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I feel pretty lonely. I would like to be with a woman that understand things the way I do. someone who is not a pretender. someone who is not a believer in things that are not real. I want someone who wants to live in true reality. Im not sure if this is possible. maybe if I could meet someone on this site. I think to really be close to someone . you need to see things similar. I see myself as spiritual but I don't think a belief in God in necessary to be spiritual.

riverman1234 5 Apr 30

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I’m glad you’ve got your puppy. Man and dog is the greatest team on the planet. Everything else of worth must fit around that relationship.

Dogs and cats are people, too !!!


I’ve tried explaining to people what being(to me) spiritual is without believing in god and I swear their heads pop off and spin. Totally get you. Good luck here


You're better off than many. Dogs are often better company than people.

Unity Level 7 May 2, 2019

Keep looking. What choice do you have? Consider therapy. Poll your friends to see what sharp edges might need rounding. Of course it would be great to find an intellectual equal, but realize that you might have to pull out all the diplomatic skill you have to put up with some kooky belief. That is part of the dance. Come on, lighten up. We don't have a monopoly on truth like the true believers do, and we should temper the confidence in our beliefs with probability. If you need to expound, come here and do it.

We're all eccentric to the point of madness. Our culture is almost wholly psychopathic, even more so in states like yours. Can you move to another state? Maybe take an anti-depressant to reduce your sexual need.

Find a subject you're passionate about and give talks about it. Sounds like you're approaching that. Maybe you could take your talk on the road?

Maybe enroll in some yoga classes, and, even better, teach it. Or cooking. Or sewing (not like Buffalo Bill).


Well, I'm not known for my kindness, but you seem cool to me.

I just checked out your bio and it's very nice. Plus, kudos for posting pics. That's good.

I think you might be a nice person and not bad looking. I hope you find a suitable partner, but dogs are usually better than humans so...might be hard to beat. 😊

yeah my Benji is my constant companion. ive never heard him say anything against me LOL you seem cool too. thanks for your response . so what do you go by? im brent nice too meet you


Good luck. Just begin by connecting in a real way.


I don’t think you will find anyone that will understand things exactly as you do. You might find someone that you have a lot in common with, but you will still be two different individuals. The important part is to know your needs and never put meeting all your needs on any one person. Plus, are you willing to learn and meet some of the needs of a partner? Sharing and working together to make a workable partnership is what I would consider a good relationship. Fantasy is only in our minds.


You can't go wrong sticking with the pooch.


Been there


There are atheist women everywhere. Maybe it's where you are looking?


I hope you can find someone. If you lived in my city, the chances would be good - we have at least three single women for every single man. 🙂

SKH78 Level 8 May 1, 2019

>I feel pretty lonely . . . .maybe if I could meet someone on this site.

Abandon all hope.

Once you've said something like "I'm so lonesome" the reaction is "what's a-matter you?" Never describe yourself as so defective nobody wants to get anywhere near you.

no matter how true don't admit it out loud

@whiskywoman I've learned from bitter experience that if someone says they don't have friends there is a reason and you shouldn't ask what it is.

@WonderWartHog99 yea your an ass or very opinionated or inflexible or you stink or short or tall or your pecker is small or like my son you complaine you can't find anyone but you don't go anywhere and all you di is fish the chances of a girl rowing out to the middle of the lake that is good for you ar really small

@whiskywoman That was a spectacularly incoherent reply. Even better, you made it an edited reply. After reading your profile, I was shocked to see that you'd listed two years of education. First and second grade? 🤨😝

>you complaine you can't find anyone

Try sobering up. I am married (since 2003) and prior to that was having multiple affairs with wild women for decades. I even have a group on Agnostic that deals with tent camping with frisky women.

While traveling I'm generally a cheap skate and that's why I have a long history of taking women camping. Worth noting: taking multiple women on camping trips means they compare notes and laugh.

However, I have been known to blow the big bucks on traveling. Last time, I took the wife (Petunia) to Paris with a side trip to Amsterdam.

It is unlikely you checked my previous posts before lashing out at me and have not understood what I had written. However, you're right about one thing: I don't look like a stud bunny. I'm so charming women flock to me despite my resemblance to a canned ham. Lucky for me, there are notable exceptions.

Here: have another few snorts 🥃🥃🥃🥃🥃🥃, step outside and practice your projectile vomiting on the mulch pile. I'm a firm believer in fertilizer.

