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What would you have said?

I usually hang out in the park for a while midway through about a 5 mile walk for exercise. So yesterday I was in the park and an elderly woman walks towards me on the path as I'm sitting on a bench. She says something to the effect of, "It's a wonderful day today isn't it?". So I say yes it is, and then she continues with, "Thank God for that!" or "Praise God for that!".

So in a split second I'm processing every possible response to that and just muster up a "Yep". Then I talk about how my allergies weren't allowing me to fully enjoy the nice day and a little small talk ensues. Then she walks off and once again says, "Thank God for the beautiful day!". Again, I just said "Yep". I guess I compromised with staying true to myself and not saying something like "Thank God!", but also not being confrontational with just saying "Yep".

What would you have said in that situation?

Piece2YourPuzzle 8 June 16

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I usually consider how much time and energy I want to invest, and what the return is going to be. In a case like this, very sure my response would be very like your own.


... Indeed ..




I would have replied either like you with a yep or maybe a if you say so ....


I think that’s the right way to handle it. No need to explain yourself to strangers or just go along with their wishes. Tbh if she had been anymore insistent than you described, I would’ve found a nice way to end the conversation. I won’t lie though, I have been rude to religious people who get too pushy. I understand they feel compelled to share their truth or whatever, but I have my personal limits and I don’t let anyone cross them.

HaleyJ Level 4 June 16, 2019

“Well,” “I wouldn’t go that far” 😉

Varn Level 8 June 16, 2019

I would've said yup or something, I let these people think that God has something to do with the weather. Most of us know that weather has to do cold and warm fronts and barometric pressure, simply put.


Normally I just don't respond. Like I never heard the question. Where I live it makes life easier.


I would have given the credit to the local weatherman.


I would have said, "Hmmm...I'm an atheist and I'm glad you're having such a pleasant day."


Kind of sick of "letting it go".
I'm just going to start telling everyone who even mentions their stupid religious
beliefs, to keep their delusions to themselves.
I don't care if they're just trying to be "nice".
Their assumptions do not require my compliance.

Nor do they necessarily deserve someone being confrontational in return. It is often far better to just agree noncommittally and leave.

@Rob1948 You do you. Everyone else gets to do as they see fit.

@KKGator I have no problem with disagreeing. I just see no reason to be confrontational with strangers.

@KKGator Smack em in the side of the head with a shovel, I'm telling ya.

@Rob1948 If approached by a stranger, of any age, I have every right to be confrontational. I have no idea what someone else's agenda may be.
Especially if they start prattling on about their god.
In my experience, it pays to stay on guard.

@KKGator In the situation described above, if you would be confrontational, why? You weren’t attacked. And, even if you consider the comment God and have a nice day a reason to be confrontational; she wished you a nice day.

If that deserves confrontation, I would hate to think how you would react to other situations where people actually challenge your beliefs to your face. Is that sufficient to start a verbal or physical attack?

@Rob1948 Depends on the situation. I rule out nothing.
I'm so sick of being told to be less confrontational. Why should I be?
I'm not approaching total strangers and getting in their faces about
my non-belief. That would be rude and unnecessary.

However, why do I have to "turn the other cheek" when some delusional
religutard does it to me?
Like I said, it depends on the situation.


The elderly lady did not specify WHICH god to thank. Zeus? Odin? Amon-Ra? Krishna? The Flying Spaghetti Monster? Is there a deity that is specifically in charge of nice weather or pleasant days? It's very confusing.

I think it was the God of Damn.


thank the imaginary gods for allergies too I bet


I tend to engage believers so maybe one day one of them will say something that would restore my faith! So this morning I was in my yard when a guy driving a 1936 Pontiac (I think) stopped to ask me about my 47DeSoto that also has a flathead 6. He was on his way to church and I gave him an ear full. I'm agnostic, no god, blah blah blah. Told him when Jesus puts my finger in the hole in his arm, I'll hit my knees so fast it'll spin your head around. Hope he had fun at church!


You were being polite and there was no need to engage in a Philosophical argument at that time.

Believing that religion is myth does not mean arguing with everyone who doesn't feel the same way.


Let me offer up a different perspective. This god of theirs is a personification of the universe in total. It was/is the answer to the question "what caused that?". Now, of course, we get to subtract from that "black box" the processes that we understand - which still leaves a huge array of things beyond our present comprehension. That's their god and it's certainly a viable object for their praise. They may not know how to explain or describe what it is, but they're thankful for it. That's a good thing. For each of us that black box may be a little different. But we all have one. Some just have different terms for it.


Same way you did

bobwjr Level 9 June 16, 2019

How is "Yep" confrontational?

It's not.

but also NOT being confrontational with just saying "Yep".

@Piece2YourPuzzle OK. I guess I read that too fast the first time. lol


I would've said, "who dat? " then walked away...


You could ruin your day and beat your head against the wall and say something, or you could ignore her unless you won't able to sleep at night if you don't. You could say, "there is no god, " you could say "fuck god," but you're only doing it to make your self feel better about not responding. Regardless of what you say, her opinion won't change. Or, if you wanted to really make a statement, you could have said, "yeah god gave me these allergies." 🙂

lerlo Level 8 June 16, 2019

I like to picture scenarios in my head, and saying "Fuck God!" reminds me of a comedy movie setting kind of like in the movie "Big Daddy" in the park telling a emo type dude that he's mad at his dad lol


If I'm not careful, I'll add 'Thank God' myself.

Old habits die hard.


Well, if I was in your situation it might be like and probably I would handle it by saying " sorry but I consider the day today in a different way " and excuse myself.🙂
But you handle it with care to others😊 and it is nice to learn how to adopt what you did.


Good response. I would have said yep too. And move on.


I do the same thing a lot, sometimes it's just not worth it to me to start that conversation. Most times it's a losing battle. If they are intuitive enough, they can tell by the tone in my voice that I don't agree.

xtian Level 3 June 16, 2019
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