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Are we living in a cocaine era?
Those of us old and sober enough at the time to remember the 60s will recall things like the summer of love. A pot and acid influenced ideology that permeated through society. Even if you never inhaled, the passive smoke wafted into everything. Its influence on music, art, and politics was undeniable. From Andy Warhol to Star Trek, dayglo colours and hippy altruism abounded.
Now things are very different. The polarization of politics is the most recognizable symptom but there are others. On any given subject, we are ready to circle the wagons and troll the internet for ammunition. Less likely to be open and susceptible. We gather in our corner, seek out like minds and look for ways to rubbish anyone that challenges us. Everyone is speaking loudly, no one is listening. Does that sound familiar?
Just as the drugs of yesteryear made their impact. The rampant use of Charlie has permeated our society. Just go out for the evening and watch all the beaky crowd change the atmosphere of the bar. Loud, aggressive and in your face. Then switch on the news and see the same attitude. Christian leaders, who should be promoting love (after all, it is what Jesus did) are spouting intolerance and division. Leftists who view anyone that thinks differently as fascists.
We all have our lines.

273kelvin 8 June 1

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I don't think it is cocaine fueling the loudmouthed, super-opinionated ass hats who are becoming more and more common the last dozen or so years. I think it is the intentional polarization of politics. They want the population bitterly divided. We are so much easier to control when we are blaming political parties, race, gender, sex, or anything else for the problems that the power elite have engineered for their own personal enrichment and benefit.


Q.1; Are we living in a cocaine era?

A. According to WHO...cocaine use peaked in '04 (data stopped for this chart at 2013). Many other drugs (including Opioids) are declining in use. Cannabis use/abuse (as reported in emergency room visit data) is still climbing...

I'm not clear about your argument or point.

That doesn't measure the population of users who never seek, or are forced into treatment. Not convinced this is an accurate way of measuring cocaine usage. Unless it can be demonstrated that the correlation between users and those in treatment is a well documented constant (with statistically insignificant variation).

@Piratefish I presented WHO data. You presented a POV. Show me facts/data, please?

@Robecology What he said can't be supported or disproved by data. Sometimes a POV is every bit as important as data/facts.

@Robecology It is a relevant and valid point. The burden of proof that the graph accurately represents cocaine usage lies with the one making the claim, not on the one who raises a valid question about its methodology. This is a pretty fundamental concept in the logic of scientifically conducted research.

@Piratefish and @MST3K.

I was simply doing research on the OP (@273Kelvin) original question; Are we living in a cocaine era?

IMO, and based on not just my opinion but data and facts (I am agnostic, after all) I see a question with the answer; "no, we are not living in a Cocaine era"

Further research backs me up; Read the chart;


Just sayin'....there's no argument with data.


I always find it interesting when someone bashes Millennials, only to follow-up with a short blip about Christians and Leftists. Never one word about the Right and the egregious tone they've set for the past several decades (from the EPIC fail "war on drugs," through the present grotesque abortion bans and everything in between.) A thinly veiled Right-rant. Those are every bit as common, if not more so, than the things that you seem irritated by.

(BTW: No, it isn't the Millennials. No it isn't the Left. America's a shit-hole because of decades upon decades of corporations and top 1%ers not giving 2 fucks about who really matters: We the People.)

(FUN FACT: Cocaine was the it-drug in the 80s. Unless you mean crack-cocaine, and that was the 90s. Welcome to the now: meth, opiate/opiods/pot/alcohol. Pot and alcohol have always been the staple. Just sayin'.) πŸ™‚


I fail to see how this particular era is any different from any other.
Every era, in every region around the world, has had it's drugs of choice, it's politics,
it's violence, and it's various points of polarization.

The ONLY difference now is the level of technology which allows for nearly EVERYONE to know what nearly everyone else is doing. All. The. Time.
There's no break. There's no breathing room.
Nearly everyone is exhausted and overwhelmed.
There are over 7.5 BILLION people on this rock.
What did we think was going to happen?

And it grossly distorts reality.

@Piratefish There are multiple contributing factors when it comes to distortions of reality.
What you or I might consider to be "reality", could be construed differently by someone else.
That has also been the same throughout human history.
It's also how the advent of gods and religion was able to be cemented onto humanity. Altered perceptions of reality.

