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Why are agnostics and atheists so hostile to my non-theistic belief of theological noncognitivism? That belief is the belief that "God", "Yahweh" and "Allah" are meaningless words like "Zickle" or "Splop", rather that terms for an existent or a nonexistent thing.

EdwinMcCravy 5 May 16

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Now, I may just be mentally lazy but all I read was, "blah blah blah blah...blah blah blah."

I have absolutely no animosity towards your choice of terms, lack thereof, or your opinions, but this post seems fairly trivial for someone claiming to put such little stock in labels or titles.

Sticks and stones, my friend. Sticks and stones. ☺
Ignore the nasty members. They need a hobby.

All I see when I see "God is the creator of the universe" is blah-blah-blah. Now be specific. What do you say I have said that is equivalent to "blah-blah-blah"? Be specific.

@EdwinMcCravy You're doing it again.

I suppose it's the nitpicking and the attempt to show how everyone is against you.

I thought I made it clear in my first response that I, personally, was not against you. Was that not clear or are you the type to keep picking at minor bits until you've actually caused a rift?

Either way...blah, blah, blah.


I looked up the meaning of theological noncognitivism. It is a very obscure intellectual argument about how to best not believe in god. Seems like mind fucking to me, sort of like "I am a better atheist than you because I disbelieve in god better than you do". If it makes you happy go for it. I just say I do not believe in supernatural beings or events. And leave it at that. If you disbelieve better then me, so what?

No, we TN's don't believe that Christians, Jews and Muslims believe in a god at all. We believe that they only have the illusion that they believe in a god. We don't believe that there is any concept to call "a concept of God". In other words, TN's claim that theists only believe that they believe in a god, but they don't believe in any god, for they have not described any concept of anything that they label "God" to believe in.

@EdwinMcCravy Word games

@EdwinMcCravy Why does any of that matter? Whatever belief they have, or think they have, is all irrational and happening in their heads. I did a little research as well. This strikes me as irrelevant academic distinction for the pure sake of creating a distinction where none is needed.

Exactly. Indeed we TNs believe that theists, atheists and agnostics fall for meaningless word games like "God is the infinite omnipresent incorporeal spirit that created everything except himself". That is indeed a meaningless word game. I would like for atheists and agnostics to realize that theists DO play word games, and not fall for them.


I wonder why you think all agnostics and atheists are "so hostile" to this issue, when I'd hazard a guess that, like me, most really don't care about this all that much, one way or another ...

Atheists and agnostics don't realize what modern day theism is. They think it's like the ancient Greek and Roman theism who believed that big super-human material finite-sized gods lived on Mouth Olympus. The ancient Greeks had Zeus' picture on their coins. So "Zeus" is not a meaningless word. Zeus was not "an invisible infinite spirit". He was an easily imaginable parcel of matter, just like a unicorn or mermaid.

@EdwinMcCravy Painting whole groups with the same broad brush is almost never accurate, But hey, enjoy your thoughts.


Uh oh! I'm feeling zickle! I better find a place to take a splop!



What do you mean by "hostile". Do they threaten you or do they simply disagree with you.

They don't threaten me but they have accused me of being a troll.


Many have argued very convincingly that words like "love" and "beauty" are meaningless terms for nonexistent things, and yet people go to great lengths seeking them and even sacrifice their lives for people they love, even though some insist that it's merely a genetic program forcing them to do so.

Whether the words are meaningless or not, the fact is they bring about great emotional energy and reaction in those who believe in them and those who don't alike. They are agreed-upon terms that allow all sides to participate in the debate and address the question of existence or nonexistence. Your "philosophy" seems to call for disengagement from the question altogether.

"Love" is the abstract noun form of the verb "to love", a very real emotion that all us animals have and feel. We all love some people and some things. "Beauty" is the abstract noun form of the verb "beautiful". Sunsets are beautiful. Some women are beautiful. We all have vivid concepts of things we love and beautiful things. What we have no concept at all of are words like "God", "Yahweh" and "Allah".

