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I think Donald's chances of winning a second term in 2020 just diminished a little bit. Lol

t1nick 8 Apr 19

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I was a very active Bernie supporter last time. Many Bernie supporters are my friends and they have called me everything but a human being because I feel he is too old. Those same people are very actively thrashing every other candidates as often as possible. I fear the opposition to Trump will be so divided thanks to the continuing activity of Russian Bots etcetera that we will lose again.


The bookies still have him far ahead of everyone else for 2020.

Its early and the full impact hasnt been felt. Time will tell.


The problem is losing the election may make him more dangerous. Last time he cheated just to win a job he didn't need, and the Republicans had already stacked the deck in their favor with gerrymandering and such. This time he will cheat as if his life and freedom depend on winning at all costs.


No I think that people will remember nothing. The problem is that so many of the American voters are just ignorant and irresponsible.

True, but his political opponents won't let them forget. Whether they are ignorant or irresponsible is something you'd get a lot of support for.


Not just a little bit. And, we must make sure that he loses. Then he will be indicted and sent to jail! That is what we need.


We can only hope ,someone can beat him . 2 terms of Trump Chaos would be way too much


He wouldn't have won the first time if not for his Russian friends. The old adage "fool me once same on you, fool me twice, shame on me" will apply and if he won again it would be through extreme trickery and it might cause a real storms.


I'd like to believe that, but never underestimate the power of dumb people.

So true. Gaslighting is a powerful force when weilded by someone like Trump. Trumps zombie horde is pretty incapable of discerning truth from propaganda.


I got on the Trump mailing list (I stayed on it because they send me polls and surveys and SOMEONE should be contradicting the fuhrer). The stuff they send out is scary - pure propaganda, gaslighting bullshit. “Democrats are ALL LYING” “the media is LYING” Democrats want “open borders and care more about illegal alien-criminals than Americans” and on and on. it is fear-mongering propaganda and it’s TERRIFYING.

No surprise there.

It's all they have got. Fear, fear, fear. They know they have nothing good to give to the American people because they don't believe Government is supposed to do anything more than provide for defense. They do nothing to make our lives better, only harder.


There is a good chance that Trump's inability to self-regulate, may cause him to go too far. Even for all his marginal supporters to stomach. His hard core supporters are mindless evil zombies, no chance for them. Lol

Presidential historians are saying that Trump's rants sound almost identical to Nixon's rants that were captured on tape near his demise. Hmmmm

Well I don’t know one Trump supporter who has changed his/her mind yet. I know Hillary-haters who are mad at him because of their tax increase, but that’s it.


No matter what anyone hopes for as long as the guy in charge is making Congress richer impeached or not they will not take away the position.

Impeachment involves removal from office...

@Cutiebeauty Tell that to the Congress that let Pervert Clinton off.

@Cutiebeauty Removal by impeachment is potentially a mistake. We then get the evil Evangelical Nazi, Pense. A better option is vote him out in 2020.

@azzow2 I don't have Congresses phone number...

@Cutiebeauty You live close enough take a drive down knock on the door lol.

@Cutiebeauty Those easily enough found online. Mr. Google. Lol


I would never count him out. Lizard People are hard to kill.

There's ways to skin a lizard

True dat.

@itsmedammit lol



As a consequence of the Mueller report. It may never rise to the level of criminal. Instead it will be behavior unbecoming of a president in the WH. A slow whittling away of Republican support as more revelations come about regarding the poisonous behavior and culture in the WH.

See the Romney letter that came out today. Elizabeth joined freshman congresswomen in saying its time to consider impeachment.

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