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Trump will get re-elected President of the USA. I feel he is unstoppable with all the backing of "his Republican Party", Evangelicals, Right-wing conservatives, huge amount of money in his campaign coffers, his power, and influence.

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AirForceRN1 7 May 29

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He lost the popular vote last time and had Russia helping and a very unpopular opponent. He now has 2 years of chaos and lies behind him and has lost voters.


He will lose again and then be named President again. Our system is flawed.

Gohan Level 7 May 31, 2019

He'll win again for the same reason he won last time....too many just don't care enough to vote.


I was totally convinced Hillary had it "in the bag"...

Now I'm far more skeptical. It looks like either Biden or Sanders, with Harris or Buttigieg along as VP. Hoping for the best...but expecting the worst.


I do nto think that the independents who were willing to give him the benefit of a doubt would ecver vote for him again based on his performance. Also based on his performance, Trump is more liikely to lose voers than make any gains. The (current) polls agree with me on this. []


I think Bernie would beat Trump is nominated by the Dems, which probably won't happen. If the nominee if Biden or some other centrist, Trump will win again. I am not hopeful about how this will go.


I have a lot more faith in the innate goodness & sense of fairness of our people & country than you do. And $$$ is Not votes, my vote is Not for sale, nor do i think most people base their vote on money.
Just show me a candidate who respects & has read our laws, Bill of Rights, Constitution, and regardless of any areas he/she does not agree with me, they get my vote!


Once Humpty Dumpty fell off his high-horse, all the King's horses, and all the King's men couldn't glue him back together again! That may be the case for Trumpty Dumbty as well. On the other hand, there are large numbers of people who don't even bother to vote. So the next election is likely to be a close one.


It all depends on if the Dems appoint a scummy, corrupt candidate while bypassing the primary process like they did last time


How can he be president from jail? He's very likely to eventually be impeached. And I hope Pence is part of the package.


He won't have a controversial opponent this time


I think Biden...or any other nominee should challenge him to jog around the National Mall.

Trump cannot even walk across the White House lawn to Marine One.

He'll use an "Ober Driver" to win!


I feel Trump is like the mafia and is like "Teflon Don" in one of the
God Father figures!

Time for a baptism then.

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