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It's amazing how much our environment affects us. I realize this is evident to most everyone from the most basic level of air, food, and water, to the more complex levels of social interaction and personal perception. Again I understand that most people realize that they can have a tremendous affect on people; but sometimes we forget. Especially now in our modern world we are very quick to walk away from queues of problems even in the lives of our family and friends. Of course in the city we are trained to let the authorities deal with the little old lady on the side of the highway. Hell, she could be packing. Maybe we will consider calling in a vagrant in distress, but we know that the odds of that call helping is slim. Despite all of these I'll of the modern world, let us remember how we affect others by out speech and actions, especially to the young. And let us remember that we can become lost in our own world while no one bothers to mention that we might need help.

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Think how much nasty stuff is in our food, water, and air. Is it any wonder people are getting more stupid? I worry the young people might just not care because they don’t see a good future. What hope have they been given? (Besides the “god will fix it” types?)


I asked a 12 yr old one day to not litter and pick up the trash that he dropped directly in front of a trash can and he flashed his gun at me. How far are we supposed to go with it?


Even micro-organisms affect the way we think and act. If you get cravings, they are from bacteria in your gut chemically signaling to your nervous system to feed them. They can even alter your mood, by instigating immune response, and some studies suggest that depression is a symptom of inflation, their body telling them to avoid everyone else by making them sad to prevent spreading disease.


Back in 1973, there was a study to see how much lead there was in infants brains. By today's standards the average was toxic. A ban on lead in gasoline followed because it was clearly getting into the atmosphere.

So if you were wondering where all those Trump voters came from . . . the more you know.

Just like what we went thru with the tabacco industry, big oil fought any ban on leaded gas. Reports were purposely miss leading or buried, money flowed and it took many years longer than it should have to get lead out of gasoline, 😟


Maybe it is true that humans are losing their Humanity.

I see lots of humans, not so much humanity.


We are not even distinct from the environment. When we figure this out there will be greater chance we might not destroy the earth. Though I have my doubts.


The fire at the Notre Dame Church shows how our world thinks, £1billion raised to repair it and firefighters praised. Grenfell fire in London people died, lost homes and are now homeless and only £2 million raised??? Firefighters put on the stand with fear of prosecution due to some decisions made.

What I am trying to say is our thinking is all wrong, we need to put effort in where it is most needed and the environment is the main one! In 10 years we could lose hundreds and hundreds of my species and our way of life could be massively changed. Your right we get and have got lost in our own world, selfishly looking at our own little bubble and not the bigger picture.

Every time we have a natural disaster and they list the damage cost I say, "send god the bill." That will never happen though. A tide of excuses and justifications spew from the mouths of believers. It will and must get worse before it gets better.


It doesn't take much yet kindness is just to much for many to offer


Your post reminds me of Mark Twain's quip he could live on a complement for a week.


@Justjoni My fault. Due to excessive sobriety, I was off by a vowel.

@WonderWartHog99 Just wanted to be sure I understood you correctly 😉

@Justjoni Thank you for clarifying any hidden motives I thought you may have had. Are you still on the grand unplanned tour with your RV?


As a teacher I see this every day. A kind word or encouragement can change a person's day or even their world.

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