@KKGator I wasn't referring to versions of reality based on individual points of view or interpretation of subjective concepts. I was referring to what objectively "is" - things that can be well defined and measured. Like murder rates, voter turn out, number of state executions, etc.

@Piratefish I understand that, and I'm in agreement. However, we live in an age where there are those who reject facts and reality.
Presenting real facts, and real numbers, to some people will be met with nothing but stubborn refusals to accept them as reality.
The number of those kinds of people grows daily.

@KKGator I think those kinds of people have always been around. I doubt they are a new human phenomenon.

@Piratefish They aren't, but their numbers grow just like the rest of
the world's population.

@KKGator Again, hardly anything new. We're just more aware of their presence because of social media and an increasingly irresponsible media. The overall proportion of the willfully ignorant is most likely about the same as always, maybe a little less so if recent trends in shrinking US religious populations are any kind of barometer for this.


Believe it or not, seventeenth-century Spain (and Potugal), had a major drug problem, with soldiers and sailors coming back from the New World, addicted to chewing coca leaves, or wanting to laze about in alley-ways, smoking marijuana.


I think the division and violence is more about leaders control with an agenda to create groups for people to be against, which fires them up more than idealistic ventures.
The musical "Wicked" has
the Wizar described as a conman selling snake oil.

H feigned a food shortage. so made a faction of ther society who were considered wise and the teachers, the enemy, to make enough food for those on te "right side." that was from McGuire's book, Wicked the Musical.

Th Wizard stated. "Where I'm from the best way to bring people to give them a really good enemy."

Another quotes of his:
"The truth isn't a thing of fact, or reason, it's simply what everyone agrees on.

"Where I come from, we believe all sorts of things that arent true. We call it history."

Ironically, commentaries when I saw Wicked compared the Wizard to Dick Cheney.

I don't think the discourse has to do with video games, or drugs at all. It seems to me to be the climate of the majority of leaders and how corrupt and inept they are to inspire people which unites them, to make a faction dangerous and taking away from the others.


Nostalgia is a drug of it’s own!

There have always been cycles of drug us and OD’s!

The West Coast just had more access to far cheaper drugs!

Does one remember what a New York J is?

I remember Jim Morrison referring to a New York joint on Absolutely Live. What is a New York joint, anyway?

Will you explain what you mean by Facebook trolls and do you know if the website humanist has Facebook trolls on it?


Meth seems to be the big thing around here, as well as opiates. Both will kill you, just like that with no questions asked. I stay with pot, it is fun and is a nice high.

Meth, opiates, and fentanyl being added to as many drugs as possible. It's a tranquilizer for large animals. In the search for a higher high the dope dealers will kill you. In the end you can be as dead as Prince Rogers Nelson. You can also be murdered like my oldest grandson.


Kelvin my answer is no more. Having a heart issue cocaine would kill me. And I loved it. Never bought it. Always had friends who had it or knew a dealer. One of my best friends was a pharmacist who left it in his bathroom cabinet. Very addictive! Jeff got busted, lost his license, went to jail for a year in VT, and became a drug counselor afterwards. My girlfriend's boyfriend who was dealing was shot at. It's been over 10 years now since I've done it. Beware! Easy to get hooked everyone!


It is self evident that people are all screaming at each other trying to be heard. However, I don't think drug use has nearly as much to do with it as other factors, such as wide spread use of the Internet. In the days when you had to physically leave your home in order to talk to people, people tended to stay in one area so most people had similar experiences, values, and ideas to the people around them. The Internet exposes everyone to everyone else, so it inevitably becomes a battleground of conflicting interests.

The deaths from overdoses on hard drugs has significantly increased.
Finding a reliable statistic on cocaine use is difficult, but the cultivation in Columbia says a lot.

Correlation does not necessarily mean causation. For example, use of recreational drugs such as cannabis is way up, higher than in the 60's, which seems to undermine your theory.


The Adderall era.


