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if your mother was on her deathbed and she begged you to pray with her.
would you do it, would you accept Christ as your personal savior so that she could be comforted in her last moments of life?

m16566 7 May 18

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Hypothetical questions are a lot of fun, aren't they?

Well, in this one we use a situation that I know something about. Been there, done that. Not my mother, but someone very close.

She asked and I said, "You know me better than that. You know how I feel about you, isn't that enough?"

She responded, "Yes, I do, and I'm sorry for asking. You are my one true and honest friend."

So, the answer is, no, I would not, but one does not have to be cruel about it.


Throughout my life and even in the present I have "supported" the religious acts and traditions of others. Not because I believe or even respect their religious beliefs. But rather express a level of tolerance is so much as I respect myself and how I view others.

There are of course limits, as in if said religious follower (or group, hive minds is there things go down hill) attempts to force their beliefs and customs on myself or others. If those being opposed upon do not agree, that at is then I will object. My objection and the response is directly in intensity to my perception of the offence.

That all being defined, if a loved one where in their death bed and asked for believing in a faith, a story, a fairytale to comfort them in their last moments. Yes I would act in the play so much as to comfort the dying out of love.

However, it would have as much meaning or significance as praising Donald Duck, or espousing the virtues of the Jedi and Sith. None have any hold over me as all are stories, metaphors, and fables.

I would practice in such rituals like I do paying taxes and voting. It has never benefitted me personally. But I would like to think the intent provides some benefit as a whole.


Fake it to bring someone you love comfort?

I bet most of us raised in religion did some of that before arriving at atheist or agnostic.

And I am going with "so glad neither of my believing parents asked that of me". 😊


Fake it. Everyone else does and mom won't know the difference. You do not have to say anything out loud.


Since she knew my viewpoint on God she would not have asked even though I was raised a good Catholic.


Meaningless words/promises, unless you are on Judge Judy, are meaningless.


This really happened in James Joyce's situation and he carried guilt with him over it all his life. It wasn't about actually accepting Christ in her presence, it was about whether he should pretend to or not. I think the question is really 'should you hold to your principles no matter what' or are principles general guidelines that are not appropriate, or helpful, in some circumstances.

in all ethical dilemmas, I think we should always seek to do the least harm.
for myself if I had to be baptized to accept Jesus to keep a job I wouldn't.
if I had hungry children that I was responsible for I might.

Gosh yes, having a family can really change how we think. I guess we're just not thinking for one person anymore.


My mom’s an atheist so it would never happen, but I would do it. I’ve bowed my head at tables and events to be respectful to strangers. I’d definitely do it for my mom. It’s not like I’d have to change and pretend to believe in it later.


I would lie to her. The same way I'd bend the truth for a dying child or someone who just stepped on a mine and blew his legs off.


Yes, I would if it would make her happy and feel at peace when dying. She will not know any difference once she is dead and gone.


No. My mother would never ask me to do that for her! Love my mom!


Definitely not, because I believe that soon after death we see the truth. There is not death, just energy.

Why do you believe that, as a skeptic I'm always looking for evidence.
it is logical that energy cannot be created or destroyed.
I have no reason to believe that when the brain dies, everything connected with it dies, and death is in Oblivion


Oh hell no.


Yes, because she is my mother and dying. My belief is about my life.

But the best part of the question is my real Mother would never ever care about or ask me to do these stupid things.


The first question for this would be, why Jesus? Why not Buddha, Allah, Lord Shiva or even Ahura Mazda etc. Because maybe your country is dominated by Christianity making Christ as your God and savior. Well of course, the faith you were raised to, does not mean that particular religion is the correct one. Be rational enough dear.

Why not santa claus? Popeye the sailor? Batman? Lassie? Rin tin tin? The wizard of oz?


No. She's knows better.



I think it best just to do what they want as a comfort to them. Not the time or place to upset them over their beliefs.