"Mulch cures everything." -- Judy Strickland, master gardener.

im not complaining I find 4 or 5 men a day more than I could ever meet if I lived to be 100

@WonderWartHog99 besides it was a general statement not really directed at you and I can see where I didn't make that clear so butt munch ill have another sip and forget all about this

@WonderWartHog99 This reply to whiskywoman takes some mean-spirited jabs, especially your crack about education. No two people write the same way or with the same skill, and taking the time and effort to try to understand is, I think, preferable to finding something to complain about. Particularly when you turn it into a personal attack. Your love life might improve if you dial back the superiority attitude somewhat. It's hard to live up to, or put up with, perfection.

@citronella reply to whiskywoman takes some mean-spirited jabs, especially your crack about education.

Whiskeywoman, dished it out. Why shouldn't she be prepared to take it as well? Her profile boasts of "two years" of education. The normal way to take that is two years of college education. However, those who manage to pass college freshman English write better than those who don't go onto college. Not that I'd say she's been telling tales or anything.


> Your love life might improve . . . . .

I'm the only guy who ever complains about too many women who have wanted to use me for wild lurid activities. If my love life got better, I couldn't walk out the bedroom door. Your patronizing condescending reply tells me too much about you.

@whiskywoman I find 4 or 5 men a day more

Like men, the women are everywhere. I can't walk down to the store without seeing more than four or five of them. It's fairly common for them to talk to me as well. There must be something about a sharp dressed man.

@citronella thanks for the support I paid him no mind arrogance and superiority manifest even if we try and hide it he apparently thinks he turned out really well ....ive run into that a lot doesn't phase me im honest about who and what I am I know my name suggests I drink but I don't think ive had a drop in over ten years .... actually I kinda stumbled on the name cause goodp**y was taken and id have to put a number 7683 after it ...toby keith song whisky girl was a fav at the time and im no girl hence ... again I digress but thanks im not insulted and I didn't give it more than the time to read it

@whiskywoman >. . . I don't think ive had a drop in over ten years ....

You're this incoherent sober? What college did you attend during your sophomore year? Trump U? Have they disowned you?

> I paid him no mind arrogance and superiority manifest . . . .

Therefore you made three replies to me, addressed as "@wonderwarthog99." Later you claimed one of your responses was, addressed the same way wasn't addressed to me. ("it was a general statement not really directed at you." ) Hello?

>. . . . and im no girl hence ...

Naw, you're little green fuzzy from the planet Mingo. It doesn't matter that on your profile your sexuality is F and there's no attempt to define yourself as trans or any other sexuality. Do you identify as a sweet transsexual from Transylvania?

@WonderWartHog99 It's "sweet transvestite from transexual, Transylvania."
But please, continue to denigrate someone else for their inaccuracies.

@metalicious1986 I'm very kind to Transylvania's transexuals because they make the best chocolate eclairs. BTW, what's wrong with green fuzzies from the planet Mongo, anyway?

If you're holding a work of fiction as an accurate source, we've entered the land of the high absurd.

Worthless side note: there is a mountainous region of North Carolina called Transylvania. One of the cities there is Highlands, where guess what's running the pastry shop? One time I mentioned it to a pen pal who lives in the European version of Transylvania. She had never heard of the North Carolina version.

As long as I'm rambling, I went to Paris, Tennessee long before I went to Paris, France. The French version is better.


Most of us believe in things that are not real at times.


You are asking for a lot there. It is a big ask to find someone who is going to believe in everything that you believe in or understand it the same way you do, especially a woman. We women are very different from you men and see things differently too that is what makes it so interesting.

> We women are very different from you men . . . .

I'll raise a glass of gratitude to that.


I can totally relate. Unfortunately athiest women are somewhat rare to find. It takes a strong woman to turn against the masses and hold firm to her own beliefs.

seriously? atheist women are rare? maybe in your neighborhood. not in general. your implication is that women are not as strong as men and therefore it is harder for us to turn against the masses. that too is bunk and rather offensive at that. you probably didn't mean to offend but maybe you should think this out a bit.


Yeah, that's it, we are too weak to be discoverable. Clearly it is all of us and not you.

Offensive and barely true: []

We are everywhere.
But hey, believe whatever you want.

@CelticAtheist I think that is a truth. They [women atheists] are hard to find.

In here male/female ratio in here appears to be split evenly. Finding female atheists that discriminate to the point of hooking up with them is the real chore.

wow ... I know LOTS of women who are atheist or agnostic, or have a vague belief that there might be some sort of energy ball that created everything .... in my city, the atheist/humanist community is active and thriving and it is VERY easy to find Freethinking women. In some parts of the country, it may be more difficult. In larger cities, it is not hard to find atheist women.


Good luck looking too


Being spiritual does not always mean believing in a god.

Spirituality has to do with inner energy: positive and negative. How you use it, is up to you.

Good luck on this site! I fell in love with a great guy on here. I'm sure you will find someone special for you also.

Best wishes!

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