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What is the greatest joy in your life?

This has been a rough weekend, I'm trying to get some positive energy flowing.

HippieChick58 9 Mar 11

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Mine is the grandchildren. Until your children have children you don't fully comprehend how amazing it is.

My quilts and other things I have created.

Yeah, I find that being grandma is much more fun than being mom was lol


You already know my answer, but I'm going to repost it again. And every time I see an opportunity.
My joy...

He's adorable. (he or she) I need a dog.

@HippieChick58 Thank you! She really is. Hence, her aka, Her Royal Cuteness.
You'll be glad you did, and so will they!!!! Seriously, rescue dogs just KNOW. 😉


Being alive, but also being with my kids, there is such joy when the 3 of us are together, and with my animals, just being in nature. But when I am with both my kids at the same time, that is the peak. And we enjoy it to the max.


Truthfully, I will answer this qusetion as someone in complete bliss. It would appear that within the last 4 weeks I have found a woman who seems like the perfect match, the woman I have been waiting my whole life to find. It seems crazy to say such a thing in such a short time, especially after going through the turmoils of a seperation taht is now in process of divorce. Yet the divorce is also one that is very amiciable and filled with positiveness. 2017 was my year from hell. 2018 has so far been a year of joy. I am hoping that you are able to find some joy in your life, I know it sucks to not have any. Good luck!


Living in an age of information --- feeding my curiosity. Being able to feast on knowledge every single day.



By myself I'd go for music, prefer company though.

Kimba Level 7 Mar 11, 2018
  1. Seeing my daughter happy and thriving,
  2. my dogs.

my kids 🙂


Friends...they're like family, only better!


Living in this world on my own terms and facing reality as it actually is (or as my perception of it is) and not through some dillusional fantasy.


Right now it's having people that get where I'm at, know the new person I'm becoming and accept her. This includes my significant other and friends I've made in online communities that I've grown quite close to.


The greatest, would have to be when my twins were born, almost 20 years ago. I had breakfast with one of them this morning, that was pretty special


The greated joy I have at this moment of crappy time? It's also been a rough few months for me. lol But, I am thankfull that my best friend is still alive. He was in a major car accident and ended up with three metal plates and a shit ton of mesh in his head. All the shit I've been going through personally and he's been there chearing me up along the way... sitting in a nurcing home, going through surgeries. And I've been there trying to cheer him along too, even though he's half a country away.... Friendship. lol Friendship is the gretest joy in my life. Head up. The waters fine. 🙂


The easy answer is my granddaughter. But she is just the icing on the cake. I am single, have a good job and able to travel when I want, where I want. Wishing you joy and happiness.


When I realized it's possible to be in this world that's healthy for everthing. Not sure if I'll ever get there but I can see it sometimes.


My family, with all its warts, and a one piece of art, in progress, that may never be seen.


I am still around and I had dinner with my First Born this weekend and her FB post about the event made me Cry... That is Joy!


My six year old grandaughter....and she knows it !!!


I've had 2 rough weeks. I'm trying my hardest to stay positive. I treated myself and bought a new jacket. It's in one of my posts. My greatest joy I'm happy about is, I'm constantly learning. New things, life lessons, new words, and new ways to view situations. Soon school for me, and I'll have to learn math all over again. I know enough up to Geometry, but high school math is way easier than college math. It has been 12 years for me being out of school.

Congrats on the school thing. Is this new or have I just missed it from your other posts and comments? I always like hearing about someone going back to school. Wish I could do that full time for the rest of my life. Are you studying anything in particular?

@kmdskit3 I've made a lot of posts on going back to college. Computer drafting is what financial aid will cover, I think? Thanks.

Still, congrats and good luck!

@kmdskit3 Thanks.


I like to just head out to a place hwere i cna spend the day (platonically) naked and feel the sun on my bare ckin and perhsp a breeze too.


I think the fact that I am in sheltered accommodation which makes me feel slightly safer - that I(now retired) can have all the time in the world for diddling around with craftwork that might come to something and might not it doesnt matter - that I feel freedom as a positive I owe no one anything and no one owes me - I have a very kind partner and we don't overdo the time together so there are no rules - Also I can play the 'aul' doll 'card if anyone would be trying to upset me - it seems far more straightforward than when I was younger and pretty much anybody's - I remember the title of one of Carl Rogers' books - On becoming a Person - At last I am a Person-Put out the bunting! dance in the streets!


My 3, almost 4 yr old grandson. He falls on yhe autism spectrum & isn't huggy/cuddly/lovey like my other grandkids. He has made me look at showing emotion differently. He will run up & hold hands & make eye contact...or when I walk in, he grabs both my hands & wants me to jump around. His giggle slays me.

He shows he wants me around but can't keep that constant contact.

He cuddles when he feels bad or is sleepy & wants a book.

Yes, its tough but I try to meet him where he is & its so worth it.


This guy.


Dancing, an excellent meal, a great bottle of wine and good conversation.


My dogs and fish

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