Yes, I would pray with her. No question.

zesty Level 7 May 18, 2019

I lie to my kid about putting butter on her honey sandwiches because she thinks she doesn't like them when she knows they've got honey on them. The exact same sandwich she thinks she doesn't like if she knows there's butter. But of course, if I leave the butter off, she won't touch those dried, crusty things. So I lie to make life easier for the both of us.

I suppose I could lie to my mom too, if I really felt like that's what she needed on her deathbed. I've even considered attending the local church to spare my daughter from being ostracized quite as much. I've considered rejoining the church in order to attend the local University for my Master's degree. I used to think that sort of thing was wrong but now I'm realizing that lies are a two party thing. If the other party won't accept the truth, sometimes it makes life work better to just lie.


If push came to shove I could fake the praying (like I do with most every organization I belong to when we eat). I could never, with a straight face say I accepted her fantasy friends.


My mother was atheist and died peacefully with her kids at her side. She spent her last moments just listening to the three of us talking to each other.

My father was Southern Baptist...we talked about religion a few weeks before he died. I told him what I believed and his last words to me were that I was proof he had done a good job raising me and that was his biggest life accomplishment.

Neither of my parents would ever have asked, but, if they had, I would have gone through the motions. The deathbed is not the time nor place...I would not be changed by going through the motions, living another day to continue my own life, but it might haunt me if I could not step out of myself to do a last act of kindness for my parents.

My mother thought that "this was it".....and there was nothing after death. Well that changed.....ON HER DEATH BED. People who think there is nothing after death are in for a big surprise. This whole place is about light frequencies. When our consciousness is attach to our physical bodies, we only see this frequency. However, when you detach, other things happen. It has nothing to do with what you believe. Reincarnation is for real, we are in some kind of evolution......We are multi-dimensional beings. Hey, let me tell's big, and it's moving fast!!

@FlyingEagle1952 sure...whatever you want to believe..but you should do a little reading on what that light is...brain scientists have explained it quite simply and it is a phenomenon that can also happen when we meditate...I prefer to listen to science rather than some woo-hoo


@thinktwice it was simple, I was just like you. I knew nothing about "Beings of Light".....I asked the Angels to do something for me to prove to me they were real. Well, guess what? They did it. So how does a chemical reaction in your brain create events? Then other things happened after that. When you are NOT in your body , you are a ghost. The Lotus Flower, the astral plane, life after's all about light frequencies. The spiritual world is much larger than this world. CONSCIOUSNESS!!!I was happy for my mother, I know I will see her again in the next world. Get on YOUTUBE and watch Eben Alexander, he tells you the way it is. Happy landing.

@FlyingEagle1952 Glad you have have found a way to explain what you want...just as there are stories like yours, there are just as many that nothing who knows one way or the other...I already went through my phase of studying esoteric things and have come to the same conclusion...and there are always going to be YouTube videos that try to "expand" our awareness and explain things...might as well be the Bible in my mind...another man telling others what it is all about and yet never offering scientific proof...


I have been in crisis situations that resulted in me joining hands for their prayering. 'Twould have been cruel to object.

"Accepting christ" for her benefit? What harm could it do to do so? I am sure there would be no reprisal for such a comfort. So, prolly would. But not in front of witnesses. Don't want the years of teasing.

Jacar Level 8 May 20, 2019

Of course, why wouldn’t you.

Whenever were faced with a moral dilemma it becomes necessary to choose the course that will do the last harm.
of course we do not want to sell out our own values, we don't believe in The Invisible Man controlling everything sometimes our loved ones do and out of love for them we need to feed their delusion


I don’t see why I would need to accept Christ to pray with my Mother. But if she needed me too, then absolutely I would. Whatever it takes to give her comfort and peace during her last days. I don’t believe, so what difference would it make. Silly question.

I'm not a Christian anymore, I was raised Lutheran though. I think that the message Jesus had was the golden rule. But if you look at the world today, you don't see a lot of it. The churches are making a lot of money too.....lots of money off of Jesus. They are businesses. It's about controlling you and getting your money.

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