between that and what I meant above. My only caveat might be that we don't necessarily locate ourselves accordingly to four rational positions and nor, necessarily, their combined shades, as mentioned in the successive laws. I feel certain I have observed, in practice, the ego locating among far more irrational and uneven distributions than this theory suggests they're able.

@Girlfriend We are all capable of random arbitrariness as one of the laws points out. I liken it to mental illness. On a scale of 0-10 everyone can be allotted a rating for every known illness. That rating will vary from one day to the next. Similarly none are consistantly in any given quadrant throughout every moment of our lives. That is what makes humans so wonderful. Developing the ability to tolerate those variances is even more wonderful and worthy of aspiring to. Glad to have introduced you to another's wisdom. Namaste.


Damyata datta dayadhvam

exercise control, give of yourself first, and show compassion


Give back whenever you can.

Pay it forward is good.

thats what I meant to say


Read history of the last 200 years around the world so as to understand how we got to this point

We probably only got here because of MAD(MUTUALLY ASSURED DESTRUCTION.
Reckon we can do another 200?


Communicate. It’s that simple. We learn by listening and expressing. Communication encourages teamwork. πŸ™‚

Betty Level 7 Mar 6, 2018

Be knowledgeable about things you care about


Be kind in all you do. Think before you act. Choose love


Be kind in all you do. Think before you act. Choose love


The answer is to have empathy for your fellow humans and the world around us and to act on that empathy to make things better not worse. My father said to me many years ago that it would be a sad and wasted life to have lived it without trying to improve the world you lived in.


Live and let live....


Find your real self.


Give up religion..


If it's raised in sunshine I'll eat it.Pigs are very sensitive beings.Will not eat the stall raised until reasonably hungry.Hey I got standards.


Doesnt that depend on what sort of human you are in the first place?


Live your life full out--do all the things you dream about. As long as it doesn't harm you or any other living thing, go for it. The more we learn about each other the better we will be--and drop the gender, sexual orientation, religious, cultural labels




Be kind, patient and not judge yourself to harshly. I believe then you can more honestly do that for others. Note, this advice does not work for narcissists or sociopaths


Die? I always hear good things about those who die.


Travel. Be a stranger in a strange land. Also, learn something new so you can struggle with something and get better at it.

Travel is essential but environmentally irresponsible sometimes


Strive to be more tolerant of others even when we can't be of their behaviors. We are at a crossroads now and, if we cannot apply ourselves to stopping the wanton destruction, hatred and blindness of theists humanity cannot possibly survive much longer.

Educate ourselves and others, "activate" in every way possible and end the senseless debate over what is "right" for what is real.

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