@EdwinMcCravy Linguistically speaking, yeah, we have concepts of words such as "god." The concepts are subjective, but so is beauty. The words have been defined and concepts are, by default, attached.

@EdwinMcCravy "Love" is just a chemical reaction caused by a release of hormones and glandular secretions in the brain. It facilitates pair-bonding and helps in raising the next generation of the species. It falls apart when the male's drive to procreate seeks a new recipient for his seed. There's no such thing as "love".

Many people have made some version of the above argument. They see "love" as a human delusion that's entirely subjective. But to almost everyone, it also means something greater than that.

Likewise, the concept of "God" began as a personification of natural forces, and grew into the supernatural ruler of a tribe; this tribe, through military victories, became dominant in its region and their concept of "God" became more widely accepted. Even though this tribe was later conquered, the concept survived, and in a modified form was adopted by the conquerors and imposed throughout their empire centuries later, until it became one of the dominant forms of worship on the planet. Clearly billions of people do have a concept of the word "God" that is agreed upon and serves as a common point of reference, whether we agree on the objective meaning or not.


Similarly, words have "meaning" whether you accept them or not. If you don't want to believe in the boogie man, you still have a concept of its meaning. Of course you can think it is frivolous, but society has agreed upon a standard or relative standard of definition to know what you choose to not believe in.
As long as the god belief has been around, it has been well defined (and debated) so the meaning is already there. The lack of belief may make the words frivolous to you, just like speaking in tongues seems without meaning until you're told what it meant, but words like God, Yahweh, I agree are"just words", I disagree that they are meaningless.

Ps. Sorry for the hostility! 😄

But you haven't even begun to describe any concept of "God" to me, so why should I believe that you can? I know you can say "Ultimate Reality" or "Creator of the universe" but that's just a bunch of words. You have to be able to THINK ABOUT or IMAGINE something for "God" to mean. But you can't. And like I told the other guy, if you are talking without thinking of anything you could be talking about, you aren't talking about anything.

@EdwinMcCravy no worries. I'm not giving the description or meaning, that's already been done. People think and imagine stuff all the time describing things . That's part of communication. It's all just convoluted words, whether you're describing the known or unknown.

@ownworstenemy Why do you think I should be able to believe that you yourself are able to have a mental concept for "God", "Yahweh" and "Allah" any more than I can? All you did was say "I'm not giving the description or meaning, that's already been done." Sorry but your saying that is just not reason enough for me to believe that you are able to have a mental concept of anything for those words to refer to.


By anecdote referencing a "god" is to idolize someone or something. "Lionel Mess is the "god" of football."

By definition god is a being or object believed to have more than natural attributes and powers and to require human worship. "Only god knows."

God in Christianity is the eternal being who created and preserves all things. "There was no big bang before God created the universe."

Throughout history polytheistics attribute various qualities to their gods. From birth and death to compassion and war, men have devoted meaning to the term god and attributed qualities to specific gods. "May Hermes bless us as we undertake this arduous journey."

Disagreeing that these words have no meaning doesn't stop everyone else from understanding what they mean. Disagreeing that they have no power, doesn't stop people from giving them meaning. Believing that the words are meaningless is your right, but you can make up a nonsense word and no-one will know what you mean. You say "god" and people WILL know what you mean, and in that way, I contend, it's not meaningless.


So in simple terms , you don't believe in any kind of God , but you feel other non-believers , are hostile towards you ? Perhaps they're confused by your double / triple negatives ?

What double/triple negatives? I think you're coming close to being hostile to me.


OK, I get what you're saying. Why are You making it an issue. It is not an issue for me. Apparently you have meet some non-believers who you perceived as hostile when trying to discuss this issue. The second Agreement is "Don't take anything personally." Apparently you thought they were hostile to you when all they did was question your premise/issue. You seem, to me, to be the hostile one. I'm just sayin'.

Just sayin' quite correctly.

