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I used to think christian music stations were just idle attempts of recruitment but after working as a mechanic in a shop that played only christian music all day, and knowing all 12 songs, I hear it everywhere and people play that shit on purpose. Normally i don't pay much attention to background noise but that music is nails on a chalkboard to me now. I even heard it from a guy peddling by on a bike, its in the coffee shop, consignment shop, and a car with a tattoo shop bumper sticker... I would like to get a high powered transmitter to play the nastiest porn noises to overpower the x-tian station to anyone near my ride. Maybe the FCC will indict me and my punishment will be forced emigration to Iceland?

MaxPower 4 Apr 23

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I can't stand country music, but, interestingly enough, I still get out my old Christian rock/pop records and play them, even tho I ignore the lyrics and my late wife never wanted me to play that music around her. I still like hearing the music sometimes because the singing and melodies are so great and the music is usually upbeat and joyful. I'm talking about The 2nd Chapter Of Acts, Barry McGuire, and Keith Green, for example, 70s Christian music. I need the upbeat music. I also still think Bob Dylan's first Christian album was great stuff, one of his best, even if I don't buy a lot of the lyrics.


It seems like they covet the band widths on either side of Public Radio stations.


Christian Rock
Christian country music
Christian pop
It never ends


There's no substance to it, it's quite literally just a few buzzwords repeated with some emphasis. I reported one song as harassment that kept saying chosen ones, I explained I'm not a "chosen one" and it's discrimination. They even found lyrics and printed them out and it had less of a story behind it then the first 2 pages of green eggs and ham. Simple minds....


I play that shit on purpose. I like it. I also have a penchant for certain Baptist churches in the South. All those people feelin' the love makes me happy for them, happy for me to witness it.


Yes, people play that shit 'on purpose'. It's because they like it.


There's a great fried chicken place in my town that plays that shit incessantly. I reached the limits of my tolerance a couple months ago and stopped going. Miss the chicken, but I don't miss the vague feeling of nausea that came over me while there.

No option for takeout? There's uber eats and doordash I think, might be an option?

Out here where I live, Broken Hill, New South Wales, Australia, we used to have a Bus Driver who subjected everyone to 'Xstian music' endlessly.
The regular customers got together and submitted a signed petition to the Head Office of the company requesting that they do something about it.
Rather than merely no longer playing the Xstian music as requested by his Employers, the Driver resigned immediately and left the company saying that " He was only bringing the words of God and Jesus to the Heathen Scum who rode on the Bus."
Now we al get to hear NORMAL music or news reports instead of hymns and bible bullshit thankfully.


Sympathies. That has got to be awful, terrible, more than annoying. BUT I hear Iceland is a great place.


I think some of it is pretty good and don't mind listening to it or singing along. I can sing about fairy tales...


The only christian song I can think of that is decent is Jesus Freak. I did R&D for an engine building company. One guy would listen to Hits 106. We called it hits 1-6. If you still worked there, I'd put in some ear plugs. If asked why mention some OSHA laws.

I purchased some $80 Osha approved Bluetooth earplugs/headphones, got written up. Bought $50 bone conduction headphones, got written up. Then I lost it and got fired when I refused to take them off.

Spirit in the Sky, by Norman Greenbaum.


I can of the auto shops I once used, had preaching on the radio in the waiting room. The religious right is determined to convert all of humanity to their way of thinking..,that may just be the ‘downfall’...these people have no respect for other religions or cultures. They send missionaries all over the world to force their message upon all cultures.

The "safety meeting" was started by prayer too.

@MaxPower if you prayed why have the meeting. Gods will, will be done


Just another way to proselytize.


So-called Christian is just rock and roll to me. It was started to get young people interested in god. I think it is ridiculous.


Ask them to switch to country, they have 24 songs

@Antidronefreeman This only works when the word "blue" is done with a yodel.

@Antidronefreeman you get more songs when you add in, dogs, trains, trucks, and tractors

I'm not sure now if I hate country music more, if it's country I can change the station right away but x-tian music can sound normal and I could be driving for 10 minutes before I pay attention and hear the words.. I drive a semi (lorry for the EU) and can play NWA all day long now.

You all forgot, she wrecked my dog and she killed my truck but I love her just the same, or he wrecked by dog and he killed my truck but I love him just the same.?

I have heard that one song where they explain the perfect CW song, "it was raining the day mama got out of prison, I picked her up in my truck" something like that

"We play both kinds, country and western."


Well, I was drunk the day my mom got out of prison
And I went to pick her up in the rain
But before I could get to the station in my pickup truck
She got run ned over by a damned old train

David Allan Coe - Actually a pretty good song.


@zeuser yes remember it well. One of the few country songs I liked

@zeuser thats the one. This one is funny too.

You’re forgetting songs about mothers, trucks, trains, dead dogs, getting drunk, going to prison and big holidays 😉

David Allen Coe is pretty popular, I see 🙂

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