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What's something popular you've tried to enjoy but just don't. For me, it's Breaking Bad.

ElusiveMoby 7 May 4

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Country music. I have tried to be open minded and to learn to like it, but it just makes my stomach hurt. I do enjoy some of the older country.

Willie Nelson Dixie Chicks a few others most is all twang and trite lyrics


I can't stand country music.

What happens when you play a country song backyards?

A guy gets his truck back, his dog back, his woman back, his job back and his trailer back.

@LiterateHiker I once heard someone say "99% of country songs could be retitled Blue Jeans, Pick-up Trucks And The Undeniable Superiority Of The American Way Of Life."

@LiterateHiker I just have to try and remember that! I like all genres except country. (oh and Screamo). But when Johnny Cash sang the nine inch nails song Hurt; It blew me away.

@MsDemeanour I have a Johnny Cash CD,a Patsy Cline CD, a Waylon Jennings CD, and several Willie Nelson CDs. Even a Garth Brookes CD. I enjoy them. But, all the newer performers are just boring. Or, maybe the people who go to their concerts turn me off. I don't know.


Beer.. can’t stand the smell or taste

Not a beer drinker either. I was in a two drummer band once and the other drummer made his own beer, and I definitely liked it. It was like food.


Me, too. "I never grew up enough to like beer," I tell people.

Beer is disgusting. I'd rather lick an ashtray.

@ElusiveMoby I won't go that far.


I don't watch television. Never bought a TV.

"You are culturally deprived," my boyfriend said and bought me a Samsung smart TV in 2014. I just watch movies on Netflix.

Never drink soda pop. "Soda pop is just chemicals and sugar," I taught my daughter.

For over 35 years, I have not eaten hamburger, preserved meats, processed foods, deep fried or fast food.

I don't follow sports teams. Baseball is severely boring. A boyfriend once took me to watch a Seattle Mariners (name?) baseball game. The highlight was watching the clamshell roof open and close.


The first photo is gorgeous.

I love the Olympics gymnastics and ice skating. Always watch highlights and winning performances on Youtube.

Golf is the perfect sport for napping to b

@Haemish1 Clearly you haven't watched cricket. At least with golf they get to move about the course.

I haven’t watched cricket.
Do the commentators speak softly, and the crowd applaud politely as you nod off?

@Haemish1 well the commentators do speak softly until something exciting happens (roughly every couple of hours). The commentators have been known to swing the camera and chat about seagulls. But the crowd do get rowdy. At least I think they do


sssooooo much
most popular music .. from Andre Rieu to whatever it is that attempts to wail out todays pop tunes.
The whole gospel music style - happy clappy to vocal gymnastics because they can;t hold a note.
Most celebrities - Kar dashiun arses and all the others who do nothing but self promotion
Blue stilton cheese - eat lots of cheese, but can;t stand stilton
Guns and armaments in general - were part of my work - would be happier if we melted down the lot
GoT and any other crap about dragons, werewolves, zombies etc
talent shows like Britains got talent - yes we have, but not on this show
Stupid people - so many around they must be popular - personally just don't cope well with them
First past the post voting system - ok for a club president - undemocratic way to choose a government
Hey I could go on - but that's probably enough to explain why I prefer most dogs to most people

This deserves a proper response. I will give that to you soon. Thank you so much. I hate those Kardashians.

"Blue stilton cheese - eat lots of cheese, but can;t stand stilton"

Until this point, I'd considered you a fundamentally decent person. 😉

@Jnei personal choices - yet I enjoy other blue cheeses. We have one of the finest cheese factors in England here in Doncaster market - not all black pudding and pies up here


Weed, reality shows, Kardashians and suits on men.

So I can't wear my tie or vest and need cowboy boots ????

@GreenAtheist flip flops are cool too!


Walking dead. I'm just not into zombies.


My ex was into Breaking Bad in a big way. I saw a couple of episodes and I fully understand why so many people rated it so highly - the story is superb, it's been brilliantly rendered into the multi-episode format, the acting is excellent and the cinematography is near perfect. But, for some reason, I just wasn't hooked.

Jnei Level 8 May 5, 2019

Watching any sports.

LB67 Level 7 May 5, 2019

98% of the watered down, half ass, autotuned dub step, rap, R&B and pop performers selling millions of records. Didn't give two shits about that crap thirty years ago, and the older I get the less interesting it gets


Reality shows contest is high school all over again

Reality shows are popcorn for the uneducated and uninspired.

@ElusiveMoby no shit lol


I can't stand reality shows or basketball.


Any singing or talent reality show/contest


I love humor writer Dave Barry's take on fishing:

"Fishing is very similar to golf because in both sports you hold a long skinny thing while nothing happens for days at a time."

From the hilarious book, "Dave Barry Turns 40."

Barry is a cultural icon. Love him!


I'm going through the series on Netflix right now. The first time was 3 years ago. It is much different this time for some reason.

I sort of like the first two seasons just not the rest.


Hey Bright eyes. Good to see ya again. For me, it is both Breaking Bad and Game of Thrones.

Your bio is pretty fabulous.

Perhaps Game of Thrones would be more interesting if it included more furry critters😋


The Simpsons, Seinfield.

I definitely agree with Seinfeld. It’s not watchable for me.




Baseball and Seafood


reality tv


I'm gonna try a different take. There's a whole laundry list, a Walgreens receipt or two long easy, of pop culture bullshit I just don't like.

However, with the majority of it, I can see why other people like it. I can appreciate it as an art form, or for some intrinsic value I just don't place much stock in.

It keeps me grounded, keeps me from raging against stupid shit, and I stay low-key.

Rarely, however, I can't find any of that. And the target of this mini-rant ...

is fucking Twitter.

All the shit people direct at Facebook can go straight to Twitter. People's lives get ruined on there every stinking day, and the vast majority of it is just companies tweeting at each other, seeing who can be wittier and sell more cheap ass sandwiches.

People use it for breaking news, but there are still better and faster ways to do it. There's this stupid ass, obnoxious hashtag culture that has cheapened literally everything meaningful, there's 10,000 bots for every real poster and honestly? What's left?

The people who can't shut the fuck up even when they're alone.


#stfu is trending lol

I found my voice on Twitter.

I'm an introvert and like most introverts I edit what I say as to be not too controversial or direct.

But Twitter helped me become the more vocal, direct gal I am today. I don't use Twitter the way I once did and though I formed friendships with other users I do prefer this site much more.

@Tooreen Follow the hashtag's advice next time before commenting 😉

@ElusiveMoby It's definitely just my opinion. Yeah, it's something I feel weirdly strong about, but I'm just some derpy dude so who cares. If it helped you, that's awesome. I'm glad you got something out of it.

@Xuande interesting how you interpeted it😉


I watched the first episode or two of Breaking Bad and didn’t get into it. Later I tried again and watched the whole series and LOVED it.

I liked the first season but not the rest. I've really tried to like it.

Same here I started watching and quit on it. Then my son got me hooked. With these series I think they add in filler episodes just to generate more $$$$. Just like meth really.


Disco dancing and polyester jumpsuits with high heel mens shoes....been there done that hated the 2 year fad of John TRAVOLTA beeGEES

Please tell me you have pictures!

@ElusiveMoby none are digital and my daughter 44 has them won't scan or copy for me she is too busy adopted her 2 nephews and her great LIBRARIAN job




Breaking Bad as well, and the Godfather movies, I've never been able to sit through any of them.


SNL bores the crap out of me.
Sushi nah.
Never got the adulation of people in high places or superstars.

I agree completely!

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