Why am I making an issue? Because atheists believe "God" (not "god" ), "Yahweh" and "Allah" are meaningful words. That takes a faith that they should not have. I lack that faith, and I am considered wrong because I don't have it. It's crazy.

@EdwinMcCravy Dear Edwin, you are not wrong to not have faith in any meaning of god, yahweh and allah. Others are not wrong to attach meaning to those words.All words have the meaning we ascribe to them and for them to even have that meaning there has to be consensus. You state that you are not involved in that consensus. It's okay. That does not make you wrong, you just don't agree. There will probably never be 100% agreement about anything. People who have called you wrong are themselves wrong. You seem to think that because you don't agree you are considered ill-suited to the site. On this site, we are used to disagreements. I suggest you read the 4 Agreements and take #2 to heart. I think most of us don't label you wrong, we are just somewhat offended at the aggressive way you state your beliefs as if daring us to berate you. Not going to happen here.


Oh, BTW, we are not hostile to your premise, just the know-it-all pushy way you present it.....

Yes, and it IS merely a Premise since NO-ONE, absolutely NO-ONE can prove conclusively, empirically and irrefutably that ANY Supreme Deity exists or has ever existed.

@Antifred Yes I AM fully aware of those LEGENDARY Heroes of American Folklore BECAUSE ( and this may shock you) We, here in Australia, have HAD Libraries, Cinemas, Television, Radio, Newspapers, etc, etc, and, Yes, even electricity wired into our homes, FLUSHING toilets and all those mod-cons for numerous decades.
We also have our own Heroes, such as the Kingsford -Smith Brothers and Charles Ulm, John Flynn ( Founder of the Royal Flying Doctor Service btw), Ned Kelly, the Aussie Soldiers who fought at Gallipoli, the Aussie Soldiers who fought on the Kokoda Track in New Guinea, etc, etc, BUT we DO NOT proclaim them as being Deities or Semi-Deities as you appear to do. we simply see them as Brave people who defied the odds or the oppressive ways of the Government, etc, at the time BECAUSE it WAS the right thing to do.

@Triphid I don't think the issue in the OP is whether a deity exists, but that words trying to define deity are useless. By the way, I did not live in a house with running water until I was six years old--we drew water from a well and used an outhouse. My parents did not have electricity until the 1940s. Your sarcasm is misplaced and overdone.

@Triphid why do you have to be such a twat? The above post was not only condescending, nasty, spiteful & unnecessary, but also reveals the Huge self-made chip on your shoulder. Too bad, so sad...oh, wait, nobody cares.....

@Gwendolyn2018 Until I was 10 years old we still had an outhouse from which a bloke driving a Sewage Truck would remove the full toilet pan ( big metal bucket) and replace it with an empty one whether you were sitting on the seat or not.
We also had a water boiler fired up with chips of wood so we, all 7 in the family ( 2 Adults, 5 children) could have a hot bath on Saturday Nights.
Actual toilet paper was a Luxury, we used squares of newspaper instead and ALL & of us shared a 3 Bedroomed house, yes we had electricity, but my Father was an Underground Miner in the Silver, Lead and Zinc Mines here in Broken Hill and money was bloody tough to come by and we never knew for certain IF Dad was going to home after his shift or be dead and buried in a rock fall a thousand feet underground.

@AnneWimsey No 'chips on my shoulders ' here Lady, none at all, just setting things right as per 'Antifred's' disparaging, imho, comment.

@Triphid rigggghhhtttttt, "buddy"

@AnneWimsey Definitely No Chips on my shoulders here Ma'am, but I've numerous 'run-ins' with this 'Antifred' character before where I seem to get the impression that he considers us Australians as some kind of Country Hick Yokel Colonials and he also keeps citing the same bible verse/passage over and over repeatedly as well.

@Triphid There was no pan in our outhouse and you had a boiler. You were uptown.

@Gwendolyn2018 Nope, 'uptown' in mining town like Broken Hill meant that you had a sewage system, hot and cold running water on tap, REAL toilet paper and your father would come home safe and sound every evening.

