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What is your opinion of Mr. Rogers and the fact that he was a Presbyterian minister?

TheMiddleWay 8 Mar 10

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I loved him. Lived his religion w/o pushing it on anyone.


A good article on the more religious side to Mr. Rogers AND his neighborhood:

"I hope that God’s love and peace come through my work on MISTER ROGERS’ NEIGHBORHOOD." Mr. Rogers



Mr. Rogers was a very good presbyter. It wasn't his religion that he was pushing.


Mr. Rogers is what all Christians should be like.


I could care less about his religious background, Mr. Rogers was freaking awesome.


I'm friends with a few pastors. My views are that believers aren't always bad. It just comes down to basic respect. In fact my family's old pastor, pastor dean, is such a close friend and he looks just like Ron Perlman he loves it


It's never really a good thing to spread ignorance. However, as long as he wasn't abusing his power to molest children or whatever, so be it. Someone else would have gladly filled those shoes anyway.

I'm curious as to whom you think could have filled his shoes.

@TheMiddleWay I'm referring to his role as a minister. Mr. Sagan's Neighborhood could've been fun, though.


He kept his religious preferences to himself while stressing kindness courtesy, curiousness about the world. Do you want to disparage him because he was religious? I find this an odd question, sorry.


Despite his religious beliefs, he didn’t proselytize. I grew up watching his show and loved it.

Marz Level 7 Mar 10, 2018

He scared me. I watched him anyways, but for some reason, he creeped me out.

He creeped me out so badly I really never watched many of the shows.

Apparently I wasn’t smart enough to change the channel. @RavenCT


One of the problems I have with Christianity is the hypocrisy of claiming to follow the teachings of Christ and living in constant judgment and condemnation of others. So when a person of faith lives their faith - and by all accounts, Fred Rogers did, every day - I have nothing but respect for that. From everything I have ever heard about him, he was genuinely a kind, decent, loving person.

And honestly, I have very little patience with anyone who is judgmental towards believers in any deity. I may not believe what they do, but I understand the desire to believe in something transcendent and I'm not going to knock that, especially, again, if they are kind and decent people.


I think he made a good choice to abandon the church to help children. Besides, Presbyterians are mostly liberals, and not very religious.

There's a joke where a Baptist preacher was annoyed to keep passing his hillbilly neighbor napping on the porch every Sunday morning. But whenever the preacher invited the neighbor to go to his church, the man said he didn't have any good clothes.

So the preacher went to Good Will and bought him the best suit and accessories he could find, gave them to the neighbor and said he expected to see him in church that Sunday.
But the man never showed up.
When the preacher returned from church, the man was on the porch, dressed in his old clothes.

"Why didn't I see you at church?" the preacher demanded. The man shrugged.

"After I put on the suit, I looked so prosperous, I went to the Presbyterian church instead!"

I'm not aware that he abandoned the church; he was a Presbyterian minister to his death AFAIK

@TheMiddleWay I meant to say abandoned that vocation. As far as I know, he didn't pastor a church.


He never abandoned that vocation; quite the opposite:

“After graduating from seminary, the Presbyterian Church didn’t know what to do with Fred,” says Amy Hollingsworth, author of The Simple Faith of Mister Rogers. “So the presbytery gave him a special commission to be an evangelist to children through the media.”



He was a good man. I was living in Pittsburgh at the time so he really did sound like a neighbor to me with his Pittsburgh accent. The city was very proud of him.

I lived in morgantown WVa for a good portion of my live, about an hour south of Pittsburgh. I never picked up on the accent though had I had more initiative, I would have liked to have taken the drive up to meet him...

@TheMiddleWay I lived 20 minutes south of Pittsburgh along the monongahela river. We used to go to cheat lake (east of Morgantown) on weekends. I went once or twice to go drinking in Morgantown when I could pass for 18. You had to be 21 to drink in PA. Small world my friend. IMO West Virginia had a more Appalachian or southern accent.


Yeah! Cheat lake was right outside morgantown and we frequented it often. And yeah, the WV twang is something else... I still find myself doing the "warsh" down by the "crick" every so often!


Fred Rodgers was a good, kind, loving man. A little weird by my lights (I can never forget Robin William's parody of him: "Let's put Mr. Hamster in the micowave! Pop goes the weasel!" ) but someone who really loved his work and made positive change in the world.

In SPITE of him being a Presbyterian minister.


I had heard he was a bad ass military guy from what I gather this was a rumor.

Just a rumor:

"This is simply not true. Fred Rogers never served in any of the armed forces."


@TheMiddleWay I gather this was a rumor, was the prelude to your comment .


He's all good


Well, he never pushed God on me in his "neighborhood" so I never took issue with him. I did, however, take offense with King Friday the Most!

Sadoi Level 7 Mar 10, 2018

Do go on! What was offensive about King Friday? I mean he had another's hand up his ass, not his hand up others asses as with most kings...

@TheMiddleWay lmao. (ahem)

Well, for starters, I wasn't so much a fan of his elitist, pompous attitude much less the arrogant nature to think to take up the name of an Entire Fucking Day of the Week??! I mean, come on now! How dare he??

I also took offense to the fact that he made Phyllis Diller look like a goddess!

@Shellbell unless the previous Fridays died Before him. Then he'd be the Only King Friday alive, thus making him the megalomaniac I have always suspected him of being. Lol

@Shellbell ... Unless he had a secret life. He murdered then all and then had their bodies encased in his Castle walls!

See, I knew it! He was indeed a bastard King like I suspected all along!

@Shellbell LMAOOOO!!

Now that... That there was Pure wit genius!! I love it!! I laughed pretty hard when I read that!!


He did more for humanity then any number of "religious" people I could think of.

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