I am so sorry you have this experience. In S. Florida, the cocaine era ended in the 80's. That's not to say people in general no longer use. I am 74 years old and still enjoy dancing at bars where I am probably the oldest woman there. Often I go with friends. Maybe this is fun because of where I live and travel. I find people welcoming and willing to have difficult conversations without resorting to personal attacks. The bars, at which I dance, are not aggressive, though the music is often a bit too loud for me. That's what ear plugs are for. I love the face to face encounters that give me a broader view of other's beliefs and experiences. Some leftists do view some people as fascists, because, maybe the shoe fits. I have had the unfortunate personal experience of fascism in a place that I lived for a year and do find similar ideology in some people. I love young people. They study and work so very hard and like to get out to party, to ease their pressure. Rowdy people get tossed out of those establishments, as they should be. Maybe, you might consider changing your geography.


I think you are on to something. People's choices of mood-altering chemicals, whether in drinks or in drugs makes a big difference in their behavior, whether these chemicals are legal or not. Social media, the internet, and smartphones are all part of that as well as they affect behavior, personality, and perception of the world as well at the individual, group, and societal levels.


More like meth and pills. Similar, just fake and more dangerous.

Also energy drinks for even the non drug users, similar to coffee but fake and more dangerous.

MsAl Level 7 June 1, 2019

This is a very interesting question, and it goes without saying that if you notice just how many times you hear of a cocaine bust happening with absolutely massive amounts of cocaine that was destined for this country, you have just got to realize that there must also be a very huge amount of users who are feeding that market. So we know that. But the more revealing question might be, who, demographically speaking are the users? Are they in government? Are they on the police force? Are they politicians, lawyers, lobbyists, priests, televangelists, military?

I have a very strong suspicion that this is the case.

You can take a look at society today, and you see complete indifference to the plight of the poor, fucking child molesters all over hell's half acre, and generally, no socially cohesive glue holding society together, and both business and government practices that are counter to not only social welfare but even common sense, complete disregard for science, education, logic . . . . and also a lack of both mental and physical self-discipline.

Were is it heading?
I think that unless something drastic happens to change to course of things, humanity is going to come to an abrupt end, I mean, extinct, either the environment will become so completely fucked that it will no longer support us, or by nuclear weapons, and my bet is on the latter. I don't think it is a question of "if", it is more a question of "when".

Even when I was growing up, as a child, I remember people talking about how things had changed for the worst, as far as society goes, social things, and if they could see it today, they would be truly bewildered, and likely just as convinced as I am that things are going to go to hell in a handbasket.

That writing has been on the wall for a long time.

THHA Level 7 June 1, 2019

The users are everywhere that is not drug tested. If I go out for the night,? I can guarantee that a significant % of the people at the bar will be on cocaine. I am no prude and I have used it on occasion. It never did much for me, I never paid and was only at a party or some such. However, when I invite people back there is a marked difference to the charlie crowd. Instead of joining in the conversation and music etc. They huddle in the kitchen and only engage with themselves. My point is that it does not matter if you imbibe yourself. The vibe that is generated changes the scene. Just as a disco in the 90s would be ecstasy driven. The attitudes and mindset of our society has been altered by it`s endemic use


In the nostalgic days of love and herbs, there was no social media to polarise society.
I feel that media sites like FB, Instagram and Twitter are the true drugs; creating addiction to memes, inane social postings, and a celebrity culture, where everyone seeks their moment of fame.
I fear that parts of this site are also vulnerable to this phenomenon, instead of being a place for intellectual, free thinking, intercourse.


self-awareness has given way to self-absorption.


I thought the cocaine era was in the 70s and 80s. The documentary Cocaine Cowboys does a good job showing the influx of this drug into the US through Florida. What I've read suggests opioids are the drug of choice today. But I'm the most non-cool/hip person so I'm clueless about this stuff.

I can relate as a non-cool/hip person, at least when it comes to tech and drugs. I don't even drink or own a cellphone. I own a tracphone, which I use very little and almost no one has the phone's number. I don't want to be connected all the time techwise with others. I want to have my thoughts and quiet when I am not with someone face to face, and then when I am, they have my full attention, whether they are comfortable with that or not. Nowadays, I'm afraid, most people except my close friends, are not comfortable with giving or receiving that face to face attention anymore. I also try to limit my time online, even here on this site, because I am also aware how webtime can be addicting, as well as a substitute, for real offline genuine interaction with others and the world.


I'll pass on the coke πŸ™„ but don't Bogart that joint 😁


No. The cocaine era starts tonight around 10:30 and go on till question mark.

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