Also, you may wish to see IF you can find the Broken Hill Miners Memorial and its lists of men killed in the Mines online.
Well worth the read and quite an eye-opener I might add.

@Triphid We could compare sob stories until the chickens come home to roost. I never knew my grandfathers because both died young--one in a hunting accident and the other . . . not sure. I never knew my paternal grandmother because she died young. Quite a few of my father's family died of TB and my uncle had polio--he lived but was never treated. It is by a narrow margin that I was born as my dad was bitten by a rattlesnake when he was a child--also untreated. He lived (obviously), but had to learn to use his right hand because he was left handed and the hand atrophied. His first wife died of "dropsy," another reason why I was able to be born. Infant mortality was rampant. You knew people who had running water and sewage? I can't remember anyone who did until we moved to California--even then, there was no sewage "system" or even decent septic tanks. I have a well and septic now, but times have changed.

@Triphid I agree with you, in fact he seems to feel we are all worthless stuff stuck to his shoes.....

Well, I'd like to be "pushy" enough to "push" atheists into give up their faith that there is any mental concept for the words "God", "Yahweh" and "Allah" to refer to I'm opposed to belief on faith, and I'd like to "push" people to give it up, whether it's faith that "God", "Yahweh" and "Allah" refer to something existent or something nonexistent. The truth is that "God", "Yahweh" and "Allah" do not refer period -- not to anything existent, and not to anything nonexistent.

Then how should I present it? Do you think I should pretend that I don't think it takes blind faith to believe that "God", "Yahweh" and "Allah" are meaningful words? But I do and I'm against blind faith.

@Triphid What "Supreme God" do you think Christians, Jews and Muslims believe in and worship? Can you describe any such "supreme god"? Or can you just assert that they believe in one and talk as if they believed in one? I don't think you know of any mental concept of any "Supreme God" that Christians, Jews and Muslims believe in or worship, any more that I do.

@EdwinMcCravy They, in my educated opinion as a Psychologist, BELIEVE in what they are told they MUST believe in from childhood, whereas, those like myself for example started questioning at an early age, found the 'answers' either somewhat vague or completely unacceptable and discarded the entire belief system in favour of Rationality, Reasoning and Logic Thought.


Oh FFS! I neither have knowledge nor belief in any god, and I cannot find one single fuck to give here. So, you go Ed.

Great, Zeuser! You see it just like I do. There is no concept for "God", "Yahweh" or "Allah". They are just wordplay.


So you wish to speak nonsense and be taken seriously, do you really not see the issue?
Let me explain gobbledygook cobblers pernicious curmudgeon not to mention promiscuous promiscuity prattling is!

Why do you say I speak nonsense? What have I said that you think is nonsense?


Just because a word describes an imaginary thing that does not make the word meaningless. I don't believe I commented the first time you posted, so was that hostile? I did not comment because I think your so-called theory is "splop". I could say that I have a theory that all brontosauruses are small at one end, much much bigger in the middle and then small at the other end. You could then say, "well that certainly seems to hit the nail on the head, except that there never really were any brontosauruses" does that make you hostile? When you come on here and make a statement, offering no supporting information and then say "prove me wrong" that makes you look like a troll, and people are likely to treat you as such.

piphirho "God" doesn't refer to an imaginary thing. "Unicorn" and "mermaid" refer to imaginary things. If you claim you can imagine something that Christians would label "God", please tell me what to imagine so I'll be able to imagine it too. I don't believe you can describe any concept for "God". If you can, then please do it and shut me up, OK?

@EdwinMcCravy wait..."god" is Completely an imaginary thing, exactly lie unicorns or Santa.......wth is wrong with you?!?

@AnneWimsey For something to be IMAGINary, you have to be able to IMAGINE it. If you can IMAGINE, i.e., have a mental concept of anything for "God", "Jehovah" and "Allah" to refer to, then either describe your mental concept to me or admit that you're just like me in that you don't really have one either.

@EdwinMcCravy nope, sorry, do not/cannot/will not waste my mind on useless junk, certainly not describe it for you.....

@AnneWimsey Since you think it is useless junk to speak of whether "God", "Yahweh" and "Allah" are meaningless words or whether they meaningful words for something for which a mental concept can be had, then why waste your time posting that you think it is useless junk?

@AnneWimsey I don't believe that you have any mental concept for "God", "Yahweh" or "Allah" when spoken by Christians, Jews, or Muslims. I call your bluff. Either describe the mental concept for them which you claim to have or be woman enough to admit that you're just like me in that you don't have any mental concept for them either.

@AnneWimsey Do you actually think that saying "nope, sorry, do not/cannot/will not waste my mind on useless junk, certainly not describe it for you....." should make me believe that you have a mental concept for "God", "Yahweh" and "Allah"? All you want to do is diss me for not having your blind faith that "God", "Yahweh" and "Allah" are meaningful words.


I don't know about the hostility here, but historically atheists and agnostics stood with theists in opposition to it. That is, noncognitivists claim that "Does God exist?" is a nonsense question--like "Is the square root of butter yellow?" is a nonsense question--and any who take it seriously are confused. But atheists, theists, and agnostics all consider it to be a meaningful question and answer yes, no, and I don't know respectively. So theological noncognitivism should be expected to "upset" atheists and agnostics exactly as much as "upsets" theists--for what it's worth.

Wallace, you have hit the nail on the head! There is no reason whatever to believe that "God", "Yahweh" and "Allah" are meaningful. No theist, atheist or agnostic can do anything but diss the theological noncognitivist -- but diss them they surely do! But they can't even begin to refute them.
Atheists think they need to have a god to claim that they don't believe in.


I practice anti-godological paraneonothinism.

See that? We can all make up bullshit words for whatever bullshit belief we want.

No, you have to go by the bullshit that theists speak. They say "God is the creator of the unjiverse" or "God is the ultimate reality". But you can't think of anything that could be. All you can do is say the words. If you're talking but can't imagine anything you could be talking about, then you're not talking about anything.


Hostility? Your belief doesn't merit hostility. Words, real words anyway, have a recognized meaning they are agreed on by those who speak a common language they conjure images in the mind of listeners that their speakers wish to convey. That you decree them meaningless in itself is meaningless.

Whether you believe in those characters or not, the mere fact that you used them as examples proves their meanings.

JimG Level 8 May 16, 2019

But I didn't USE them. I typed them between quotation marks. If you call typing the letters "God", "Yahweh", and "Allah" between quotation marks "USING them", then you'd have to call "Qkjlgzxm" USING "Qkjlgzxm". lol

@EdwinMcCravy your reasoning is weak. Yes, you did use themyou didn't come up with "yahweh," "god," and "allah" by randomly punching letters on your keyboard. You chose them because they do have meaning. To some people the meaning is some magical creature that they truly believe is critical to all existence. To others, myself included, they're more like mythological figures such as Odin, Zeus, Tiamat, etc.

It's like the word fairy. It has a meaning whether I believe it represents a living being or a fictional character, is irrelevant because no matter which of those it means, it means something.


I'm offended. How dare you dismiss my belief in Zickle and Splop.

Thanks for being humorous and not hostile to me like the others.


A word or concept comes to mean whatever a religion or culture wants it to mean. Your claim that the words are meaningless is meaningless. And your ego is a bit overblown if you think that people are hostile just because they disagree with you.

@F-IM-Forty Most people need attention; when some cannot get positive attention, they go for the negative. I think that is the only way he can get people to notice him. Sad, really.

Gwendolyn, I take that as your implying that you yourself claim to have a mental concept for "God", "Yahweh" or "Allah", right? If so then why in the lulu didn't you describe that concept that you claim to have? Since you didn't, there is no reason for me to believe that you actually are able to have a mental concept for those terms. I think if you did, you would have described the concept to me.

@F-IM-Forty Do you have a mental concept for "God", "Yahweh" or "Allah"? Or are you just like me in that respect and don't have one? I suspect that you really don't for if you did you'd have described it for me to shut me up. But you didn't, so I must be right. Right?

@EdwinMcCravy It was not my intent to explain my concept of god, but as you are dealing with words, to let you know that the word "god" means different things to different people. You can claim that the words are meaningless, but making a claim does not make it so, especially when your claim is vague and not backed with explanations, logical or not. The claim was yours; therefore, the rules of debate say that you have to prove your claim. Nothing you have written has done this.

If you were one of my first year composition students, I would mark you down for assumptions and (barely) logical fallacies. While I am not a linguist, I had to take classes in linguistics to get an MA in literature and creative writing. A word is a symbol for a concrete or abstract "thing": i.e. the word "apple" is not the apple, but when people hear or see the word "apple," they get images in their minds. It could be a red delicious apple or a Granny Smith, but few people would envision a banana.

Concepts and ideas are different as the symbolism is not concrete. One could say "Marxism" and people might imaging Karl Marx, but their understanding of what Marxism is depends on several factors, including whether or not they have read Marx.

"God" is both concrete in a manner of speaking, but is also abstract. Some people might envision Thor or Aphrodite; Xtians would likely envision their concept of what Jesus looks liked. Some religions, especially Eastern ones, are more esoteric, and their concepts of deity would be more abstract. Pantheists and panentheists would see the world or universe as "god."

You did not specify what form the "mental concept" should or would take; your claim was faulty from the onset.

And to the "logical" fallacy: no, you are not right. That is the coup de grace of the ten year child who has nothing else to say. And like ten year old children with whom the other children will not play, you seek attention. Sad, really, sad and pathetic.

As for my original statement, a word means whatever a culture wants it to mean. "Awful" used to mean "full of awe." "Myth" used to be a just a story, but it has multiple meanings now. In religious circles, "god" means whatever the adherents want it to mean; hence, different sects of Christianity arose.

If you want to debate, you will have to do better with not only your claim, but your defense of it. You need to show that you understand the concept of words and linguistics as words are what you are talking about.

You get an "F" for your claim and inability not only to clarify your point, but there is no support for it.

And now, I have to finish grading the final papers of my grad course in literature.

@Gwendolyn2018 I read all that dissing stuff of me but noticed that nowhere in all that spiel is there any description of your mental concept for "God", "Yahweh" and "Allah". Therefore I can only believe that you are like me in that you don't have any mental concept for them either. I think you're a phony for implying that you have a mental concept for "God", "Yahweh", and "Allah".

Gwendolyn, why do you have faith that there is any mental concept that a religion or culture have declared for "God", "Yahweh" and "Allah" to mean? Since you say you do, then why don't you describe the mental concept for it that you believe they have? I think it's because you don't know of any -- you just believe there is such a mental concept for them. Why?

@EdwinMcCravy I don't because you so desperately want me to. It's just that simple. If you were not intellectually dishonest and full of fallacies, I might dance with you, but nah. Now, go ahead, tell me again that I have no concept.


It makes you happy to feel beleaguered? I see no controversy here except in your own mind......

AnneWimsey, Do you believe there is a mental concept for "God", "Yahweh" and Allah"? If so, why not show that you do by describing the mental concept?


Speaking as an atheist, I'm just unimpressed by linguistic wordplay and word games. I just want to free the world from the toxicity that is religion, in all its forms, delusions and camouflage.

Indeed rows of words like "Creator of the universe" and "Ultimate reality" are just linguistic wordplay. That's what I'm trying to tell you. "God"-talk is always just linguistic wordplay


Hostile? No, just eye-rolling.👀 because you have to consider both individuals' and groups' definitions of their words. Because many religions have a very specific definition of their deity.
All your being is willfully ignorant.

Then if I am 'willfully ignorant' of concepts for "God", "Yahweh", or "Allah", then why don't you 'willfully educate' me by describing the concept that you claim to have for "God", "Yahweh" or "Allah"? Then I won't be able to be "willfully ignorant" anymore. Come on, now. Let's hear your description of the concept you claim to have for "God", "Yahweh" and "Allah".


I am reluctant to believe that anyone is "hostile".

Personally, I don't capitalize those words as a means of conveying my lack of respect for those concepts.
You know, because they're all make-believe anyway.

I capitalize those meaningless symbols because "god" is a perfectly meaningful word. It is perfectly meaningful to say "Money is his god". It's also meaningful to say that ancient Greeks worshiped the god Zeus, as they drew pictures and made statues of him. It's the capitalized row of alphabet letters "God" with a capitalized "G" that theists write that is meaningless, not "god" with a little "g". I certainly don't want to get the meaningful word "god" missed up with the meaningless row of alphabet letters "God".

What concepts?


No words are 'meaningless' of themselves.
They 'mean' what the speaker/writer intends them to mean.
Even if the listener/reader feels that the thing referred to is non-existent.

Why didn't you give a description of the mental concept you claim to have for "God", "Yahweh" and "Allah" if you believe you know of one? I am not gullible enough to believe that you know of a mental concept for them just because you imply that you can? Sorry, there is no evidence that you know of any concept for them. You're just like me in that respect. You just haven't admitted it to yourself yet.


Sounds a tad like paranoia. I can’t imagine anybody here really giving two hoots about your non-theistic belief. Mentioning belief here can be a bit dodgy anyway. It smacks of preferential thinking rather than debatable of discussable material.

It's OK if you don't give "two hoots" about whether I don't have any concept of "God", "Yahweh" or "Allah", but if you think you have such a concept, why won't you describe it to me so I could have it too? Surely you see that your not describing the concept you claim to have for "God" for me only makes me strongly suspect that you are exactly like me and have no such concept yourself. You just don't want to admit it to yourself. Isn't that right?

@EdwinMcCravy I don’t have a concept for god. I have no interest in a concept of god in the same way as I have no interest in who is the greatest rugby player

@Geoffrey51 If you have no interest in what is being discussed in a forum, then why post to tell us that you don't? Anyway it's easy to have a concept of a god. Google "Zeus" and you'll see pictures of the god Zeus which the ancient Greeks who worshiped Zeus drew of him. They put Zeus' picture on their coins. So it's not "god" with a small "g" that is meaningless for "god" is very meaningful. FI, it's not meaningless to say "His god is money". It's the capitalized "God" (not "god" ), "Yahweh" and "Allah" that are meaningless.

@Geoffrey51 Of course there is a concept for a god. Zeus was a nonexistent god. They drew pictures and make statues of him. They described him very well as a superhuman that lived on Mount Olympus. So there is a concept for the word "god". It's "God" (capitalized), "Yahweh" and "Allah" that are meaningless.


Deciding to have different meanings for words than your culture and society has for those words and then calling people hostile to your nonsense is just plain stupid. How's that for hostile?

This is one of the more ridiculous posts asking for people to accept your personal bullshit that I've seen in a long time.

All I'm saying is that I wasn't born knowing any concept for "God", "Yahweh", or "Allah". And I have never yet learned of any. You claim you have such a concept, so please educate me by describing the concept you claim to have so I'll be able to have the concept too. OK?

@EdwinMcCravy If this is the case, then I suggest you find a nice quiet church, study hard, for at least 8 years, perhaps you’ll come out the other side with a concept of God. Then come back and share with us what you’ve learned.

Why don't you prove that I'm full of bullshit by describing your mental concept of "God", "Yahweh", and "Allah"? I know the answer to that. You don't have any mental concept for them! You're just like me in that respect. You know I'm telling the truth, so why not admit the truth to yourself? Learn something!

@billhoo FYI, I go to a church every Sunday because I love singing in their choir. They're great people. I just stay in the closet. I still don't believe you have any concept for "God", "Yahweh" or "Allah". I think you're just like me in that respect.

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